30 Hail to the USSR

Hail to the USSR

Music: the Soviet Hymn
Video: the Soviet moments
Soviet exotics 1

39 The Soviet Exotics Museum

The Soviet Exotics Museum

In Latvia they have a special museum for those who would like to dive into the now not present world of the Soviet exotics. Every visitor has to wear Soviet Russian prisoners cloths and when enters is being humiliated by the staff dressed as
Soviet army soldiers. They yell on and almost beat all the visitors, force them to do things, wear gas masks, run distances and many many more things to do. Hard times he experiences there until this guided tour is ended.
Russian design 1

13 Burn Your Life

Burn Your Life

With this calendar from Ukrainian designers one can
literary burn the candle of their life each day.
Russian graffiti 1

17 Another Street Art

Another Street Art

This is a depiction of well known Russian poet Pushkin on a duel with some Western TV
heroes (they are on the second pic). And some other latest graffiti shots.
Traffic in Moscow 1

18 Jamming the Way

Jamming the Way

Just one person can create 40
minutes long traffic jam at night.
Russian abandoned heavy machinery 1

34 Abandoned Machine

Abandoned Machine

The abandoned heavy machinery from middle
Russia, stays there from the Soviet times.
Russian blonde 1

16 Russian Blonde and Her Doggy

Russian Blonde and Her Doggy

The blonde and the doggy. She likes it so much that it can't even
drive her car without having it sitting on the steering wheel.
Russian police cars 1

6 Russian Police Car Dump

Russian Police Car Dump

After the service police cars go to the
special police car dump of Moscow.
Russian way to cook sausages 1

37 The Sausage Admin

The Sausage Admin

When Russian system administrators stay at night hacking their systems they might have an urge for some hot food, so the most fast way to get a hot sausage is to... plug it into the wall electric
outlet. Just 219 volts of pure energy makes the sausage ready in a few seconds with the LED lamps indicating how is the process going. And yes, don't do this at home, that's not safe!
Russian mods 1

35 The Fire Fighters Mod

The Fire Fighters Mod

I think firefighters may like such mod for their home sound system made
by Russian guys with the help of some old fire extinguishers.

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