Soviet Russian IT 1

20 Soviet  High-Tech Workers

Soviet High-Tech Workers

In Soviet Russia high-tech workers were highly praised. They spent a lot of time resting by the sea, eating
in the places where food really tasted good and worked on different space stuff or something.
Russian road police 1

39 Driver Carefully

Driver Carefully

Shots from the life of Road police service from
Russia and other post Soviet countries.
car sunk in Russia 1

25 Earn While Sunk

Earn While Sunk

Those car got their car bit sunk and couldn't get out by themselves. So why they were waiting for a tow truck they
decided to earn some cache so that to pay it off. The sign reads "Make a paid photo, on your camera only"
No Entry sign in Russia 1

18 No No Entry

No No Entry

"No Entry" sign? Why care! Firstly, fully loaded small line buses go - the drivers are already experienced in
passing such road obstacles they go flawlessly, but some passenger car drivers cannot do it as smooth.
Russian self-made car   1

26 Sketch2Car


It's all has began from small sketches he drafted every free minute he had.
Then it has got to life as a new self made custom car a few years later.
car parked in Russia 1

16 Up-Side-Parking


When all the parking slots are busy, then you can express
your protest parking in some not so usual way.
Tsunami like event in Russian city Novosibirsk 1

44 The City Tsunami

The City Tsunami

When the young lady looked into the window she got very scared for the while. It seemed to her that there is a giant tsunami wave
rushing through the street towards her house. Seconds later she realized that ain't no tsunami but an epic sewage fail.
16 Hidden Gems of Russian Internet 1

Hidden Gems of Russian Internet 1

With this post we try to expand a bit on gems of Russian Internet - the sites that do something unique that no other sites on English speaking Internet segment do. Well, on Russian Internet sometimes it's possible to meet websites pretty unique in functionality to other segments of the Internet. Today I would tell about one. People in Russia are happy, when they want to find
any songs they just visit an mp3 search engine and have all the music ready. The secret of such websites is that they browse through some major Russian social networks and find all the music people upload there and share with each other and then those search engines let the users see the direct links for the music or even download it as mp3 files.
Fake iphone in Russia 1

55 The Fake One

The Fake One

Recently a lot of fake iPhones came to life in Russia. They are often being sold in the manner of a big rush, something like "Look, bro, I don't have enough money for my train/plane tickets or whatever, but I've got a real iPhone, look the battery is dead but when you turn it on pushing the power you can see an apple logo for a while, so just charge it and you have an iphone!". So people fall
on this and then bring such devices to the service centers where they are being disassembled, and what a surprise - inside there is no anything looking like iPhone inner stuff but only two batteries and a light bulb lighting an apple logo shadow when the power button is being pressed, also there is a bar of steel so that the phone can weigh like a real thing.
Roads in Ukraine, Russia 1

13 No Delievery Today

No Delievery Today

This delivery has failed as a
result of acts of providence.

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