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UFO came to Russia 1

A massive hype about big UFO mother-ships coming to the biggest Earth cities today is being spread lately. Well, in Russia there are already some sightings appeared in blogs.

Some proposed that those UFO’s would look like this on the picture below:

UFO came to Russia 2

But there were also some real observations, confirmed by TV experts not to be looking like fakes, like this one on the video and caption below:

UFO came to Russia 3

And this is another particular UFO sighting case (it was in Russia but they spoke English!):

So the day is just begin, hope to see more reports from other cities of the world!

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26 Responses to “UFO Day”

  1. KXP says:

    lol the lastone…
    wtf is that – it’s a bird you dumb piece of …. :D

  2. Niels R. says:

    “WTF is this?”

    >> It’s a bird

  3. Truther Teller says:

    its all lies, the photo’s are photo shopped if your too dumb too tell

  4. Scot says:

    OK – I can clear all of this up very easily

    1) Is a very large piece of ice forming in the river as a result of a fridge falling out of the boat.

    2) Is a german zeppelin

    3) Is the same zeppelin – but AFTER it has stolen the mans moustache

    4) Is the mythical phoenix bird rising up symbolising the new Russia. Maybe.

  5. XPEHb says:

    епт, че за сайт такой? Здесь про че вообще?

  6. Alec L says:

    yeah, where did the guy in the last picture learn to speak english? he knows enough to converse with a new york cabbie, at least.
    anyway, if there was one place on earth i would go to abduct some poor, uneducated person quickly, on the down-low, “по-тихому”, i would definitely head for siberia, not moscow.
    Alec L

  7. Scot says:

    No – it was not alien – it was pheonix sperm. Now you will be able to set yourself alight, burn to death and then get better again!

  8. w says:

    Ok so I just watched the last one and almost shat myself in laughter – too funny

  9. Talking beaver says:

    German Nazis UFO will be back soon.

  10. starZship says:


    Real cow abduction video, near Area 51!

    “Astounding!!”– NY Times

    “True proof of UFOs!”– MUFON News

    “Undeniable evidence!”–CIA Dr. Helmheimeyer Ph.D

  11. Zafarad says:

    you go to native land U ASS impostor! ! !!!

  12. Йа says:

    ГАЛАКТЕКО В ОПАСНОСТЕ!!!!!1111!!!адыныдын!!

  13. Che says:

    Eyyy, I want to download the second video!!! It’s absolutely perfect!!!! I really love it!!! It represents all the people who waited for the 141008 Ufo!!

  14. mad_max says:

    no. it is real video!!!!!!!!!

  15. Elefant says:


  16. Lucifer says:

    Твою мать!! Вот какой придурок во втором видео. Это только отморозок мог эту пашлятину снять. Ну как это можно над русским народом издеватся!! :-@

  17. gijoe says:

    Bird video was making fun of the first.

  18. Zafarad says:

    that your problem. You mentally deranged? they go to your own country and remain there.

  19. Steve! says:

    lol anyone with eyes can see that that is a bird…. most likely a crow

  20. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    What are you “both” talking about dear”Zafarads”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.i am just coming from my short vacations! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! so please don`t mess each other! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !and carry on “your” comments to all of us.

  21. Dmi3 says:

    i lold so hard at the last one
    but its clearly just making fun of the hole ufo thing or maybe he drank to much for to long

  22. Zi7 says:

    HAHAHAH You must be kidding us with that second video-IT’S A BIRD,NOT UFO!!!

  23. Happy to see this, YourPost will be the bestin the world!!

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