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Kamchatka 1

Kamchatka, a good place in Russia to visit. It is famous for its volcanoes, the valleys of hot springs, wild bears that don’t afraid men, very snow but not cold winters and low population rate, and yes it’s next to Atlantic.

Kamchatka 2

Kamchatka 3

Kamchatka 4

Kamchatka 5

Kamchatka 6

Kamchatka 7

Kamchatka 8

Kamchatka 9

Kamchatka 10


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66 Responses to “Kamchatka”

  1. Kassen says:

    Plants, wildlife, nuclear submarines… the perfect tourist destination.

  2. Leo Petr says:

    “and yes it’s next to Atlantic.”

    No. No, it’s not. It’s next to the Pacific and maybe the Arctic. The Atlantic is nowhere near Kamchatka.


  3. blablabla says:

    Kamchatka is not “next to Atlantic”, it’s actually Pacific Ocean :) nice pics

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  5. maxD says:

    What is wrong with this blog ? Most of my posts do not show up at all, or, if I’m lucky, only after several days….

    Anyway, judging from the posts on ER Russia is unaffected by the financial crisis. Posts covering all kinds of silly things, well, nice, but sometimes you want to see something more to the point.

    Like, why do we not see a pictorial about the effects of the financial crisis ? in St. Petersburg and Moscow and probably also other major cities things are deteriorating pretty fast now. People are being fired by the dozens [like a St. P. hospital: used to have 70 doctors, now in a week reduced to 50] and salaries are reduced to ridiculous levels. While prices are increasing with similar ridiculous levels: i.e. a carton of eggs is now doubled in price!!

    Construction companies go bankrupt, leaving the buyers in the cold and also bankrupt, probably: in Russia the developer starts building only after the full amount has been paid. No refunds…

    The applications for licenses to be permitted to buy guns have increased tremendously: people seem to prepare for looting and civil war !! Also sales of things like matches and candles have increased remarkably.. Let’s hope we’re not witnessing a self fulfilling prophecy, like so often in Russia.

  6. Eduardo says:

    Es impresionante ver un lugar con tanta belleza. Hace ya varios años leí sobre Kamchatka en NatGeo y me gustó mucho. Ver estas fotos me llena de un sentimiento de paz.

    Saludos desde Monterrey, México

    Eduardo Porras

  7. Michelle says:

    This looks so beautiful. It’s now my dream to go here. What about the bears, though? I’m afraid of the bears.

  8. Jay Tee says:

    pacific ocean, not atlantic ocean.

  9. Matthew says:

    Da – also I can see Sarah Palin’s dacha from my house!

  10. aerosquid says:

    way to slip in the pic of the nuke subs lol… great shots of a beautiful land. reminds me of Yosemite National Park.

  11. Marko says:

    Is it trye that during soviet era eaven SSSR citizens ware not alowed to go there widouth permission from authorities?

  12. Marko says:

    Is it true that SSSR citizents ware not alowed to enter Kamchatka widouth permission from authorities ?

  13. Miss India says:

    sad that those places are mostly polluted by toxic nuclear waste :(

  14. miner says:

    It is sad that your brains are polluted by a nuclear waste….

  15. maxD says:

    My family lives there. No exaggeration. People are afraid.

  16. maxD says:

    My family lives there. I’m not exaggerating. People are afraid.
    And what does the government ? They are supporting the oligarchs [read : the corrupted leeches ] and their businesses with billions of dollars. Why is Russia supporting Iceland and its banks now ? Same reason – oligarchs having large deposits over there will lose their money, unless…

    Russia is the same as the USA now – money is pulling the strings and motivating the government’s actions. Not the country, not the average citizen.

    • zarko-sk says:

      What you say !!
      You have no chance to survive make your time.
      Ha ha ha ha ….
      Captain !!
      Take off every ‘ZIG’!!
      You know what you doing.
      Move ‘ZIG’.
      For great justice.

  17. no66y says:


  18. NyaR says:

    medvedki is not a word NT gringo

  19. Hui Lee says:

    You just a fool. Government doing right things

  20. Richard S. says:

    Beautiful photos. Parts of the Kamchatka should be protected. National Parks should be create and wildlife such as bears should be protected against hunters and poachers. Kamchatka is worth saving…

  21. w says:

    Nice lenticulars

  22. madineg says:

    bears prefer good salmon and not tourists with poisoned bodies

  23. John from Kansas says:

    Yes, magnificent.

