9 Dont Smoke and Drive

Dont Smoke and Drive

Posted on November 20, 2008 by

Russian car 1

The guy was driving and smoking, then he wanting to throw away the cigarette into the window, but the wind got it back inside the car right to the back window. When he noticed this it was too late.

Russian car 2

Russian car 3


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9 Responses to “Dont Smoke and Drive”

  1. KBR says:

    this is a very expensive cigarette :)

  2. VoDkA says:

    No. This happened when glupi tried to both drink and smoke at the same time.

  3. w says:

    Are you sure this is what happened? I don’t think so

  4. Boris Peltsov says:

    Ah, no. . .it was a severe case of the poots.

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