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The KGB Museum

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Museum of KGB in Russia 1

This part of the KGB museum is devoted to the Soviet Russian military intelligence.

Museum of KGB in Russia 2

Museum of KGB in Russia 3

Museum of KGB in Russia 4

Museum of KGB in Russia 5

Museum of KGB in Russia 6

Museum of KGB in Russia 7

Museum of KGB in Russia 8

Museum of KGB in Russia 9

Museum of KGB in Russia 10


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40 Responses to “The KGB Museum”

  1. madineg says:

    since when does ss belong to russian intelligence?

  2. maxD says:

    Interesting stuff, history.

    Unfortunately Russia’s leaders are trying to hide and cover up the nasty aspects and instead want everybody to believe it was all honor and glory.
    The latest aberration in this field happened recently: during the memorial ceremony [which Medvedev and Putin refused to attend] marking 75 years since the Holodomor [the Stalin-induced famine of 1923-33 that caused millions to die in the Ukraine] former State Duma Deputy Alexei Mitrofanov appeared on TV and revealed a hitherto unknown ‘historical’ fact: that the U.S. Great Depression and the Georgian mafia were responsible for the tragedy. And no-one even lifted an eye brow.
    Stalin was a good guy who did everything he did with the best intentions for the country. Nationalism is fueled everywhere, us-against-them attitudes are encouraged directly and indirectly by the Kremlin and United Russia, the leading party. This is bad, and it will lead to violence and hate and who knows what else.

    The underclass that is most receptive for these ideas [because the only thing they have to be proud of is their nationality] is manipulated the most this way, and in general the attention is diverted from the real problems that are everywhere: a country in recession and unable to deal with it due to the return to old Soviet-style politics in recent years. Workers are fired on the spot [even though this is illegal] and banks are using the governments support-money to buy foreign currency, since this is more profitable than investing in the economy. Short term vision that will have a disastrous effect on the common citizen. Once again.



    Interesting reading material, in English.

    • texas tornado says:

      So you read two articles and now you know and understand everything that happened?

    • Victor Gorbac says:

      Russia was the super poer, it all fell aprt after the USSR broke up. Key countriles like Russia, Ukraine,Belorus, Kazakhstan should be a confederation

    • john freeman says:

      good point.

      Its kinda how like they build holocaust museums all around the world. To make you feel bad that the fake number of 6 million jews dying is true.
      When Jews made a small fraction of those dead.

      Yea feel sorry for the jews. what a bunch of BS.

      Im Jewish.. Its all an excuse they give to the Israelis to kill the innocent palestinians..

      What a bunch Of BS. they act like the jews were the only people who ever got hurt..

  3. Para bellum says:

    Хорошая коллекция, только в экспозиции музея не хватает заспиртованных голов Горбачева, Ельцина, Шеварнадзе, Боннер, Новодворской, Латыниной, Альбац, Позднера, с общеней надписью на банках: “предатели Родины” P.S надо было еще из музея ПВ фоток разместить.

  4. Para bellum says:

    Хорошая коллекция, только в экспозиции музея не хватает заспиртованных голов Новодворской, Латыниной, Альбац, Позднера, с общеней надписью на банках: “предатели Родины” P.S надо было еще из музея ПВ фоток разместить.

  5. Matthew says:

    Captions. We need captions. In english!

  6. happy canadian says:

    yes, captions please. That would really help.

    Who is the guy who looks like Putin? [is it him? the dates don't support it though].

    Oh and the SS uniforms, I’m guessing, were either captured in WWII or else they were used as disguises by Russians for infiltration into enemy lines.

    The war-in-afganistan mural looks pretty dramatic.

  7. tyrone says:

    do you see brass knuckles are broken. I guess KGB beat some poor guy so hard that brass knuckles got broken.

  8. kapusta says:

    without captions, an article like this is pretty pointless…

  9. Ove W says:

    You are making a very good site. I look for something new every day.

    But, what is all those things in he pictures? Captions could make it.

