15 Stereo Visit

Stereo Visit

Posted on October 13, 2008 by

Russian stereograms 1

Visiting stereograms exhibition is a popular thing to do, but often isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

Russian stereograms 2

Russian stereograms 3

via trinixy.ru

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15 Responses to “Stereo Visit”

  1. Texas1 says:

    I see very good position for anal sex

  2. Jewish Prostitute Sarah Zaluppa says:

    That ass on 3d pic is hot

  3. tosser says:

    He’s fallen asleep against that wall

  4. Alex_AW says:

    Sex? Don’t you see the ‘Тир’ (shooting gallery) sign on the wall? :-)

  5. Rodriguez says:

    Hey dude! Are you gay? Do you wanna funk with that man? yaaaaaakk…

  6. Alec L says:

    yes, that dude isn’t helping himself see the illusion be sticking out his ass and mashing his face against the wall.
    but we’re focusing on all the wrong kinds of details here, folks. the real question is, why are so many people wearing capris, or, as i often call them, “flood-pants”, in these photos?

  7. Bilosh says:


    Careless father involves his young daughter into punishment with him. She not has a life of “the crossed eyes” and will be shunned by entire village.

  8. Pros says:

    Stereo Photoshop, fake ass.

  9. MARC says:

    That big blue stereogram has a man (astronaut/cosmonaut?) and a space shuttle with a title above that I can’t decipher (NABA?)

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