Russian abandoned cars 1

24 Abandoned Cars

Abandoned Cars

Those cars stay abandoned
near Moscow city.
Russian Soviet Russia 1

32 The Dawn of Soviet Era

The Dawn of Soviet Era

Photos from the dawn of
the Soviet Era.
9 Video Monday

Video Monday

Some Russian videos on
40 Balalaika Rocks

Balalaika Rocks

Balalaika is a famous Russian 3
string guitar like music instrument.
Moscow, Russia 1

64 Night Comes to the City

Night Comes to the City

Night comes to the city, to Moscow city. And this time is a favorite time for the photographers. Today we have some examples of
Chistroprudov Dimitri. His main profile is night panoramic photo of Moscow, and he visited thousands of the city roofs.
Plane of the Russian President 1

76 The Presidental Plane

The Presidental Plane

We've had already the glimple at the interior of the Russian
air force one here. Now there is a more extended view.
helicopters in Russia 1

21 Rich Boys Fun

Rich Boys Fun

When rich boys of Moscow don't know what to do some snowy dull winter day they go to the countryside on helicopters and have lotta fun having helicopter race or helicopter cricket
or even shooting down some targets from air. Visitors without helicopters are also accepted and one hour of such games cost around $700 and demand is big.
Russian sports car 1

47 Another Russian Car

Another Russian Car

Now, Russian sports car, anyone? They promise it would look as cool as Lambo or Ferrari but
would cost much less. And yes, they called it "MaRussia", whatever it could mean.
Russian Miss World 2008 1

41 Miss World 2008 – Wrong Flag Again

Miss World 2008 – Wrong Flag Again

It's kind of not funny now. We had a few days ago the Russian Miss something contest winner who was holding Russian flag up-side-down so that it looked like Serbian flag. Now again - this time the glorious Miss World
2009 winner Xenia - first thing she made in airport after arriving to Moscow was taking the wrong flag! Though this time journalists corrected her but still there were a few minutes of total fail.
Museum of KGB in Russia 1

40 The KGB Museum

The KGB Museum

This part of the KGB museum is devoted to the
Soviet Russian military intelligence.

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