    Cheers to you and a merry Christmas from Sweden!

  10. raf says:

    KGB = Gestapo

  11. Victor Bout says:

    Where is my picture? Where is my place in this building of history? I support by my friend, Putin and responsible for millions of deaths. How can I be ignored so easy?

  12. gjgj says:

    Is that one Hitler’s NSDAP tunics?

  13. Steam McQueen says:

    Where is this museum located? In Moscow? I had heard that there was a museum of the Secret Police somewhere in St. Petersburg but could never get anyone to tell me exactly where it was.

    I guess it was a secret!!

    Great collection!

  14. Para bellum says:

    Да в Москве. И еще, в приличном обществе постеснялись бы ссылаться на wìki как на единственный источник информации т.к ее пишет кто попало. КГБ-ФСБ совершенно обычная спецслужба на фоне ЦРУ, МОССАД не выделяющаяся. Экспозиция хорошо рассказывает про борьбу с подрывным элементом, начиная со времен интервенции и до наших дней.

  15. Krenkel says:

    AFAIK this photos are not from a museum about the former KGB but from an exhibition about the military counter-intelligence, taking place in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces in Moscow.

  16. Para bellum says:

    С Днем сотрудника госбезопасности!

  17. Boris Abramov says:

    I think it’s very important for us to first define what Holodomor is. Certainlly, the definition proposed by Yushchenko’s government and orange nationalists could never be approved, for it is clearly instrumented for political gain.

    Some food for though: Solzhenytzin, one of Stalin’s (if not the most) fiercest critics, has completely rejected the widely held belief in the West that Holodomor was in fact Soviet genocide against Ukraine people.

    In an interview with the newspaper Izvestia, he explained that the famine was caused by the corrupt ideals of the Communist regime, under which all suffered equally. It was not an assault by the Russian people against the people of Ukraine, and that the wish to view it as such is only a recent development

    Furthermore, he said: “This provocative outcry of genocide was voiced only decades later. At first, it thrived secretly in the stale chauvinist minds opposing the “bloody Russians”. Now it has got hold of political minds in modern Ukraine. It seems they’ve surpassed the wild suggestions of the Bolshevik propaganda machine. “To the parliaments of the world” – a nice teaser for the Western ears. They have never cared about our history. All they need is a fable, no matter how loony it appears.”

  18. NYC_Russian says:

    Very interesting photos.
    Unfortuantely they remind me of the fact that russians = sheep (barani) that will tolerate anything. Lohi vo vsei svoei istorii.

  19. The Who says:

    Meet the New Boss,
    same as the Old Boss.

  20. Para bellum says:

    Еще один сваливший за бугор задрот поливающий из за океана свою бывшую страну (NYC)

  21. evil russian sheep says:

    Coming war will reveal the greater nation.

  22. Steven says:

    I also vote for captions on these pictures. As someone noted above, just who had what is kind of confusing.

    Also, was that blue uniform that of the Romanov Gendarmarie?

    Also a quick history of the various permutations of the CheKa would have been useful. I noted some of the stuff was from the OGPU, some of the stuff was German. It would have been nice to have some better context.

  23. Mat says:

    its should be named “Museum of morders a millions innocents wictums”

  24. Hermitbiker says:

    …. hey, did anyone like the photos…. I did…. even without captions…. I figured if they had the “info”…. it would be there !! Nice photo collection and a pretty damn good museum…. awesome !!

  25. Andrey says:

    Nice and interesting pictures, but the notion of a museum gloryfying the KGB makes me feel uncomfortable.
    Brgds, A

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  28. oldeafcoot says:

    page 2, photo#7- A Walther number 2 pistol in .25 caliber. Favorite weapon of the NKVD/KGB Kommandatura. Probably killed more human beings than any pistol in history. Major General Vasily Blokin personally killed 7000 Polish Army officers with one.
    Let’s face it, Russia has always needed an organization to get rid of annoying people.

  29. Luigi Fulk says:

    Thank you for the various and good stuff you post

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