Old Russian organizer 1

19 The Old Organizer

The Old Organizer

I didn't know that the organizers have such a long history. This one is the last example of pre-communist Russia organizers. Made in
leather covers containing the full map of Russia and all other things that organizers have now, but it was 90 years ago.
MIG fighter 1

35 The MIG Story

The MIG Story

Russian fighter MIG is probably best known Russian military jet. It acts at many movies as a typical Russian warfare and is often
recognizable by even non professionals. Here is a short story of MIG evolution. The one above is the first MIG ever - MIG-1.
Russian plane 1

48 Bad Landing

Bad Landing

Sometimes landing
goes wrong.
visiting St.Petersburg, Russia 1

59 Visit St.Petersburg

Visit St.Petersburg

Those photos are like saying "Go
visit St.Petersburg, Russia"
18 Some TV Stuff

Some TV Stuff

Some people ask - can you show some examples of Russian TV? So we would publish now regularly some stuff from Russian TV, like this one excerpt taken from the main Russian TV channel "The First Channel".
It's a whole tradition to keep this channel as number one at all TV-remotes in Russian families, just because twenty-some years ago it was an only channel aired in some parts of Russia.
Consumer goods in Soviet Russia 1

60 The Soviet Lookbok

The Soviet Lookbok

This is the example of what Soviet Russian citizens could order by mail from their state - the only vendor in the
country. It's no surprise that literary EVERY house in the country had something from those items.
Russian construction 1

24 Some Renovation is Needed

Some Renovation is Needed

Maybe he is getting double
wages for doing it like this?
UFO came to Russia 1

26 UFO Day


A massive hype about big UFO mother-ships coming to the biggest Earth cities today is being spread lately. Well, in Russia there are
already some sightings appeared in blogs. Some proposed that those UFO's would look like this on the picture below:
Russian stereograms 1

15 Stereo Visit

Stereo Visit

Visiting stereograms exhibition is a popular thing to
do, but often isn't an easy task to accomplish.
Russian snail-house 1

19 The Mini Snail-House

The Mini Snail-House

This Russian lady from Petrozavodsk, Russia, now living at Helsinki, Finland has made this stunning mini-snail
house. The true size of the interior details can be understood looking at her fingers on the photos.

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