24 Don’t Mess with a Bear

Don’t Mess with a Bear

Posted on December 1, 2008 by

Sometimes there are talks that Russians are so tough that they have bears on the chain instead of the dogs in the villages. Well, they actually do sometimes, but messing with such a creature guarding your yard can be not so fun!

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24 Responses to “Don’t Mess with a Bear”

  1. maxD says:

    This bear does not look very healthy.

  2. zenmetsu says:

    aww, he only wanted bucket of food. :)

    problem is, if you panic and bear is only playing, then you make situation worse by hurting and then enraging the bear.

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  4. Rodriguez says:

    Don`t believe anything that you reading, JOPA!

  5. Sliwowica says:

    nahuj im derzhat etot medved? urodi

  6. Elena_LM says:

    What can the bear do if its tied up?

    Lets say someone tries to break in, they just go around the bear?

    Maybe its scary but I think a dog is more effective. What do u say?

  7. Richard S. says:

    Bears are unpredictable. In National Parks they may seem tame and should never be approached.

  8. Drew says:

    Love it! Russians are brave and unique in dealing with bears!
    Do you suppose the bear would be less aggressive if had a shot of vodka?

    By the way, I am an American. Cheers to all Russians! You are a great people!

  9. TOP says:

    Good, hope she was severely injured!

  10. Maricio Junior - br says:

    realy owned!

  11. gieroy says:

    Here is even better video, this time with a cow towed behind the car:


  12. Daniel says:

    Poor bear. I hate to see this kind of stuff where wild animals are kept in chains like pets. I hope the bear got her good.

  13. MoMoKo says:

    Thanks, I have laughed=))
    Правда, люди какие-то долбанутые..оО

  14. Lutra Lutra says:

    палюбому кто тут выебывался на русских это были прибалты…. они визде тяфкают и ваняют как собачье гавницо в которое вляполся..

    judge the mental development of the country and its citizens for photos and videos can only complete kritiny …. We bear on a chain holding, and in Europe, fathers holding their daughters in the basement and raped .. Then there who occupies these countries?

    • Snah says:

      Good point.

    • unuzero says:

      if you make this comparation, animal killers and disorder mental father, I propose we think wich country give the world more serial killers ;)
      we are all unique. Just as every individual of a nation becomes a representative of it. This does not mean that all parents in Europe rape their daughters, right? like, I’m sure, not all the russians have bears in they’r house :)

  15. Bilosh says:

    This woman live in my willage. She always is told not to be too sexy to bear. But she always tempting “ha ha bear you cannot have any!” I see bear cannot take it anymore.

  16. russia in dark says:

    You did get the point, they cought that bear when it was small and they will eat it in a few weeks. Plain and simple.

  17. russia in dark says:

    I meant You did NOT get the point.

  18. Srbin says:

    I doubt that bear wanted to hurt anyone,he was after food basket…

  19. iasivezi says:

    so retardet. This is cruel man!!!

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