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No No Entry

Posted on October 9, 2008 by

No Entry sign in Russia 1

“No Entry” sign? Why care! Firstly, fully loaded small line buses go – the drivers are already experienced in passing such road obstacles they go flawlessly, but some passenger car drivers cannot do it as smooth.

No Entry sign in Russia 2

No Entry sign in Russia 3

No Entry sign in Russia 4

No Entry sign in Russia 5

No Entry sign in Russia 6

No Entry sign in Russia 7

No Entry sign in Russia 8

via ru_auto

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18 Responses to “No No Entry”

  1. Pros says:


  2. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    again and again and again! ! ! ! inventive russian peoples! ! ! !we prove we are top.second to no body! ! ! ! we use inventive skill to take over! ! ! ukraina.georgia.poland! ! ! !we rule!!!no nes puppet! ! !PUTIN CZAR! ! ! !

  3. Ex_Russian says:

    Heheh, Poputchik has some skills obviuosly.
    Why don’t they fix it though? Seems pretty easy to fix )

  4. Miss India says:

    Russians are soo poor they cant even fix their roads nor follow rules. its all about survival of the fittest just like animal world.. sad isnt it :(

  5. Ex_Russian says:

    It doesn’t seem like a big deal – just some maintenance work.

    I don’t understand why does it mean that it’s like “the animal world”? Also, that comes from someone named ‘Miss India’ heheheh o..k.. let’s talk about what poor means…

  6. Ex_Russian says:

    Hey, guys, how do you insert a smiley face here? =)

    Also, I thought this website was updated every day? What’s up???

    The Trains of Russia was, I think, my favorite post so far – guys, keep it up!!!

  7. root says:

    Wow! It’s my way from home to job. But only on bicycle :)

  8. new guy says:

    They could place a mine field in front of the tunnel, russians would still try to use it.

    Genetically different….

  9. NIkitn says:

    You are very envy of Russia, aren’t you? :)

  10. pnw says:

    They should add some spikes to that little pit as well. No means no.

  11. There seems to be another sign that’s not in the photos: Question authority.

  12. vodkins says:

    Interesting fact for those foreigners who don’t know – this tunnel goes under water channel (named Moscow Channel:) which serves as ship route. So when you drive through it some ship may go above you.

  13. Grinya says:

    Ha… Proud russian pipl honnoring such drivers for avoiding big traffics. So sad. There is another one obstacle like this not far from this place. It’s often to see trapped cars blocking trams.

  14. gizaw says:

    what a mudy area???????????

  15. energy says:


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