16 Russian Blonde and Her Doggy

Russian Blonde and Her Doggy

Posted on November 14, 2008 by

Russian blonde 1

The blonde and the doggy. She likes it so much that it can’t even drive her car without having it sitting on the steering wheel.

Russian blonde 2

Russian blonde 3


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16 Responses to “Russian Blonde and Her Doggy”

  1. Paris Hilton says:

    AHA … FIRST ……..???

  2. первыйнах. says:


  3. Paris Hilton says:

    Woof – which one is the dog ????

  4. Jesus says:


  5. Paris Hilton says:

    Wohooo !!! SEVENTH !!

  6. Kris says:

    Ohh… I wonder what happens if she crashes… She probably doesn’t know about airbag safety! LOL

  7. you says:


  8. bernie says:

    If she hits anything, instand doggy hamburger. yum yum.

  9. strannik says:

    If she crashes there would be a cool HOT DOG!

  10. billy oh says:

    urgh, i hate those little dogs. “will it blend?” i hope so…

  11. Belarus says:

    What so special about that? I can see that EVERY day on the San Francisco and suburb area roads !

  12. Pros says:


  13. heatmiser says:

    I once saw a woman READING A NOVEL while driving!!!! She was holding it to the steering wheel. She was very engrossed in it – turning pages and everything. I honked my horn at her and she almost went off the road. I wish I had a video camera with me.

  14. Aleksandr says:


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