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Driver Carefully

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Russian road police 1

Shots from the life of Road police service from Russia and other post Soviet countries.

Russian road police 2

Russian road police 3

Russian road police 4

Russian road police 5

Russian road police 6

Russian road police 7

Russian road police 8

Russian road police 9

Russian road police 10

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Russian road police 12

Russian road police 13

Russian road police 14

Russian road police 15

Russian road police 16

Russian road police 17

Russian road police 18

Russian road police 19

Russian road police 20

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Russian road police 22

Russian road police 23

Russian road police 24

Russian road police 25

Russian road police 26

Russian road police 27

Russian road police 28

Russian road police 29

Russian road police 30

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Russian road police 32

Russian road police 33

Russian road police 34

Russian road police 35

Russian road police 36

Russian road police 37

Russian road police 38

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39 responses to “Driver Carefully”

  1. Johnny says:

    Соооо фанни!!! 😀
    You can see they might have hard lives as policemen, but at least they do have some fun sometimes!
    I love how they kept their übercool Ушанки and didn’t abolish them after CCCP dissolved and replaced them with some ugly american-style police hats!
    These policewomen are hooooott!!! 😀

  2. DisturbedBR says:

    Cool and diferent. Here, on Brasil, the police is a shiiiit, no good guns, no good payment, no good life… many policeman are dead day by day, the unic har force is BOPE, but, only on Rio do Janeiro.

  3. Landtat says:

    Great assortment of pics
    Great stuff!

  4. Domo says:

    Good collection!
    But most of the “crash” photos are PHOTOSHOPPED, i.e. the first ambulance photo is obvious.

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  7. andrius says:

    you’re a dork. first of all, it’s not all that great for anyone to tamper with photo you are referring to. second, on that same photo you can see the reflection of the car on the wet asphalt. if you know something about photoshop, you’d realize that it’s INCREDIBLY hard to doctor something like that.

  8. Ex_Russian says:

    My god… What an absolutely incredible website!!!

    During the past 3-4 days, I went back and viewed ALL the posts and all the pictures – I really loved the “Trains of Russia” as well as just different pictures of cities.

    However, 1 problem remains: THIS WEBSITE IS TOO SLOW!!!
    JUST TOO DAMN SLOW, GUYS!!! Otherwise, it’s one of the most interesting websites on the net for me. =)

  9. Bijdehans says:

    One question remains though: in the historic picture with the GAI Lada’s near the bottom, how the hell did these guys get out of those cars?!?

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  12. Zafarad says:

    again spotlight on gloryful russian peoples!!!exercising the law.rewarding inventivness of average RUSSIAN!!!!

  13. Zafarad says:

    i like car with one lamp.i am skinny and do fit,good!!!!!and then call it ‘motorcycle’!!!!!!!

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  17. Texas1 says:


    Did you see the what happened to the Russian economy these past couple of days? It looks like your great leader, who has about as much class as a strip club owner, had to close the market down. Ah, it’s so nice to see the price of oil falling and the next collapse of the new soviet union.

    Long live America!

  18. Bur says:

    Guys, this indeed is Slovenian Police (http://englishrussia.com/images/road_police/36.jpg). If you check the car it says on it POLICIJA, and it is not written in cyrillic.

    Also check the Police Uniforms on the above picture and compare it to the links below if you do not believe:


  19. Sofia says:

    why is the woman in picture 15 holding a bottle?

  20. bilosh says:

    The citizen in photos numbering #1 through #4 is the greatest citizen who have ever lived! He recycle old relics into useful vehicle. Also the device saves time and the resources. He a truly “multitasker”!!

    Yet he is being punished.

  21. Alex says:

    the chick with pink bottoms got one superhot ass!

  22. Boba says:

    Hmm about 10+ photos are not Russian police mostly Ukranian and Kazakhstani like the one with the car aroma….

  23. chaosgone says:

    I have the same problem. I think the issue is with the “Dig It” button. It takes so long to load these days, I took it off of my blog.

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  25. John says:

    OMG, that guy with a bubble bath motorcycle, that totally rocks.

  26. mirko says:

    You have a false picture posted.
    The third from the bottom is a picture of Slovenian (Slovenija) police officers

  27. Peter says:

    As Mirko said, http://englishrussia.com/images/road_police/36.jpg <- this picture is from Slovenia, not Russia

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  29. John21 says:

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