35 The MIG Story

The MIG Story

Posted on October 20, 2008 by

MIG fighter 1

Russian fighter MIG is probably best known Russian military jet. It acts at many movies as a typical Russian warfare and is often recognizable by even non professionals. Here is a short story of MIG evolution. The one above is the first MIG ever – MIG-1.

MIG fighter 2

MIG – 3

MIG fighter 3

MIG – 5

MIG fighter 4

MIG – 8

MIG fighter 5

MIG – 9

MIG fighter 6

MIG – 11

MIG fighter 7

MIG – 13

MIG fighter 8

MIG – 15

MIG fighter 9

MIG – 17

MIG fighter 10

MIG – 19


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35 Responses to “The MIG Story”

  1. karabas says:

    first and only

  2. ExitMan says:

    MIG – 8 is WEIRD..

  3. EST says:

    MIG-8 doesnt look too dangerous :)

    • -md-tt- says:

      it looks like a duck :D

      • John from Kansas says:

        Yes, the tailfirst configuration is known as a canard and is very stall resistant. This one was named Utka(Duck)and was built by students under G.A. Tokayev at the MiG OKB. It confirmed low speed behavior of swept wings and was used as the OKB’s “hack” for many years.

  4. adios says:

    Mig rulit!!!!!!!!Su tozhe rulevoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    Still, to interest!! the jet fighters of quite high-quality!! why can the Russian production of industry not a good frying pan?!?!?!?! that will fry and it is easy clean???? and vacuum cleaner which DOES ACTUALLY CLEAN sex instead of exactly to make strong noise and to extract random crumbs???? That is my question?! !!!! and why failure LADA thus??!?!?! But Russia has good jet fighters and good GULAGS!!! We are proud!!! Spite!!!

    • Latvian says:

      why russian dont have nice electronics and their cars on so poor level?

      it is guilt of the American government. Russia became one of victims of globalization. America during cold war stuck the culture to the Russian man and heaped up him the imported goods.

      I have one good example.. all of you know that happen when a supermarket appears in town, all little shops disappear through nearest time.. now imagine what LADA is small shop, and FORD, BMW and others are big supermarkets…

      actually, that LADA develops until now, there is very large achievement for russians

      P.S. sorry for my english :)

  6. vadikgg says:

    GULAG has been definitively disbanded in 1960.

  7. [...] been flying for over 65 years and English Russia has a photo history of the storied Russian plane. I honestly didn’t know the plane was so old [...]

  8. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    Chodorkowsky is in GULAG for EXACTLY 5 year today!!!!!

  9. John from Kansas says:

    The I-220, my favorite!

  10. John from Kansas says:

    Yes, long range escort for the Pe-8. First prototype had Mikulin AM-37s. Well armed and pretty hot @ 610km/h but high landing speed. Project shelved due to lack of production capacity.

  11. Dudidam says:

    MIG – 9 looks like hitlers jet fighter.

    • Meshca says:

      during those times, russian military would capture german planes, and backward engineer them.

      actually many countries did that with german military items in those times..

  12. AndersonBMX says:

    where is Mig 1.44/1.42?
    and the Mig 35, the last upgrade of the mig 29/33…

  13. Ari The Finn says:

    MIG-3 look’s like a crossbreed from Hurricane and Spitfire MK-2.

    I guess the designers where keen on looking each others achievements, like car-designers today.

  14. w says:

    MIG-19 is best

  15. Cykalox says:

    its says evolution of MIG….pfff evolution didn’t happen the world was crreated by God 6 thousand years ago, that includes the MIG!

  16. Bigismall says:

    Here ar my HDR photos of 2 migs

    Mig 21 and Mig 23

  17. Yegorij says:

    very different

  18. LiraNuna says:

    Oh my god, thank you, ER!

    I’m a big fan of airplanes, especially WW2 ones. This post is pure gold.

  19. Dimi says:

    Tremble in fear?

    Ever heard of the F-35 (JSF)?

    • Meshca says:

      what about it, and how is this relevent to this post? c*nt.

      and i personally like the f-22 fighter/bomber then the joint strike fighter.

  20. urwalt says:

    and what about mig 56 ‘nevidimyj’ :-)
    on this page you can see picture of mig 56 in action …

    … A-241/BIS device rulez

  21. bob says:

    Migoyan is actually Armenian who was in the Soviet Army….

