41 Russian SUV

Russian SUV

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Russian SUV 1

Russian SUV anyone?

Russian SUV 2

Russian SUV 3

Russian SUV 4

Russian SUV 5

Russian SUV 6

Russian SUV 7

Russian SUV 8

Russian SUV 9

Russian SUV 10


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41 Responses to “Russian SUV”

  1. xanas says:


  2. JeryBarada says:

    Looks like a Saturn POS… whatsamatta? couldn’t find any foam to soften the damn seats? I’ve sat on park benches that look softer than those.

  3. KBR says:

    It is a promising concept car, I am looking forward to see how it will develop.

    • KBR says:

      Why is it failed?

      • KBR says:

        Russia needs to start somewhere. Although Russian cars has to overcome some distances to be reasonably good cars, Japanese cars were bad, some as Koreans, but now they have good cars. So perhaps Russia will have good cars somewhere in the future. But it will be a wait and see scenario.

  4. DaniTheMan says:

    lada razvolution

  5. Boris Abramov says:

    Truly ghastly!

  6. k says:

    Is it bulletproof? :D

  7. nina Germany says:

    hahaha, prototypes shouldn’t look so low-budget :D

    also it’s clear that they ripped off the front from nissan murano and roofline from mercedes r…

    why wont you design something on your own, even Korean cars no longer look like cheap rip-offs

  8. Mike says:

    But I’m not Russian…


  9. J Doe says:

    Too bad that it doesn’t come with a stereo. Otherwise it could be a real car.

  10. Ngern says:

    wow, it looks so good- might be the first one to complete with the west

    • maxD says:

      Russian car industry can not compete with the Asian producers, unless they stop paying their workers at all. Asia rules. Even Germany has a hard time. Russia should focus on tourism. The country is vast and has many many interesting sites and views to offer. Hiking, luxury trips, cruises… many people would enjoy visiting Russia.

      unfortunately, no money is invested here at all by Russian businesses, because it is a long term investment which is not popular in Russia. Fast money is everything. Building prestigious 5 star hotels is not really contributing to tourism, but to business travelers. Apart from that, the inbred Russian distrust of everything not Russian also makes it very hard for foreign companies to invest in this area.

      Russia still believes it can exist as an island in a global economy. At the expense of the common citizen, who does not see his/her life improve.

  11. CZenda says:

    What is the leather thing on picture 21?
    A forehead rest for a vodka-drinking driver?
    The car is simply ugly, it looks like they have hired a teenage chav and gave him a credit card for purchasing cheap Chinese accessories at the nearest Halfraud or Lidl.

    • CZenda says:

      Fiat 500 is an icon! Keep it running ;-)

      It is very common that those who never owned a Fiat know best about their unreliability etc. On the other hand, it happens frequently that those who actually have one fall in love with them. I am the latter case.

      Fiats are still considered prone to rusting too fast by many (although this is not true anymore). The cars made during 70s – 80s were, indeed, turning to rustboxes quickly. The reason was a poor quality of steel sheets used for their manufacture. It was a steel made in USSR and sent to Italy instead of hard currency as a payment for the manufacturing facilities built by Fiat in Togliatti. The sheets were already rusty upon their arrival to Italy and no surface reconditioning could fix the issue – the flakes of rust were rolled-in into the material at the time of their manufacture.

      • commonman092 says:

        I shall, it’s a brilliant car and even thought I liked the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air cabriolet that my father brought in Australia instead of the FIat 500, I wish that he brought that. But having that Chevrolet made me a die-hard Chevy fan as well as a Fiat fan.

  12. lenin says:

    looks like vacuum cleaner

  13. steffen says:

    Looks very cheap. Like chinese cars. Manufacturing quality of american cars is not much better, though. Russian design seems to lost its only pro: reliabillity. If you want to buy a real good car, go for a german, british or japanese car.

  14. Vladimir Nabob says:

    The typical Russian would be pretty much correct about those two types of Americans. It’s the “haves” and the “have nots”. I am a “have some” and I drive a new Subaru.

    But you are wrong about Russian oil being used in American SUV’s. America does not import oil from Russia. We import from Canada, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, Iraq, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Gabon, Kuwait, Chad and the UK (in that order). No Russia.

  15. Jason says:

    This is a sporty car.It would be better with more coushin on the seats and some controls on the dash.I wonder who built it,Volga or Lada.In a country where most products have english writing on them and calvin klein is king Russia does have 2 auto makers.In Ekaterinburg I saw 30 year old Volgas and Ladas.Somehow they still run.Everything thing els was a mix of american and russian.Mazda 3 and 6 is popular there.The 06 Mustang with the aftermarket tail lights and the rich person with the black H2 Hummer.And the japenese car with the steering wheel on the right side I rode in.

  16. Jason says:

    oops,I almost forgot the german cars over there.BMW Mercedes Volvo….

  17. maxD says:

    Why the abusive language ? You have no arguments to make your point ? This way you classify yourself only as a loud and insecure shouter.
    Which is not your intention, I guess.

  18. Joe Schmoe says:

    Who puts bucket seats in the back of any car\suv\truck???

    Selling point is suv or crossover can carry at least five people, this limits you to four.

  19. Avenger says:

    I`m sure, it will never run… =)

  20. ALE GARA>| says:


  21. JoeJoeJoe says:

    From what I can see, that looks like a deathtrap. I don’t know if it’s a non-functioning model, but the SUV seems to have no safety features at all.

  22. jaba says:

    The seats remind me of frying pan for some reason. No, wait, whole car is frying pan, except the russians have dumped clumsy metal and replaced it with cheap plastic…

  23. jaba says:

    Btw, this is definately a SUV. Just look at its front end…

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  27. Zdenek Ryzner says:

    Well, We in czech are able to do everything better than the others :)
    we are kings and rule the world !

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