36 Russian Business Calendar

Russian Business Calendar

Posted on December 25, 2008 by tim

Russian Calendar 2009 3


One Russian company in this calendar tried to show how they see the business in Russia.

Russian Calendar 2009 2


Russian Calendar 2009 3


Russian Calendar 2009 4


Russian Calendar 2009 5


Russian Calendar 2009 6


Russian Calendar 2009 7


Russian Calendar 2009 8


Russian Calendar 2009 9


Russian Calendar 2009 10



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36 Responses to “Russian Business Calendar”

  1. Hugo Ramirez says:


  2. SSSR says:

    The picture of the bears sitting in the dacha is the best one.Oh and ummm…FIRST

  3. LiraNuna says:

    Wow, those are incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jason says:

    I like the april calendar best with the bears sitting in the dacha watching a Lexus commercial.

  5. adios says:

    медведи порадовали

  6. adios says:

    медведи порадовали

  7. Alexander says:

    The pictures are not funny without reading the joke poems beneath them. Well, except the first one :)

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  9. vally says:

    Then could someone translate it?

  10. bilosh says:

    I have never feel as sexy as after viewing first cartoon image! I cannot even type these keys so well. Clown with inter-race prostitutes! Added bonus: Mr Saunders is voyuer!! Ugghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  11. bilosh says:

    Photo #1 make a me feel sexier than I ever feel. Ronald is the lucky clown – he have 2 inter-race prostitute. Wa wa Wee!!! For added sexy bonus – Mr. Saunders the voyuer!!!! I must go relieve sex frustrations!!!!

  12. Excalibur says:

    Where can I get one of those calendars? I want one badly. Definitely FTW.

  13. Mr.Tinkles says:

    some translation may be good!

  14. someone says:

    I wish someone could translate these texts in calendars.

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  22. pinkky says:

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  23. asdads says:


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