119 Trains of Russia

Trains of Russia

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Russian trains 1

Russia is a big country and trains are widely used all across it. See some of them from Russia and nearest ex-Soviet states.

Russian trains 2

Russian trains 3

Russian trains 4

Russian trains 5

Russian trains 6

Russian trains 7

Russian trains 8

Russian trains 9

Russian trains 10

Russian trains 11

Russian trains 12

Russian trains 13

Russian trains 14

Russian trains 15

Russian trains 16

Russian trains 17

Russian trains 18

Russian trains 19

Russian trains 20

Russian trains 21

Russian trains 22

Russian trains 23

Russian trains 24

Russian trains 25

Russian trains 26

Russian trains 27

Russian trains 28

Russian trains 29

Russian trains 30

Russian trains 31

Russian trains 32

Russian trains 33

Russian trains 34

Russian trains 35

Russian trains 36

Russian trains 37

Russian trains 38

Russian trains 39

Russian trains 40

Russian trains 41

Russian trains 42

Russian trains 43

Russian trains 44

Russian trains 45

Russian trains 46

Russian trains 47

Russian trains 48

Russian trains 49

Russian trains 50

Russian trains 51

Russian trains 52

Russian trains 53

Russian trains 54

Russian trains 55

Russian trains 56

Russian trains 57

Russian trains 58

Russian trains 59

Russian trains 60

Russian trains 61

Russian trains 62

Russian trains 63

Russian trains 64

Russian trains 65

Russian trains 66

Russian trains 67

Russian trains 68

photos from paravoz.com

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119 Responses to “Trains of Russia”

  1. L4wer says:

    I dont believe that these ancient trains work =)

  2. Maaarten says:

    The fifth picture from below is a Rocket.

    In Russia a smoking prohibition on railway stations is pointless I see.

  3. Anon says:

    What are they pouring in pic 17?

  4. no66y says:

    Awesome photos. Well done ER.

  5. John from Kansas says:

    Thanks for the nice series of photos. Are the steam locomotives still serving in regular operations?

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      No, they’re solely for tourists and the like. The last new steam loco is built in 1956 or about. After that they were replaced with diesels, AC and DC. After 1956 USSR restored used steam locomotives to “as good as new” state and exported them to developing countries. Latest models of steam locomotives are really cool, they have fully automated coal feed and ashes removal.

  6. vladimir fickdusiemir says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks!

  7. andresrguez says:

    El quitanieves me recuerda al tren de Doctor Zhivago.

  8. Keroro says:

    I have never seen any working tank-engine here, only as monuments :(

  9. Swede says:

    I see in pic 17 that the build/forging of mount Doom is progressing well…

  10. LV says:

    In pic 63 you can see logo “RVR” on the train. This means “Rigas Vagonu Rupnica” – “Riga Carriage Factory”, now in Latvia.

  11. w says:

    Awesome photos you steal today

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  13. Those photos remind me of why I wish I could go bicycling in Russia. Not in all of those places, of course, and not in winter. But unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen at all.

  14. Patrik of Sweden says:

    love the winter photos :D

  15. Sala Krestu says:

    Lovely, just lovely!

  16. dj says:

    Russian rulez :D

    someday i will be there in russia
    they had greet nation

    thanks for these pics

  17. dj says:


    Russians rules

    someday i will be there in Moscow

    they had greet nations

    thanks for these pics

    • HUW says:

      “Finish MGIMO”?

      U wanted to say “Graduated from MGIMO”? -)
      U’r not a native speaker either…

      So don’t make fun of others.

  18. Mattias Fornander says:

    You just got on the front page of Digg. Brace yourself for the swarm and bandwidth requirements since those pictures are big…

  19. Aho says:

    Nice photos, let’s ring the music of Transport Tycoon~

  20. rich says:

    beautiful photos! So are all of the steam locomotive picture from the mid-20th century or so?

  21. AcidWash says:

    Российские поезда, самые поездатые поезда в мире!

  22. Jeff says:

    These photos certainly bring out the beauty of Russia. Definitely some terrific trains and scenery!

