34 Abandoned Machine

Abandoned Machine

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Russian abandoned heavy machinery 1

The abandoned heavy machinery from middle Russia, stays there from the Soviet times.

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 2

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 3

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 4

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 5

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 6

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 7

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 8

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 9

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 10

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Russian abandoned heavy machinery 12

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 13

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 14

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 15

Russian abandoned heavy machinery 16

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34 responses to “Abandoned Machine”

  1. proscriptus says:

    Hard to believe it hasn’t been cut apart for scarp yet.

  2. Disturbed28BR says:

    What is it? What can it do?

  3. -md-tt- says:

    it’s a giant bobcat

  4. mxi says:

    Yeah one big digger

  5. luke says:

    google ‘bagger 288’… this one is a little toy…

  6. Ngern says:

    In my country, it might be good for irony factory – hahaha

  7. Cykalox says:

    this looks liike kazakhstan, if anyone saw the movie Shizo, they have a similar looking structure in a similar looking field.

  8. Henke says:

    Looks like a old coal digger. It’s officially 120% awesome.

  9. kbr says:

    нет его уже, разобрали давно

  10. Iago says:

    As an engineer, I am utterly fascinated by these photos, but there are some areas where one would wish that more detail was shown.

    This appears to be an excavation processing machine, and the stuff being excavated was surely an ore body or a coal seam. There does not seem to be any coal fines or particles visible at this point, so its purpose might have been ore recovery.

    The prominent visible elements include the extended structure (photos #2 & #6) that contains processing, messing, logistics, and utility spaces, and possible crew quarters. There are several smaller operating and control spaces, as in photo #5.

    The long boom on the left in photo #1 is a conveyor belt that deposits the product onto barges in the canal on the left. Not well shown is the downward-sloping boom on the right front that receives the product/spoils, from which the material is lifted into the process spaces for grading and separation. This receiving boom is fed by trucks or rail.

    Photo #2 shows two other booms. On the right, the boom is hinged at about the mid-point, and it contains another conveyor that discharges product to a rail car. On the left is the spoils conveyor. Waste is discharged down the diagonal shaft onto the spoils converyor for disposal.

    Photo #6 shows the white rail-mounted dollies on which the whole apparatus rides. On the far left of photo #2 and the near left of photo #6 are two ancillary rail-mounted trucks for feeding material and/or removing material.

    The last photo shows a heat exchanger with the heads removed, exposing the ends of the tubes in the tube sheets. These exchangers should be for the purpose of energy recovery.

    I would welcome any additional or confirming information for my suppositions. To bad there was no aerial shot of the whole area.

  11. Chris says:

    Iago, thanks for the informative comment.

  12. H Cook says:

    I thought #6 was an electeral plug-in, the wires behind the boxes

  13. H Cook says:

    Sorry last photo

  14. Ivan Mikahilov says:

    I guess that this is not to harvest the ore or coal but to remove the covering ground before actual harvesting. I think so because the output conveyor is not sectional, hence no accurate positioning of its end is possible. It should be next to impossible to accurately load train with it, but it’s still quite OK if all you need is to move the gound hundered meters away from the site. In addition, chain excavator is much less accurate than a rotary one. Using rotor, operator may reside very close to the rotor and continuously look at the quality of coal/ore digged, to not mix the ore with garbage ground. One can’t make that with a chain that scratches large surface. OTOH the chain is better for ground removal because it will make a smooth flat surface.

    The last photo shows high-current connectors.

  15. koit says:

    it would be cool to have a apartment in it

  16. Iago says:

    Ivan, Kalte –

    Thanx for the info.

  17. 4estgraham says:

    The last photo appears to be cannon plug connetions for electrical equiptment. You can see the electrical cables extending from the other side of the electrical boxes. They are huge, I can understand why you thought they were heat exchangers.

  18. KBR says:

    WTF, KBR is my name, get yourself an other one…

  19. serrsr says:

    In Siberia they have/had even larger machines like this, that would slowly float up and down the great rivers and dig up & process all the sand in the riverbed, washing out gold that would have been inaccessible through other methods.

    I saw them once on TV in the 90’s… back then they were still running and producing huge profits. I’d like to know if these still exist.

  20. Uryevich says:

    As an autor of this photographs, I must say, that this machines work on an open-cast mines, where phosphate ore been developed. A huge area in Moscow region was developed since 50-th. You can see tha area in google maps: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=55.298665,38.84388&spn=0.12509,0.30899&t=k&z=12
    You can see where this machines stayed till demolition: http://wikimapia.org/93755/Here-was-excavators-for-open-cast-mine
    And original page on abandoned.ru with comments to some photos: http://www.abandoned.ru/thumb.php?gal=14

  21. OPERATOR says:

    I want to have this in STALKER

  22. JerryBarada says:

    Damn… Didn’t those Soviets salvage ANYTHING?? From what I’ve seen, old buildings, cars, trucks, tanks, airplanes… litter the Russian countryside, as if waiting for someone to come along and put it to rest.


  23. Scot says:

    Err – this was already posted way back on page 84 – and there is a link to an aerial shot of the area. So there.

  24. Nickolay says:

    I saw this device! It’s in the Zhukovskiy, on other side of the Moscow-river…

  25. bugeye says:

    think your find that its a mouse socket…

  26. jan says:

    i find it amusing how a car chassis (seems like an older model of VAZ / Lada) has been pulled onto the top of the machine (pic #6)

  27. Dola says:

    I think it’s Cool..
    but it’s better to be like this,Huge machine that is made for destroying nature had been left.

  28. Javox says:

    what ive hear is was turned into recyclin and the last part was takin on 2006, so bad ive never could seen it, byes this web is the best Y_Y

  29. Nemo says:

    ohhh poor machine 😛

    Srsly I never thought that destrying old machines just to use the metal was of much profit.

  30. bjordy73 says:

    If you think this thing is impressive, look up a bucketwheel excavator. Now those are awesome.

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  32. Chuck says:

    This is obviously a modern amusement ride that travels around to county fairs.

    It’s called the MineSweeper

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