18 Pouring the Slag

Pouring the Slag

Posted on October 6, 2008 by

Russian quarry 1

People asked what do they pour from trains in the Trains of Russia post. It is slag. They do it all the time at quarries in Russia. Here are some more shots.

Russian quarry 2

Russian quarry 3

Russian quarry 4

Russian quarry 5

Russian quarry 6

Russian quarry 7

via center-gvardiya

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18 Responses to “Pouring the Slag”

  1. Nadirion says:

    Just Great

    • Miss India says:

      Wasting valuable heat energy while people froze to death in millions allover russia every year, gullible russians amuse me :(

  2. Punx says:

    That’s how Mordor was build.

  3. yingjai says:

    lol. is that how you spell Russia in your own language? or did you just misspell your own country?

  4. Cattleboss says:

    Appreciate the explanation. Thanks to ER too for noting the question and posting more on this!

  5. Sliwowica says:

    He shows his intellect..

    ..too bad for the poor guy he hasnt much of it..

  6. Domo says:

    ;) Your reply suggests that you DO care! That’s why you poles try running away into NATO.
    Fear is in the eye of the beholder.

  7. Gerben says:

    Easy Cowboy.

  8. Ximlania says:

    Zafarad! ! ! ! !.eie trueim frouders zernanian furt! ! ! ! ! !sue blonkerd finre bert.please keep us more up date about “Russian” advancements in science and tech! ! ! ! ! !

  9. brilliant photos of Russian industry…

  10. ladders says:

    this is totally cool.

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