54 Abandoned Missile Launch Site

Abandoned Missile Launch Site

Posted on December 26, 2008 by

Russian abandoned missile launch site 1

This is an Abandoned Missile Launch Site. What it differs from other of such kind is that it has launched really big rockets that traveled to orbit, and what else – it was not destroyed like all the other sites left by Soviet army but is left untouched in the desert of Kazakhstan for anyone to visit.

Russian abandoned missile launch site 1

Russian abandoned missile launch site 2

Russian abandoned missile launch site 3

Russian abandoned missile launch site 4

Russian abandoned missile launch site 5

Russian abandoned missile launch site 6

Russian abandoned missile launch site 7

Russian abandoned missile launch site 8

Russian abandoned missile launch site 9


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54 Responses to “Abandoned Missile Launch Site”

  1. KBR says:

    one advise to whom would like to go to such site, bring a geigermeter with you. Not that you will find a high radiation levels, but it could because some of such bases were used to store nuclear waste. But for the rest they are just a fine place to visit.

  2. harry says:

    Premium English Russia, nice, i like it.

  3. belsky says:

    There is SS-18 ICBM (SATANA) nato classification) most powerfull nuclear rocket ever used by human…. Every cover (top ) has weight about 300 tons ,most of them was destroyed in 1990-1995 …. Thanx to Garbachov ! Thanx for betray yr country mr. Gorbachov.

    R.I.P -Soviet Union-
    (from someone who was born in USSR )

    • SSSR says:

      When the soviet union did the Moscow music peace festival in 1989 with the rock bands it was necessary to make some changes.Did you go to that concert?Mir

    • Harris says:

      It would be awesome if the USSR was to reform again, that way the Mafia in russia would flee back to US and Italy and the Russian people can get their sovreignty back!!!!

  4. Starshii says:

    There is just something fasinating and cool in abandoned places. The on the ground pictures remind me of Star Wars planet Tatooine for some reason.

  5. Elena_LM says:

    Its kind of sad that these places, where so mutch work and knowledge was invested, are just abandoned to rust. Isnt it possible to use them for something?

  6. NYC_Russian says:

    Depressing. Very interesting pics though, man I love this website!

    • polecat says:

      How in the hell is this depressing? Depressing that the Soviet Union has one less nuke aimed at the US?

      • Harris says:

        It is depressing fot the fact that the USA screwed over such a powerful army for their own greedy ambitions!

        • phil says:

          yes, like every other problem, personal or national, this is the fauld of the US.
          note to the rest of the world: whining to us like this didn’t work for the blacks in our country and it will not work for you.
          we don’t care about your silly opinions(however accurate they may be), just what you can do for or to us. grow up and think rationally. ever heard of realpolitik, russkies?

  7. chris says:

    these places must be haunted, as i see many “spirit orbs” on those pics.

    i wonder if that craze has hit Kazakhstan yet? or are they smart enough to know that dust reflects the flash in a photo.

    • heatmiser says:

      Not “spirit orbs” or “dust”. Is evil Western hate balls. This is the means of western govenrment using to corrupt thoughtful Kazakhis and citizens of other peaceful nation. I see them everyswhere. They make a me sneeze.

  8. Steam McQueen says:

    Great post.

    If this was in the U.S, there would be graffiti all over the place.

    Elena: When the U.S. decommissioned their old missle silos, some were sold to private interests and turned into museums or even private homes.

    One enterprising group in Kansas (or was it Nebraska?) built an illegal methamphetamine lab inside one!

    American ingenuity at it’s best

    / sarcasm

  9. LiraNuna says:

    Sad, scary and intriguing at the same time.

    As Harry said, this is premium content.

  10. Kris says:

    Cool. Another great series.

    So is this near any major town or city? Might explain the lack of graffiti…

  11. Jason says:

    I wonder if sputnik was launched here.

  12. 4estgraham says:

    I see alot of fire damage to the walls and metal structures. I wonder what kind of accident happened there?
    Keep up the good work ER.

  13. CZenda says:

    How long will it take for Comrade Putin to revive them?

  14. finik says:

    Reply to this comment

    Comment by Elena_LM
    2008-12-26 20:17:40

    Its kind of sad that these places, where so mutch work and knowledge was invested, are just abandoned to rust. Isnt it possible to use them for something?

    really pity, isn´t it? maybe we could use them as training camps for the putin-jugend? always as well feel sorry to see such resources go wasted.

  15. Kometya says:

    Weather conditions in Kazakhstan must be quite hard, you can tell by the massive level of deterioration in those installations… Anyway, even if left in ruins, they are quite a sight to behold, the stories they would tell if they could talk!

