76 The Presidental Plane

The Presidental Plane

Posted on December 19, 2008 by

Plane of the Russian President 1

We’ve had already the glimple at the interior of the Russian air force one here. Now there is a more extended view.

Plane of the Russian President 2

Plane of the Russian President 3

Plane of the Russian President 4

Plane of the Russian President 5

Plane of the Russian President 6

Plane of the Russian President 7

Plane of the Russian President 8

Plane of the Russian President 9

Plane of the Russian President 10


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76 Responses to “The Presidental Plane”

  1. Starshii says:

    With money you can buy many things. Style and good taste are not one of them… And by the way: FIRST! ;)))

  2. Dale Boley says:

    This is what happens when nepotism, cronyism, corruption, and oppression meet extreme wealth. Look at the horrible palaces of Saddam Hussein for further confirmation of this. I’m guessing right now Hugo Chavez is sitting in similar surroundings and thinking to himself, “What a good boy am I!”.

  3. Hun Hu says:

    Hi Dale,

    A similar aircraft is owned by the Royal family. So I am not quite sure about the lack of taste here.


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  5. lloyd says:

    czarist Russian style. stark white and 24karat gold
    uglier because of the overuse of burl wood veneer.

  6. Leo Petr says:

    The materials and production quality are excellent, but the design is very 1980s in its choice of colours, lines, and so on.

    • Amerikanyetz says:

      That’s bad?

      • Zafarad! ! ! says:

        Yes! ! !! Very bad because this paid with money those stolen from the poor in order to finance the rich! ! ! ! bad ! ! ! To show poor bourgeois taste and not similarly on grow prettier to the republic of old people he used in order to be!!!! We want back good old of USSR! ! !

  7. maxD says:

    Another episode of MTV Cribs.

  8. madachode says:

    Why is every thing in Ghetto Gold and why does the Exit sign have gypsey characters next to the word “Exit”

    • Ruslan says:

      Gypsey characters? Are you serious? Have you considered that a Russian plane might actually have signs written in Russian?

      • Steam McQueen says:

        I sort of thought the opposite… I mean, it IS a Russian plane, for the Russian President, why are there signs in English at all?

        It’s not like they are even necessary. OF COURSE it’s the exit, it’s the same door you entered through.

        Is it some type of international air regulation?

  9. KBR says:

    Gold here, gold there, gold everywhere. Can someone explain me why so much gold? Because I hate it, not gold as gold, but some much gold.

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      Do not worry, that’s mostly not a real gold, but an antiseptic coating on plastic. That’s the only sort of antiseptic coating Russia can produce (you can choose only gold, bronze or chrome), unlike Hewlett-Packard that makes medical equipment light gray. Say, joins of my kitchen furniture are sealed with self-adhesive flexible tape of that sort (but chrome).

      The only costly decoration I see is a table with green marble insertions. Polishing of stone and wood as a single surface costs _a_lot_, you’d be really surprised by the price list.

  10. kbg says:

    *sigh* those “gypsey” letters next to the word EXIT are cyrillic. It’s the alphabet/character set for any number of Easter European languages.

  11. bootcamp says:

    looks pretty cool – too bad we cant some close ups of the electronics

  12. Docor Sartorius says:

    A pictorial showing the underclass idea of style, class and glamour.

  13. hobbitofny says:

    No no keep the Hermitage but share some of the works from the Tretyakov Gallery. Most artists in the Hermitage have major works in major galleries of the world. Many of Russia’s finest painter are mostly in Russian galleries. How about sharing some of the works with the rest of the world? At least do extended loans.

  14. sabot says:

    Not a governmental aircraft. This belongs to some other wealthy Whats-his-name. I’ve seen it before.

  15. Hal says:

    you think $4 a gallon is “dirty cheap” ???

  16. Hal says:

    the only thing that’s missing is a huge versace label on top of everything ))

  17. 4estgraham says:

    Anyone else notice the seat in picture #7 appears to have stains in the fabric? If it is this makes me wonder how the rest of the aircraft is maintained. BTW all this bling is a waste of money. Think of the additonal weight that is added to the total weight of the aircraft adding to the fuel burn. This is a total waste of Russian tax payers money. Oh, and before any of you start, the US government wastes alot more money that Putin and his puppets. I’m out…

  18. beb says:

    Boy are you wrong. Your middle class live worse than american poor. You just don’t know better.

