26 The Smart One

The Smart One

Posted on December 1, 2008 by

russian car 1

The guy on the white car decided to be a smart one and overtake all the traffic jam by going through the pedestrians lane on the roadside. Well, just moments later he got deep inside the water.

russian car 2

russian car 3

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26 Responses to “The Smart One”

  1. Mariusz says:

    Two pics give 404.

  2. tanya says:

    а где фото еще??

  3. LolBoT says:

    i dont get it.. must be some missing pictures?

  4. aca says:


    ps: FIRST?!

  5. brickman says:

    was is das?

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  7. steffen says:

    Looks like an pipe burst to me.

  8. nina Germany says:

    lol what is it with Russia and terrible roads? can’t you guys hire some decent engineers from abroad, that know how to build a propper road?

    • marco says:

      why build decent roads while you can get lots of supercars instead? how would you show off with a highway? it is not shiny, it does not scream “I am worth more than your house”, etc. – pointless…

  9. russia in dark says:

    Typical russian smartness. A FOOL!

  10. SalaKrestu says:


  11. borzoi says:

    Get your “good engineers from abroad” to fix this first:

    Unions and corrupt munis ran the city into the ground…

  12. Miss India says:

    Russians are so poor i feel sorry for them :(

    • Kosmania says:

      I feel bloody sorry for you, you seem to have phrases stuck in a vicious circle inside your brain, you sure spending so much time on the internet making useless coments is healthy?

      If you feel so sorry you could donate to various organizations, donating is on a rise in Russia right now.

  13. Aleksandr says:

    ЗАСОСАЛО! Нехер лезть куда не надо))))))))))

  14. Ortodox says:

    Russian atomic submarine on highway.

  15. Sergey says:

    Це Київ. Ділянка, де реконструюють швидкісний трамвай. Перегон між Польовою та Політехнічною. Зліва корпуси КПІ.

  16. RUSS says:

    we have some problems with a cold winter =))) temperature is so different (-35C in winter +30 in summer), thats why there are a lot of problems with roads in spring

  17. lol says:

    why do u have big fucing holes in every road?! HOW MANY PICS LIKE THIS HAVNT BEEN POSTED BY NOW?!

  18. Taupey says:

    Note to self… remember to keep scuba gear handy inside car while driving!

  19. CherenkovGecko says:

    Hmm, perhaps it would be wise for citizens of the former Soviet republics to invest in amphibious cars…

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