  16. Tema says:

    This is exactly how our planet will look like after World War 3rd.

  17. Karoya says:

    Can someone spell asbestosis ?

  18. My name is Nobody says:

    At full deployment, before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, 308 R-36M launch silos were operational. After the breakup of the USSR, 204 of these were located on the territory of the Russian Federation and 104 on the territory of newly independent Kazakhstan. In the next few years Russia reduced the number of R-36M launch silos to 154 to conform with the START I treaty. The missiles in Kazakhstan were all deactivated by 1995. The subsequent START II treaty was to eliminate all R-36M missiles but it did not enter into force and the missiles remained on duty.

  19. Toitsu says:

    Are ou sure there is no radiation? I have seen pictures that has been taken in a place where is radiation and on film cameras it makes white snow like dots in the picture.. Just a tought that in couple of pictures there is same type snow and it could come from digital camera? Only in film camera these snow dots are clear white.

    Dust it is propably not, cause other rooms are propably not dust free.. :D

  20. Jason says:

    This place looks like it would be a good movie set for the next sci-fi mad max type of film.

  21. anakin says:

    how can i find this place?

  22. menINblack says:

    These dots normally appear in digital photos taken in dark. I am a photographer and I don’t think it is due to radiation.

  23. Simon says:

    The dots are from light reflected from the flash, as an Urban Explorer / Semi professional photographer I encounter it frequently.

    The best example of this, is if you can go to the coast / beach on a night where the waves are of a reasonable size, and take a picture with the flash. The salt spray will relect the light and imitate almost perfectly the picture above with the white dots.

    “Radiation” as such wont affect your film to that level, nor is it visible in a picture. Radioactive dust, perhaps, bust dust none the less.

  24. OPERATOR says:

    This needs to be in the next STALKER.

  25. Toitsu says:

    The marks from radiation are same kind as in video in youtube, “pjo43Tk4318″, time 3:08. But in normal film they are white dots only. And yes, i can be wrong, just a tought.. :D

  26. Ortodox says:

    Hit the Nuke…

  27. Lethe says:

    Excellent. It would be soo cool to be in abandoned places like that. Fallout 3 is waiting.

  28. Michele says:

    Over here they are turning these into houses – to get prepared for any natural or man-made disasters to come. Does no one do that in Russia?

    • bean-o says:

      This place looks like it’s way too unsafe to inhabit. It would make sense though. Even if people weren’t panicking about the apocalypse like they are here in the US a nuke site can provide lots of good living and storage space. In fact it probably had plenty of goodies left over in it.
      I think the only reason people didn’t swoop in and start setting up home there is because of all the looters, some practically foaming at the mouth for cash so putting yourself there would put you between madmen and money, a place no normal person wants to find themselves in.

      But now it’s been abandoned too long and restoring it to a point where it’s safe to inhabit day in and day out wouldn’t be worth the effort.

  29. tomas says:

    There’s one base abandoned long time ago in Lithuania. You can have guided tour there. Some photos: http://ginklai.net/tunelis/fortification/Plokstine/index.en.html

    Actually it was abandoned in soviet times, therefore current state is far from perfect. I know there more bases in better shape, but come and visit, if you’ll be passing nearby.

  30. EvilDave says:

    In America, abandoned nuclear silos can be bought for conversion into private underground homes.

    Me? I’d love to do that, and build a nuclear powered underground paradise.

  31. Eugene Popov says:

    very very sad pictures :(

  32. brbrbr says:

    looks obsolete(1940x-1950x?)except payload transporter and lift picture and very lightly protected (2-4 MPA ?)

  33. Scomma says:

    We that one left in my country Lithuania. That base was robbed for metal long years ago, it had 4 shachts, but only one shacht survived without being robbed and you are always welcome to visit it, when you can see it with your eyes you will be more amazed!!! I was there once it is amazing to see the shcht which is 30 meters deep +10 meters water, because the engines are not pumping water out now…

  34. Lancelot Wright says:

    This is former-Soviet ICBM (R9A) launch complex. 1965-1974.

  35. Javox says:

    i guess they left all this behind coz in one future not so long they would be back and would be too late hehehehe, dunno why but i have that feelin, they have to much military stuff all abandoned but still havin the tecnology, who know, they could reactive all this and go for all the earth :P

  36. BonnieBarko says:

    may it rot in peace. not worried about radiation or toxic waste around these ruins?

  37. Taupey says:

    Interesting Thanks. Yous

  38. Really cool! I assistance your view!…

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