17 Driving Abroad

Driving Abroad

Posted on October 20, 2008 by

When Russians get abroad they still can do heroic things, like those Chechen Russians riding this wounded Mercedes abroad.

Or those Georgian Russian riding double Lada.

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17 Responses to “Driving Abroad”

  1. -md-tt- says:

    how did they got that ZAZ up on that ladas roof ?

  2. dusan says:

    the first video happens in France and the guy are speaking french. We also have heroes !!!

  3. Mister C. says:

    First vid is not Chechen.

    It’s French teens in France playing with a stolen Merc.
    The guy in the van is saying “Arrete! Arrete!” which means “Stop! Stop!” to the other teen who’s driving.
    On the roadside you can also see the blue logo of a “Decathlon” shop. It’s a French sportswear shop.

  4. pnw says:

    Driver of the benz is a douchebag.

  5. Alain says:

    First video was shot in France (you can guess from shops around and the guy talking). And the ID plate of the car is not russian. Therefore, nothing says that the guy driving is Chechen…

  6. Alexander says:

    Yes, but they’ve had to somehow justify putting this (amazing!) video clip on this site :)

  7. Shizo says:

    Why are the news comments often so inaccurate on englishrussia.com? How old is the webmaster? ;)
    It’s obvious that the first video is not in Chechnya and the second one doesn’t have 2 Ladas.

  8. Scot says:

    What about the Russian cosmonauts? They are surely heroes – and you can’t get much more abroad than that!

  9. Doctor Sartorius says:


  10. miner says:

    Who to you has told, what in the car Chechens or Russian?! Can there Americans? Why, if the infringer, Russian?!

  11. tolstoi says:


  12. JjF says:

    It’s not Lada on the roof. It’s Zaporozetsch (ZAZ 969 I suppose). The riding one is Lada Ziguli 2103 (?).

  13. MD says:

    And now in English plz…

  14. Willis says:

    It’s ZAZ Zaporozhets 968M (or 968A, it’s hard to tell, since it’s back is missing), riding on a VAZ 2012 Ziguli (1200).

  15. Meshca says:

    I love ignorant people like you… congrats.

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