Russian cat and Russian lynx in zoo, St. Petersburg, Russia 1

32 The Lynx and the Cat

The Lynx and the Cat

In St. Petersburg zoo the regular Russian cat has become friends with a big European lynx. People say
that they liver together in one big cage and the cat considers the lynx to be her mother.
Russian lacquer boxes 1

8 Soviet Lacquer Boxes

Soviet Lacquer Boxes

The black lacquer boxes were originally a popular Russian traditional art, but during the Soviet era they
changed the pictures from tradition to some Soviet reality depicting stuff. Like Stalin on the photo below:
Russian shop 1

41 And Lube for All

And Lube for All

This is just a typical Russian mart-like store for everyday needs - grocery, etc. One of our readers had made a closer look to the goods they sell right near the
cashier and was shocked with what items are freely available for everyone right at the cashier between candies and chewing gums. Let's take a closer look:
Life in Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg 1

26 Mixed Daily Shots

Mixed Daily Shots

Yet another bunch of daily observations
right from the streets of Russia.
15 Swing and Protect

Swing and Protect

Someone has sent in the spy video he shot on the Russian police patrol, maybe after the main action in free time, still in uniform though, shot from his window. The music played in the background is from the popular Soviet times TV series about the
Russian and Soviet police. Most of the old Soviet music is royalty free and can be easily downloaded from Russian and other mp3 search sites, here is the direct link to the search results, so that not to type in the keywords in Russian.
Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 1

47 The Crash Site

The Crash Site

One Russian blogger has spotted a something looking like a crash site in the wild forests near St. Petersburg. So he decided to travel to that place and see it by his own eyes. After a
long journey through the woods he found the AN-8 plane which was landed in the middle of the forest and now stays abandoned. The reasons why it had to this are unknown.
Russian submarines 1

21 Russian Polar Submarines 2

Russian Polar Submarines 2

This is like a next part of this post about Russian
submarines from the North. Now archive photos.
Kiev street Art, Ukraine 1
12 Kiev Street Art

Kiev Street Art

  Another piece of street
art, now from Kiev, Ukraine.
Ferrari cars in Russia 1

18 Not a Ferrari Day

Not a Ferrari Day

It all has began when the bus
crashed Ferrari car from behind.
17 Driving Abroad

Driving Abroad

When Russians get abroad they still can do heroic things, like those Chechen Russians riding
this wounded Mercedes abroad. Or those Georgian Russian riding double Lada.

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