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The Crash Site

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Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 1

One Russian blogger has spotted a something looking like a crash site in the wild forests near St. Petersburg. So he decided to travel to that place and see it by his own eyes. After a long journey through the woods he found the AN-8 plane which was landed in the middle of the forest and now stays abandoned. The reasons why it had to this are unknown.

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 2

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 3

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 4

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 5

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 6

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 7

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 8

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 9

Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 10


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47 Responses to “The Crash Site”

  1. kala says:

    “After a long journey through the woods he found the AN-8 plane”

    I belive that his car is parked about 100m from the plane :D Or maybe this car was landed and abandoned there aswell…

  2. wild forest you said? and there is a mini car in the wild forest? look at photo number 11. come on… you lied to me!

  3. ExitMan says:

    In a wild wild forest wild wild wolf drives wild wild mini car..

  4. Blogger says:

    Lepra is gay.

  5. Scot says:

    That’s no crash site – it’s just been dumped there. Looks like the trees have grown round it!

  6. Rob says:

    If that plan crash landed then the pilot deserves a medal for keeping it in one piece and landing it so neatly.

    Cool thing to find if you never knew it was there though.

  7. Tim says:

    After a long journey through the woods…?

    It’s only 10 miles from the city center of St. Petersburg.
    Check the Google Map link.

  8. Daniel says:

    Looks like they ran out of fuel and tried to make the road ahead of them (other side of the bend there) but undershot and caught the trees. No fuel means no fire.

    Most of the missing instruments are the primary flight instruments on the FO side. This is consistent with a post-crash investigation; The instruments of the pilot flying will be removed and checked.

    If the fuel gauge is the missing instrument low on the center panel, then that’s all the more evidence of a fuel exhaustion incident (which is a dirt-common mistake…)

  9. Niels R. says:

    Not to mention the hardened road :D

  10. Supernovah says:

    The plane was carrying Svolochi sent on a mission to blow up nazi sites in Germany…

  11. Pros says:

    Damn photoshop

  12. D. says:

    Hrm. Story doesn’t match the pics very well.

    First there’s the pavement and car as mentioned, next to a “P” sign (parking I presume).
    Then there is a green post in front of the plane (lamp? info sign?)
    Then in some of the shots, there appears to be a building of some sort on the left with a green door.

    Looks like either a dumped plane, or a historical/memorial site to me…no way it’s a crash.


  13. tim says:

    who cares? the story doesn’t matter! the photos are great!

  14. BBBBBBBB says:

    There is a paved area…

    Also, if you fly into trees wouldnt your wings and landing gear have a lot of damage?

    BS story.

  15. double d says:

    He drove from Australia.

  16. bimbo says:

    it just might be some small abandoned military airfield. Soviet times they were built everywhere just in case. To hide them from bad bad americans they were made look like road in woods. In google map pics seems that there is runway before plain. And plain is ready to take off. It cant be made by crash because then airplain tail should be towards open area.

  17. Nachtflug says:

    In USSR there was a common practice to use old military equipment (tanks, planes, guns) as monuments.

    Maybe that was the case.

  18. Col.Pickle says:

    I love stuff like this (old, abandoned stuff). Please show us more ER!!!

  19. Swede says:

    Yes but their primary problem was the were flying backwards so that they ended up tail first into the woods.

  20. Swede says:

    Yes but their primary problem was they were flying backwards so that they ended up tail first into the woods.

  21. bday55 says:

    “In Soviet Russia, plane crashes You!”.

  22. [...] English Russia recently published a report on a “crashed” plane in the Russian forest near St. Petersburg. The plane in question is an AN-8 light military transport aircraft of a type which was used by the Soviets up until the 1970s. [...]

  23. [...] finds crash site on Google Earth and visits [...]

  24. heatmiser says:

    That plane was not flown into the forrest, it would not have wings or propellers. It was parked there a long time ago and the forrest grew around it. Also it would have to have flown in backwards as someone else pointed out.

    Still – pretty cool. I’d like to see it.

  25. dimitrij mendeleiev says:

    The best thing about the crash site, even in google maps, is that the plane landed backwards :D

  26. [...] English Russia publicó recientemente un artículo sobre un avión que se “estrelló” en un bosque cerca de San Petersburgo. El avión en cuestión es un AN-8 para carga militar ligera, que fue usado por los Soviéticos hasta los años 70. [...]

  27. [...] site anglophone English Russia a dernièrement publié un article sur un avion “écrasé” dans la forêt russe près [...]

  28. Interesting find but as what others have noticed it is not in the middle of a forest but somewhere near a highway.

  29. Pete says:

    Look at all the pics where you can see the front wheels: isn’t there a steel rod, the kind used to tow planes around, attached to the front wheels? It would certainly “crash” trying to land with one of those things attached. Probably the reason why it landed backward…

  30. [...] English Russia di recente ha pubblicato un articolo su un aereo “precipitato” nella foresta russa, vicino San Pietroburgo. L’aereo in oggetto è un AN-8, un aereo leggero da trasporto militare, il tipo usato in CCCP fino agli anni Settanta. [...]

  31. [...] ‘English Russia’ hat kürzlich einen Bericht herausgebracht über ein “abgestürztes” Flugzeug im Russischen Wald bei St Petersburg. Das fragliche Flugzeug is ein militärisches AN-8 Transportflugzeug einer Marke, die von den Sowjets bis in die 1970er genutzt wurde. [...]

  32. Ngern says:

    i like all of Russian plane design :)

  33. Do you think we are imbesiles? says:

    1. The airplane is facing the clearing. perhaps for a jato/rato?
    2. There are cars there.
    3. the google map link shows the position to be max 2 meters of civilization.

  34. Ward William says:


  35. vhorn says:

    Is that an aircraft towing pole attached to the nose wheel? [photos 12 & 14]

  36. misha says:

    dude russia is so intresting with all those abandonned historical places i would love to visit them except those with radiations

  37. Micke says:

    There is also a building near it if you look closely through the woods

  38. Foo says:

    Apparently in all this time no one has noticed that these photos are from (at least) two different planes. Compare 1 & 2 with 3 (maybe) and 7 with 10.

  39. Sofia says:

    finds crash site on Google Earth and visits

  40. Michelle says:

    Regardless of the story … If no one else is gonna put it to good use, I’ll take it! :)
    I’m sure some of the USAF personnel around here would flip when it was flying over one of the many bases in the area, lol.

  41. Bobble Hat says:

    Very fascinating. But it’s not exactly in the middle of nowhere as claimed! The Number 109 bus stops on a main road just 130 metres away from this aircraft!

    60.117743,30.20340 on Google Earth

    Great photos, thanks for sharing.

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