64 Night Comes to the City

Night Comes to the City

Posted on December 19, 2008 by

Moscow, Russia 1

Night comes to the city, to Moscow city. And this time is a favorite time for the photographers.
Today we have some examples of Chistroprudov Dimitri. His main profile is night panoramic photo of Moscow, and he visited thousands of the city roofs.

Moscow, Russia 2

Moscow, Russia 3

Moscow, Russia 4

Moscow, Russia 5

Moscow, Russia 6

Moscow, Russia 7

Moscow, Russia 8

Moscow, Russia 9

Moscow, Russia 10


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64 Responses to “Night Comes to the City”

  1. Hugo Ramirez says:

    Great photos!

  2. maxD says:

    I miss the people.
    What is shown here is just a trick – time-lapse photography of any city will give you these results, more or less. It’s hard to identify with these pictures, the absence of people [one doesn't even feel their presence] make these photo’ s sterile and empty aesthetics.

    • maxD says:

      I am just giving my opinion. It’s not a complaint, but a remark.
      And this is not landscape photography, actually. This is a simple trick, time-lapse photography. Everybody with a decent camera will get the same results. Where is the personal POV? If this is it, my opinion is that it is quite amateurish and immature.
      I know people might be blown away to a certain extent by the ‘glamour’ and the colors and such, but it’s the same effect the designer of the presidential plane [recent post on ER] was after. To impress. But when this has faded away, what is left ? That’s how a pro will look at it.

      But if you like it and enjoy it, nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong.

  3. AndersonBMX says:


  4. lonestarrd says:

    looks like Vegas

  5. Chris says:

    Holy cowski!

  6. TTEEE says:

    I will second that opinion

  7. AGA says:

    HDR makes it look appealing

  8. AdrianK says:

    Amazing pictures.

  9. hobbitofny says:

    It is 2008 Moscow of the warmer months. Very well done. I was there in November. It is interesting to see how much change in the buildings underconstuction.

    As for people, at night you can see the car lights and no people. It depends on the time of night.

  10. Jason says:

    Not all old buildings are russian style.Joseph Stallin copied buildings in New York City for 7 high rises.Moscow university pictured above is one of them.The new buildings do not have squat down toilets!

  11. 4estgraham says:

    What ever… get over yourself!

  12. Fum says:

    Sweet. But is that sum loli in the 54.jpg?

  13. Starshii says:

    Moscow never sleeps! Really cool pics, I liked especially the Ostankino TV-tower ones.

  14. Bilosh says:

    If a yous look hard in photo #46 I can be viewed making number one at a office plant! Is a little bit joke I like to do. Smell like bad peepee two day later!

  15. wackybit says:

    You think New York is rich and stylish and grand? Have you actually lived in New York and lived in another city such as Hong Kong? If you’ve lived in both for at least a year you can tell that New York is not grand, not stylish, and definitely not rich for the most part. New York only appears grand in promotional pictures, in real life New York is a city crumbling onto itself

    • fromukrainewithlove says:

      I don’t i’ve never been to NY or Moscow. But if judging from what I’ve seen on pictures of the two cities and what I’ve read. And when looking on pictures knowing that these pictures show the best side of the city. No one will make an advertisement with a starving kid on the background. Knowing that in Moscow live more billionares, and you can find most amount of expensive cars in one street in Moscow. Then I would say Moscow is more rich grand stylish etc etc. Don’t tell me, well yess all those criminals from Russia live in Moscow. You don’t know that, I could say the same about NY. Just looking at the facts and comparing. BTW, Tokyo is number one city in the world in many aspects.

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  17. Linuxh4x0r says:

    Lovely night exposures! As a young aspiring photographer I’d love to visit Russia and take these sorts of cityscapes

  18. stuffy says:

    Great pictures … Awesome site anyway! Keep on the good work!

  19. Aleksandr says:

    Отличые фото, жаль тупоголовые америкосы не в состоянии этого понять!

  20. Sensate says:

    Stunning shots. Homeboy needs to calibrate his tripod, though – all the buildings lean to the right. It’s really obvious on that long vertical tower shot.

