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Video Monday

Posted on October 6, 2008 by

Some recently popular videos from Russian viewers. The first above was filmed in Samara city.

This one was shot on the railroad station. The train attendant lady got mad on one passenger.

Those swings are not secure.

Parking is always not an easy task, isn’t it.

That was a “sight from the skies” filmed by some guy in middle Russia.

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24 Responses to “Video Monday”

  1. 1st says:

    same videos on last 4 links

  2. Rafael Suhin says:

    hahaha the fight is so funny, but I wonder why it started?

    • Maaarten says:

      The asian girls walked too close to the train attendant in front of them, but there must have been some tension before.
      At my place it’s not smart to beat some passengers up for just a bit of annoyant behaviour.

      • Boris Abramov says:

        Judging by the “language” (if one can call it that), this attack could well have been race-related. If that were the case, I just hope it hasn’t gone unpunished.

        • Cattleboss says:

          Yeah, because we all know that race-related crimes are worse than other crimes… (sarcastic)

          • Boris Abramov says:

            While most “other crimes” might be results of frustration, annoyance or suppressed anger, race-related crimes, or hate crimes in general, derive from a certain mindset that has been formed over many years; thus, this mindset, is almost fundamental in nature and is very difficult to suppress, if an individual chooses to suppress it at all. Therefore, it would seem, that race-related crimes are more dangerous and damaging for society as whole.

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      Passengers did not want to pay for tickets and dislike the idea of penalty :)

    • Chpok says:

      Mongoloids were fare-beat, thats why they all got of the train. Of course there was a tention before in the train.

  3. kim jong il says:

    Those are hirarious!

  4. Anti-Medvedev says:

    The parking video was very funny! Some people just have poor spatial orientation…

  5. -md-tt- says:

    i liked the parking vid.
    like wtf where did she got her driving licence?

    • NSK says:

      It’s Russia we are talking about. Obviously she bought it.

      • bigsmile says:

        right, buying a driving license in Russia is a common practice. A friend of mine just told me that its same money like taking lessons/exam, but much faster, so he consider to buy…

  6. Singe says:

    What are they saying in the car-parking video?

  7. papichulo says:

    Here in Spain, some women also drive and do parking as bad as in that vid. I can’t figure out why the autorities are still giving driving licenses to them. They are really dangerous!

    Why do girls *never* learn to drive?

  8. Texas1 says:

    Is Zafarad still a flaming homosexual or has he learned to control his unChristian ways?

  9. Boris Abramov says:

    Did I just hear “Че русских бьешь” in the second video, after which one of the “men” hit the asian girl on the back? Very disturbing indeed!

  10. Maaarten says:

    all the car videos are COOL

  11. Belarus says:

    Georgian (person speaking with heavy Russian accent) appeared to be in car accident. The passer-by asks: dude, how did you do this?
    Georgian answers: bought a car, bought license, did not buy “how to drive” .

  12. coyote cosmico says:

    wow the sky video its asome! its for it looks like a sad face, and also its in two colors, one more human and the darkest one like a demon.

    maybe its the earth´s face trying to say something to us

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