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Skull and Bones

Posted on November 10, 2008 by

Skull projected on Russian parliament building 1

A few days ago a group of some Russian activists have climbed on top of the building standing across of the street before the Russian Federal Parliament building. They took some projecting equipment and a few minutes later a giant laser projected logo of skull and bones has appeared on the front of the governmental building for everyone to see. It’s unclear what was the purpose of the action, maybe they expressed their attitude to the pirate (skull and bones is a pirate’s sign) music search sites like mp3zr.com and other famous Russian sites.

There is also a video below.

Skull projected on Russian parliament building 2

Skull projected on Russian parliament building 3

Skull projected on Russian parliament building 4

Skull projected on Russian parliament building 5

Skull projected on Russian parliament building 6

Skull projected on Russian parliament building 7

And the video:

via kassian

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12 Responses to “Skull and Bones”

  1. Jaymz says:

    Gulaka. Siberia 20 years, yes?

  2. SM says:

    They are anarchists. Skulls and bones are their logo. These guys are famous for strange actions, like group sex in a museum or setting up tables with lots of food and drinks in subway cars.

  3. Justin says:

    Climbing over the fence to the White House??? In UK they would be shot on sight!

  4. CZenda says:

    Cool! Continue!

  5. slavich says:

    the white house is not the dooma. The dooma is a different building from the Stalin era

  6. Atrum says:

    This was at Hungary too.

    Some activist here was projected a laser to the parlement, but thay were cought by the cops.

    Link: http://index.hu/video/2008/10/07/gerilla_vetites_a_parlamentre/?p=0

  7. torbash says:

    Is only good for shining a toy or for a flower in a clouds, but a rael man nows thta it is best for to spray the paints and the markers.

  8. Lutra Lutra says:

    pirated programs are good, good music for free pirated films damaging to the eye it is bad but if quality is good

    Art should belong to the people!

    99% that these activists at home сomps worth pirate Windows OS

  9. kassian says:


    It’s well-known art-group “Voina” (i.e. “War” in Russian) — Russian anarchists who performed this action.

    Please correct.

    Second, as concerns the photos: not “via Kassian”, but “by Kassian”.

    Please correct.

  10. Alex Jones says:

    I rarely do not comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great article!! Very clear picture of the activists and skull and bones.

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