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  22. John from Kansas says:

    Great photos Dimitri.

  23. natasha says:

    I’m from Moscow, and it is both-ugly and beautiful, depending on who you are and where you go. So the rest of you can stop arguing and go back to watching porn and playing WOW in your mother’s basements.

    Miss India, I’m sorry my former city doesn’t have open sewage and leprosy for you to get nostalgic about.

  24. tokio express says:

    Really really incredible photos!
    (I just wish I could be there!)

  25. Dude says:

    2 Tokio express

    It’s much more beatiful on this photo, than in real life :). But it happens with all great photos.

    p.s. the pictures are super-good!

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  27. wholesome says:


    check out India using the link ^^ above. MUHAHAHA

    • Boris says:

      well, im not indian but i have to say, india is an modern country, but there is many people with ancient tradition and must of them dont want to accept the modern world coming, that photos are showing an bad and ANTICUADO lol:-P side of the country…

  28. HK says:

    I disagree with the people who say these pictures are ugly. They may not be as professional as people want them to be, but I think objectively, the city looks beautiful in these pictures. I’ve lived in New York City, and I think these pictures show a much nicer place (at least in the scope of the images).

  29. Jason says:

    If you travel to Russia you will want to go back.Russian hospitality can not be beat and the women will rock your world.They are more mature and more fashionably dressed than women in most other countrys.I was in Ekaterinburg for 2 weeks with Tatiana.MERCY!!!!

    • CZenda says:

      Jason, I am sorry to inform you that the credit card you have been issued by KGB (erm… wait a minute… Comrade Putin´s office, no matter how he calls it now) is invalid from 11/08. You will have to find some other source of income. Supporting modern Putin´s USSR (erm… ugh… wait a minute… Russia) on this forum cannot be considered sufficient value for the funding you have been given.

  30. daqian says:

    真的十分漂亮 NICE!

  31. SSSR says:

    The photographer did a good job with these night shots.They show the old and the new.Looks like most cities on this plannet.

  32. Jason T says:

    Does anyone know what type of power station is pictured(the cooling towers)?

  33. RED says:

    beautiful pictures.

    New York City can only dream of ever having such a rich cultural history and grandeur.

  34. you you says:

    dont worry , yet 1 month of crisis and oil prices at 30$$ and all this illumination will be off like in Rumania in 80thies, and no traffic jam anymore for long decade, till next speculation ball!!!!

    pa pa Putin!
    pa pa Nowyje Russkije!!

  35. Para bellum says:

    А у нас никто и не беспокоится, жизнь в России суровей чем чем на Западе и людям привычны тяжёлые условия. Меня больше смущает как бы вы там по миру не пошли, а то небось кредит за дом с машиной платить нечем будет.

  36. Martin Lewis says:

    Very nicely composed set. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Oleg says:

    no Words. I saw some Pablo’s pictures on his Livejournal! Awesome!!!

  38. kimberly says:

    i am from America and i think that there are BEATIFUL pictures. Lovely city

  39. MaRmAR says:

    Nice shots. Neverending city…

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  42. russianAndProud says:

    i dont think miss india is indian.. prolly some american little fat lifeless kid.. or if she indian than she been too brain washed by u know who

  43. Taupey says:

    WOW, St. Pete is absolutely beautiful!

  44. Taupey says:

    WOW,its absolutely beautiful!

  45. Taupey says:

    LOL MOSCOW is absolutely beautiful! Okay – I believe its time for bed. :D

  46. John55 says:

    Paul belien posts a quote from the Dissident Frogman. ,

  47. Koko says:

    But in the real live , this city is very ugly :(

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  49. Kosmania says:

    Don’t get too depressed, go and do some house cleaning, clean off that dirt.

  50. Palandi says:

    can’t stop looking at these pictures. I’ve bookmarked this page the day it has been published and I enter it at least once a month to admire such beautiful images.

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  52. Ashu says:

    moscow is very beautiful city and no 1 in billioners.

  53. Max says:

    O !!!! Gorgeous !

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