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Some TV Stuff

Posted on October 15, 2008 by

Some people ask – can you show some examples of Russian TV? So we would publish now regularly some stuff from Russian TV, like this one excerpt taken from the main Russian TV channel “The First Channel”. It’s a whole tradition to keep this channel as number one at all TV-remotes in Russian families, just because twenty-some years ago it was an only channel aired in some parts of Russia.

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18 Responses to “Some TV Stuff”

  1. Miss India says:

    I’m miss U.S bukkake

  2. Paul says:

    In Kiev, Ukraine, every other commercial is for cell phone ring tones.

  3. Zangovich says:

    If you want some russian TV comedy examples, search youtube for Gorodok.

    • Ex_Russian says:

      I think this guy is trying to be like Gorodok’s Oleinikov.

      Still, I have to admit this is pretty good, hehehehehe “shalupaika cherdachnaya”

      • Konstantin says:

        No, you are wrong. This guy is trying to be like a spokesman of TV show “Looking for adventures”, very interesting program about travelling. It’s a parody.

  4. mad_max says:


  5. russia in dark says:

    Nice post!!!

  6. Shizo says:

    “Ej pacanchik, ti suda podojdi!” ;D

  7. M.W. says:


    “Bolshaya Raznitsa”, another excellent parody

  8. Ari The Finn says:

    Damn how I wish I could understand Russian language! Your sense of irony is beyond and over anyone else… Thumbs UP

  9. Richard S. says:

    I was in Russia last month and saw their version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. Same style except no Regis…

  10. Scot says:

    That is bad… but no worse than some TV in America – or anywhere. Did it show adverts or not – I mean in the beginning?

    In the UK the BBC is always #1 on the remote – still no ads but I pay £144 to the govt. If I have a TV IN MY HOUSE and no license I get busted.

    and….. 20 odd years ago we only had 4 channels.

  11. Heatmiser says:

    I could only understand every 50th word. Still that was pretty funny.

  12. [...] Este clipe que mostra que a TV Russa é a única coisa no mundo que conseguiu piorar ao sair do comu… (estou assumindo isso, mas não consigo imaginar como poderia ser pior). [...]

  13. rtui says:

    ABIBAS what? abibas w-w-what-t-t??? abibas-abibas


  14. Treepy says:

    the most dumb and silly thing you can find on a rusian TV for making post like this

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