15 Sunday Mass Mess

Sunday Mass Mess

Posted on October 29, 2008 by

Car near church in Russia 1

Sunday mass got wrong for the ford driver.

Car near church in Russia 2

Car near church in Russia 3

Car near church in Russia 4

via o_frolov

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15 Responses to “Sunday Mass Mess”

  1. Ramunas says:

    You must have special abilities to make a crash like that..

  2. Sd says:

    How does that even happen?!

  3. Luftwaffles says:

    Man if a had abilties like that I would stop crime!

  4. -md-tt- says:

    it was gods fault :D

  5. Stefano says:

    Norma parking in Russia

  6. KBR says:

    “Sunday mass got wrong for the ford driver”, if he was in the sunday mass he wouldn’t have had that accident :).

  7. russia in dark says:

    He/she was drunk 100% !

  8. illlich says:

    Now they’ll have a panikhida (memorial service) for the driver at the same church.

  9. spiff says:

    Russian Jesus is an environmentalist

  10. Dimka says:

    Ухты! и до Сургута родного инглишраша добралась.
    Ну у нас и покруче бывало.

  11. LiraNuna says:

    Doesn’t look like the driver or anyone was harmed.

    They might praise him for his awesome parking abilities, though.

  12. katrina says:

    И как он так умудрился. Или он того немного, или, нет, он точно пьян был.

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