21 Rich Boys Fun

Rich Boys Fun

Posted on December 19, 2008 by

helicopters in Russia 1

When rich boys of Moscow don’t know what to do some snowy dull winter day they go to the countryside on helicopters and have lotta fun having helicopter race or helicopter cricket or even shooting down some targets from air. Visitors without helicopters are also accepted and one hour of such games cost around $700 and demand is big.

helicopters in Russia 2

Those numbers on the gates are coordinates, some Google earth fans can easily find this spot.

helicopters in Russia 3

helicopters in Russia 4

helicopters in Russia 5

helicopters in Russia 6

helicopters in Russia 7

helicopters in Russia 8

helicopters in Russia 9

helicopters in Russia 10


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21 Responses to “Rich Boys Fun”

  1. TTEEE says:

    Looks kinda pointless

  2. maxD says:

    The problem with having lots of money is that it makes everything boring because everything is there for you, everything is for sale. There is nothing left to long for, except maybe taste and class. Money can’t buy that.
    This is another example of killing time because everything is just so… boooring.

  3. raf says:

    it’s a picture of pathological country. 90% is poor and 1% doesn’t know what to do with money.

    • Leite says:

      Actually, Russian GINI Coefficient is Lower than the American, wich means that Wealth distribution in Russia is better Than in USA.

      Don’t believe in everything you watch on TV

      • Texas1 says:

        Wealth distribution is Russia is NOT better than in the USA. Stop smoking crack homeboy.

      • Texas1 says:

        A family in Western Europe has at least 1.5 cars and in the United States it has already two cars. In Russia, fewer than 10-percent of families have a car. In fact, in Russia, a car is still a museum piece. You cannot even service some of these cars anymore.

        Now, consider the Russian economy which has been hit hardest by the global economic downturn and your KGB leaders. With oil hitting new lows every day, now about $40/barrel, the distance between rich and poor is expanding rapidly with the entire population shifting down and left.

        • Texas1 says:

          Get a clue Cash! Russia has been the most severely hit country from the financial crisis. It’s anticipated that unemployment will exceed 10-percent in Russia and there is already extensive under employment. Now, add in rampant inflation from the devaluation of the rouble and you’ve got one mess that I certainly wouldn’t want.

          Does the average russian live better than the average american? Absolutely not! To put it another way, it’s pretty easy to find a russian internet bride but you will never see an American internet bride!!

  4. Shizo says:

    Entertainment for people who wanna die young :)

  5. Aleksandr says:

    We the great Russian people. We know what to do with our money. You the nation ass hole, pry everywhere. You should be wiped off the face of the earth!

  6. Ivan Mikahilov says:

    Note that only two of these helis are used as toys, others belong to emergency services and the like.

  7. Ngern says:

    does it have own paracute- so it can save people’s life when the engine is failed?

  8. John from Kansas says:

    Thanks for the lift.

  9. Matt says:

    Depends what “things” are…

    If “things” are my neighbourg’s children, damn yes !!

  10. NYC_Russian says:

    Looks fun as hell =)

    Texas1 you’re 100% correct.

  11. Chuck says:

    It’s a cold, drab, foggy wintry day, what can we do?
    Hey, I know! Let’s fly around in a helicopter!
    This is about the dumbest thing I’ve seen here yet.

  12. shmalex says:

    where is miss India?! :D

  13. w says:

    How many of you whinging people have an inflatable yellow cow?

    Exactly yous are a jealous.

  14. Fred says:

    Cricket? How do you play cricket in a helicopter?

    I spy helicopter croquet – no cricket.

    Any fule kno that a helicopter can be landed safely after engine failure – just so long as the pilot maintains control of the rotors and knows what they’re doing, it’s as safe as anything else in flight.

    Of course, if you have a major failure of the control mechanism, or if there is a major failure in the complex of linkages and bearings (and the gearbox, if fitted) that hold the rotors in place and permits them to be controlled – well, then you die in a crash even if the engine’s still working.

    The risks of that sort of non-engine failure are so great in the case of Chinook helicopters with their twin rotors (powered from the back of the aircraft via a huge drive shaft to the front) that they were withdrawn from serving North Sea oil platforms in the 1970s – they were just too dangerous.

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