    More history here


    Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan (“Արտյոմ Հովհաննեսի Միկոյան or Անուշավան Հովհաննեսի Միկոյան” in Armenian) was born in 1905, in the Armenian village of Sanahin (“Սանահին” in Armenian), a village in the Northern Lorri province of Armenia, now considered part of the city of Alaverdi (the cable car that connects it with the Alaverdi centre is supposed to have the steepest climb in the whole former USSR). The village is notable for its monastery complex, founded in the 10th century and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1923 he moved to Rostov-on-Don where he studied in the Military Aviation Academy. He completed his basic education and took a job as a machine-tool operator in Rostov. Then in “Dynamo” factory in Moscow. He was conscripted into the military. After military service he joined the Zukovsky Air Force Academy where he created his first plane “Oktyabrenok”, graduating in 1937. In 1940 under leadership of Artem Mikoyan jointly with Mikhail Gurevich MiG-3 fighter was created.

    In the war period, Mikoyan designed fighters with high flight and technical data, including the E-250. The speed and the height demonstrated by MiG-15 and MiG-29 had been records for a long time. High-speed and supersonic fighters were designed, which had been in the armament of the air forces for a long time, including MiG-9, MiG-15, MiG- 17 (reaching the sound speed), MiG-19 (the first serial native supersonic fighter, was the most powerful fighters in the world), MiG-21. Among Mikoyan’s inventions are such aircraft as airspace plane built late in 60s; MiG-25 the fastest and the highest-flying titanic fighter . MiGs have been in the armament of air forces, Soviet and foreign, for over 50 years. Mikoyan’s fighters showed 55 world records. Artem Mikoyan died on 9 December 1970.

    Artem Mikoyan was a genius who brought glory to his country. The whole world uses his inventions . He was recognized as a great aircraft designer not only in his Motherland, but also abroad. The number of his aircraft is over 60,000 at present and are used in 52 other countries of the world.. There is a monument to Artem Mikoyan at Erebuni airport.

    He was twice awarded the highest civilian honor, the “Hero of Socialist Labor”. He was also awarded “Laureate of Lenin” and and many other State Prizes. A colonel-general, the chief designer of the design office. He was a deputy in six Supreme Soviets. The Supreme Soviet (literally the “Supreme Council”) comprised the highest legislative body in the Soviet Union in the interim of the sessions of the Congress of Soviets, and the only one with the power to pass constitutional amendments.

  22. Chris says:

    It’s not that they “couldn’t manufacture decent cars, TV-sets and toys for children”. Of course they could, it’s just that this wasn’t the priority in a command economy. Still, there’s many russian appliances like TVs and fridges that are still working after 20-30 years.

  23. brbrbr says:

    35 is [stricly]export version of 289M, 29M2.
    insanely trying to compete with Su [seriously more heavvy]interceptors in all aspects, Mig corp lsot most significant advantages – size and weight.
    this not questionably significant for frontline fighter.

    let alone Air Superity Su Interceptors or 3M and armed w/400km range, missiles, 31M.

  24. albertoalien says:

    hola amigos,muy bueno el sitio,desde ARGENTINA los saludo-

  25. Kurze says:

    That Mig 5 looks like a really nice fighter. A shame it never saw production.
    And just for the record: the Mig 21 is one h*ll of an interceptor. Small, sleek and lightning fast. One pretty machine.

  26. Jim-bob says:

    The problem with much of how the West perceives Soviet technology is in what we would consider “Good”. We demand an ever increasing set of features, new styling every other year, etc. The Soviets concentrated on functionality, durability and serviceability. Yes, a Lada may be an outdated design based on the 1965 Fiat 124 to a Westerner, but for someone in a less materialistic culture it is a robust vehicle that can take a lot of abuse and is still simple to service. That was the basic design difference between Soviet and Western technology. They concerned themselves with robustness more than the latest technology. I would actually buy an older style Lada over many other designs available to me today if it were sold in the US market. Sadly, all I have to choose from is over complicated junk that is designed to make the dealer rich, or make you trade in for a new model every few years. People like me who don’t want a new car all the time have no where to go. We could use a car like the Lada!

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