8 Soviet Lacquer Boxes

Soviet Lacquer Boxes

Posted on October 28, 2008 by

Russian lacquer boxes 1

The black lacquer boxes were originally a popular Russian traditional art, but during the Soviet era they changed the pictures from tradition to some Soviet reality depicting stuff. Like Stalin on the photo below:

Russian lacquer boxes 2

“Stalin on the funerals”, 1944

Russian lacquer boxes 3

“Russian life”, 1934


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8 Responses to “Soviet Lacquer Boxes”

  1. vlad says:

    funny list :-)

  2. Shycookie says:

    agree with most of the stuff… also don’t see anything wrong with most of the points..

    I’ve been in Canada for 10 years and I still do most of the things listed there…

    oh… and you’ve been in Canada for too long when

    66. . You laugh at Canadian jokes.
    67. . You actually get these jokes.

    (I guess I haven’t been here long enough).

  3. Para bellum says:

    На этом сайте обсуждают Россию поэтому я имею полное право писать на родном языке. Странны такие упреки от тебя, русского эмигранта который сам время от времени вспоминает здесь русский (в негативном контексте).

  4. Atari2600 says:

    So anyone goes to say something about the soviet boxes…

  5. maria says:

    oh i love those, esp the older ones.

  6. your post is useful to me,i have add to my bookmark.

  7. Art says:

    The band Jefferson Starship used a Russian lacquer box as the cover art for their first album in 1970. The credit for cover design was listed simply as “C.C.C.P.”

  8. tamtam says:

    I love Russian lacquer boxes. I had a few traditional-style ones, but none Soviet-themed. I like “The Hunt” one.

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