    Good luck with that washer and dryer you don’t have.

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  20. Kirov says:

    So you think you know better then me about my own country?

  21. Tema says:

    For you people to understand. All materials used in this aircraft are best in class and have pure Russian origin: for example, wood is high-value Carelian birch. And why do you think the president of the largest country in the world doesn’t deserve such a luxury plane?

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      That’s neither a birch nor any sort of wood at all, except only one table with marble. That’s aluminium foil with color prints, like good wallpapers but with aluminium instead of vynil. It is not as cheap as MDF or laminate but it looks much better, esp. when covered by simulated polishing, but it’s undistinguishable from wood and it is fire-resistant, btw.

  22. Starshii says:

    In a way you are right. Meaning russian earning 350 USD a month makes him a member of middle class. But I think that fact tells quite a lot from Russia (=3rd world country).

  23. maxD says:

    Even today 15 % of all Russians have to survive with less than 158 USD p/month to spend. This bourgeous tasteless display is a slap in the face of the common man that tries to make ends meet.

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  24. Bilosh says:

    This president plane look precisely like my holiday karvan! except no gold or decorative wood in karavan. also no window or door in karavan. also karavan made from steel and canvas. But the karavan of mine has bed for goat – president plane does not. I have something better than president!!!! HA

  25. Khrushchev says:

    Oh, he deserves it. The problem is that no matter how much money is spent on fine materials, it looks terrible. Like it was designed by someone with no sense of design but with lots of money, just wanting to make it look expensive rather than beautiful.

  26. Dave says:

    What sort of plane is it? How large?

  27. Kirov says:

    Yes, because you have ever been in Russia.. I’ve been in a country called Germany (where people live better then in the US), and yes. They live better, have higher salaries, but everything is very expensive there. They don’t live that much better then Russians.

    So go and invade someone, burgerfreak.

  28. Kirov says:

    Umm, even with 160USD a month, the man/woman is wealthy enough to afford food, TV’s, furniture and maybe even a PC.

    You have forgotten how cheap everything is in Russia..

    • maxD says:

      Moscow is the most expensive city in the world. 47 % more pricey than New York, i.e. Maybe in rural Russia where one can grow his own food it’s more or less manageable, but not in the cities, where more and more people are living [St. Pete and Moscow alone inhabit over 10 % of the Russian population].

      Average price p/m2 in Moscow is 6000 USD for apartments. And go to a supermarket – the prices are not funny anymore.

      Germany is not even in the top 10 of expensive spots, globally.

      • Kirov says:

        Nah, Moscow is not nearly as expensive as Berlin. Just go there and compare prises even to Moscow. And living in St.Petersburg isn’t even close to comparable to Moscow, genius.

        Anyhow, I know that a very significant part of Moscow’s population is poor, but it is only ONE city. And those who do well in Moscow, live very well (the middle class).

        Oh, and if you consider cities like Astrakhan, Krasnodarsk, Sochi etc as “rural areas” you have problems. In these cities a salary of 350 USD is more then enough.

        PS. Source for that “6000USD per m2 for apartments” claim?

        • Ivan Mikahilov says:

          I can give you numbers, average costs of sq.meter in “econom-class” buildings. Prices are in Roubles, divide them by 27 to get USD.
          Three numbers given are 1. price on secondary market, apartments are ready to live (but not firnuture), 2. price of new paratment in new house, total decoration is needed, 3. pure cost of construction works, w/o land, profit and realter’s comission. Statistics are fresh, 2008-Dec-15.

          Moscow City – 143.3 / 145.1-152.5 / 61.4.
          Moscow suburbs – 93.2 / 71.9-75.6 / 51.5.
          St.-Petersburg. – 92.1-101.2 / 76.1-85.8 / 50.3
          Novosibirsk – 60,5 / 47,5 / 39,9
          Yekaterinburg – 62,9 / 56,4 / 40,2
          Krasnoyarsk – 56,6 / 51,5 / 36,4
          Perm – 58,7 / 50,8 / 32,7
          Volgograd – 55,0 / 52,9 / 31,8
          Nizhny Novgorod – 61,8 / 50,3 / 32,4
          Krasnodar – 52,5 / 48,5 / 35,2
          Omsk – 42,3 / 33,5 / 29,3
          Vladivostok – 78,0 / 54,1 / 39,3

        • maxD says:

          It seems that you do know what the prices are in Berlin, because you maybe live there, but you definitely do not know what is going on in Russia, so please do not argue if you do not have exact data. Here is the link to the actual prices of housing in Moscow. If you speak Russian you can read it. If not, then, I think, the whole conversation is not relevant to you.