  24. loosecannon says:

    Hi,I’m really happy to see the beauties of this remote region,from the pictures this place looks like the heaven on Earth, but I guess the average household income is far from heavenly, I’m Bulgarian and we have the same problem, we are blessed with our nature and cursed with our politicians, for the last eighteen years they’ve been trying to make us buy the story that the pillage of our national resources and treasures is ” legitimate business” and the profiteers, scavenging on the little money that we had in banks suddenly became respected bankers and business people, obsequious magazines write stories about their parties,houses,cars, as if they earned their money honestly, they buy and sell whatever they want whenever they want.They turned our Black sea shoreline into concrete block, illegal hotels and restaurants pop out every day causing the exponential withdrawal of the tourists,but who cares about the tourists as long as the cash from drugs and other illicit activities continues to flow. We keep turning our lush and lavish land into desert just because our corrupt politicians don’t have the guts to say NO. Learn from our mistakes and try to preserve the beauties of your land, make sure you are the one to have the final word don’t let the oligarchs lust for money bring mayhem and destruction. Protect your land

  25. Texas Tornado says:

    Beaauuuuutiful! Hey can anyone tell me what the web address is for the Russian website with the little pig (like in these pictures)?

  26. Aj says:

    No, not really.
    That specific brain is polluted by man-juice.

  27. Johnny says:

    Какая красивая природа! That’s the true beauty of nature!

  28. liliya says:

    А по подробнее?

  29. Bilosh says:

    Nuclear wastings make bear grow extra testicle. As punishment I was one time forced to count bears with this deformations. We have saying: “Three ball bear is angriest when being counted!” Don’t I know!!!!

  30. Matt says:

    Or occasionally get mauled by bears. We had 2 people in the back country over the last week get mauled here (Montana). I would hate to be near bears that were not afraid of me.

  31. Brandon says:

    Right on!

  32. Calli Arcale says:

    What beautiful country! There are some parks and reserves in the area (such as Primorsky), but I understand poaching remains a serious problem. The Minnesota Zoo here in the Twin Cities just opened up a big exhibit about Kamchatka and eastern Siberia, and they did a good job of replicating some of the terrain (though obviously the mountains are absent; they did try to replicate the thermal features, though).

    Apart from all the cinder cone volcanoes, it reminds me a lot of Yellowstone. All those geysers, paint pots, and pools.

  33. China National Land Acquisition Company says:

    Beautiful! Please leave the bears alone. When we acquire this colony we will use the bear testicles for aphrodisiac!

    Chicom Charlie

  34. Ngern says:

    i have not seen any cultivation in Kam. but i have seen many types of plant. i guess it is very low temporature but it seems that i looks like high forest rain in the summer.

  35. Mr.Tinkles says:

    “and yes it’s next to Atlantic. ”

    You mean Pacific,right? Do you have a map or a globe?

  36. usferato says:

    +1, согласен полностью

  37. poo says:

    Cool pictures!

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  39. mad1982 says:

    Amazing nature

  40. farhadi says:

    very good the photo graf are very intrestant . iam iranaian

  41. Hoshie says:

    All the bears look disproportionate to the scenery and Photoshopped into the pictures they are in. Strange.

  42. blogbanneri says:

    mint page ! nice work ! and that red frame is real nice

  43. aime says:

    amazing pictures!!

    in the interest of improving your english….corrections…first caption…wild bears that (arn’t or are not) afraid of men…(a lot of) not very snow

  44. Adis says:

    Where did anybody see nuclear waste sites on these pictures???? I didnt. So relax.

  45. artemei says:

    Камчатка как Камчатка
    чё вы Камчатку шоли не разу не видели?

  46. paoloz says:

    Nature at its best without mans touch!!Great pics I would love to live there with the bears.

  47. R.E. WHITE says:


  48. R.E. WHITE says:


  49. Prozac….

    Prozac half life….

  50. Dinesh says:

    Beautiful Russian pictures, really enjoyable..
    Must be a wonderful place to live in..

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