        • maxD says:


          And if you think electricity and gas is dirt cheap here… all I can say is, when was the last time you paid a bill ? It’s getting more expensive almost every month !!

          Berlin expensive…. dude. Berlin is cheap compared to Moskou.
          Check this global list:


  29. Ali says:

    hi everyone,i’m iranian and these affairs are very funny.it’s a great lie to human….what’s your ideas?mail me…..

  30. kaMYAR says:

    با سلام تصاویری از هواپیمای رئیس جمهور روسیه

  31. CCCP says:

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  32. Bob McSmithenstein says:

    Wow… that’s really gaudy. It’s like a little airborne Las Vegas!

  33. QuantumTom says:

    I had a little chuckle when I saw the clock. Except for the garish paint, the wall clock is identical to those used aboard Soviet-era submarines. I know because I own one. It’s actually a great clock, but it must be wound with an external key once a week. Very reliable and very 18th century.

  34. chris says:

    Could they possibly make room for more PLATES?

  35. Ernie Oporto says:

    On the plus side, the stewardesses are Russian.

  36. Kirov says:

    1. Oh yes, of course I “live” in Berlin. Unlike you.. (haha).

    2. I am aware that it’s more expensive to live in Moscow (but then again, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the world) then in Berlin, but prices in Berlin are MUCH higher. Especially concerning food & things like that.

    3. I do NOT live in Moscow (Astrakhan suburbs actually), but I know people from Moscow. Even there, prices are low, and gas & electricity here IS dirty cheap. It’s like the last of your financial concerns.

    4. Ok, apartments in Moscow CENTRE are expensive, but so are apartments in Astrakhan (not so much, but still a bit).

    • maxD says:

      Whatever. Arguing with you is pointless, reasoning is pointless, and all references are just propaganda to you, you know always better.

      A friend of Nikitn ?

      I suggest you just go shopping in Moscow, in a suburb, nothing fancy. Then go shopping with the same money in Berlin, not a tourist area [that's REALLY overpriced], but a average neighborhood. Then talk again.

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Max, I agree with almost everything you write on this site. And yes, in this instance, you are completely accurate. But come on, is the glass ever half-full for you? Or is this just a Russian trait – instead of getting up and achieving something, you prefer to moan and cry about how terrible and unfair life around is?

        • maxD says:

          Half-full, half-empty… I lean towards the first, but many times when having to deal with my compatriots’ mentality [short-term, focused at fast money, showing-off and prestige, all at the expense of their own people] and the absolutely corrupted government that does not seem to care about its people at all and tries to re-install old Soviet style vertical politics, I feel depressed.

          Russia has a history of suppression [centuries] and I fear it’s not going to change the next 40 years, judging from the apathy and numbness of the new generation. Russians cannot deal with personal, individual freedom, they are abusing it whenever possible and confuse it with egoism and opportunism. The results are there and they have to deal with it.

          I’m trying to point out flaws and show people that they are in control if they only dare to take it. Instead, they moan and complain and remain silent, in general.

          The next awful thing that can happen is another revolution of some sort, again undertaken by people who know what is wrong but do not know how to do it better. Another Russian tradition.

  37. Jason says:

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  38. What? No champagne bath?

  39. mad1982 says:


  40. NYC_Russian says:

    I actually have to agree with miss india here. Looks nauseatingly sweet & disgusting.

  41. Moderngirl says:

    Who cares if the plane is expensive! My problem is with the tacky, gaudy design. When will people get hip to 2009? I would say the design is from the 1950s not 1980s. The dishes are even ugly.

  42. Adam says:

    The overall design may be over the top, but the wood is beautiful.

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  46. wholesale says:

    Welcome to Yiwu..Welcome to Amandaiec.

  47. molotov bob says:

    Fake. This is not the real thing. There is a golden sink but no golden toilet? Russia is a capitalist state now.

  48. I have never seen sucha s post that could change my point of view.

  49. we always keep our kitchen furnitures free from dirt and mildew that is why we often wax them **

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