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  26. zergback says:


  27. mac605 says:

    True, True ™ especially while lumbering trees in Siberia serving your 25 years sentence

    • Jaroslav Hus says:

      You are very optimistic: “especially while lumbering trees in Siberia serving your 25 years sentence” if you are no Russian! Non Russians were getting jobs in maintenance, kitchens, kafeterias, hospitals but not at GENERAL WORK which was saved for the Race which had to be exterminated,
      Slavs and Baltic peoples.
      Russians were sentenced to “General Work” under -40, -50 Celsious and their life in GULAG was muvh shorter.
      In KOLIMA was 2 WEEKS, digging gold and diamonds at so called Cold Pole of the Earth.
      Political commissairs were greeting slaves with:
      “We brought you here to die, not to work!”

  28. Max Weir says:

    My son will absolutely love this, hes crazy about trains. Thanks for this great post.

  29. Ben says:

    How can those people stand so close to a rocket launch? Wouldn’t the heat, fumes, shock blast hurt them??

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  31. Richard S. says:

    Great photos!

  32. michi says:

    Great pictures!
    Traveling by trains in Russia seems very fun.

  33. eduardo says:

    I always thought the most of the trains in Russia were electrified…hmmmm.

    Cool post.

    • Jaroslav Hus says:

      Photos seem to be from the time of Soviet Union, not contemporary photos.

      You are very optimistic: “especially while lumbering trees in Siberia serving your 25 years sentence” if you are no Russian! Non Russians were getting jobs in maintenance, kitchens, kafeterias, hospitals but not at GENERAL WORK which was saved for the Race which had to be exterminated,
      Slavs and Baltic peoples.
      Russians were sentenced to “General Work” under -40, -50 Celsious and their life in GULAG was muvh shorter.
      In KOLIMA was 2 WEEKS, digging gold and diamonds at so called Cold Pole of the Earth.
      Political commissairs were greeting slaves with:
      “We brought you here to die, not to work!”

  34. Gerry says:

    Awesome photos really! Some steam loco photos were made in Ukraine this year, there was an excursion for train enthusiasts organized by a British operator.

    Some years ago it was almost impossible to find railway photos of former USSR states. In just 2-3 years the level of photos published online grew up amazingly, in quantity and quality. Seems a lot of people there have been taking up this hobby.

    I am also a hobbist train photographer, I’ve visited Ukraine and found a trains wonderland there. In E.U. train photography is becoming more and more difficult, fences everywhere and a lot of suspicion against camera carriers because of terrorism paranoia. In Ukraine everything is still loose, i can cross tracks, get out of platforms to get the best shot and noone bothers, they don’t even give a glance to me. Only a couple of people came to ask me only from curiosity, i told them “journalist” and they let me continue my job!

  35. Richard S. says:

    The stone arch trestles very architecturally appealing!

  36. Richard S. says:

    The Russian Gauge for a track is 5 feet. Are there any standard gauges (4 ft 8.5 inches) in Russia or former Soviet republics?

  37. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    you talking about RUSSIAN peoples!!!!we are steel nation and steel peoples! ! ! ! !cannot be hurt! ! ! !! like PUTIN our CZAR! ! ! !steel smile on steel face ob steel neck on steel body! ! ! !!

    we show U ASS we rule! ! !SOON! ! !

  38. rick_of_racy says:

    Beautiful collection of trains. They really are such an advanced form of transportation. There are only so many places to go.

  39. Keith says:

    Brilliant sets of trains from Russia. This makes me want to go there some days. Travel on the snowy winter does worry me somehow.

  40. Momendes says:

    Brazil as one of the biggest countries in continuos territory should follow the examples of contries that use the railroads as a way of transport like Japan, Russia etc. Unfortunately we have a small railroad web.

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  42. Man of Steel says:

    Thanks for posting this English Russia. Some of these fodes are amazing, the bridges, the steamers etc…this is what I enjoy the most about this site.

    Is the train with 3P-10 on the front a wreck?

    I don’t know about China but I thought India was the last refuge of steam loc’s.

    ps: Fcxuck Putin he is as bad as Bush (ok less incompetent but still).

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  44. Miss India says:

    such a backward country using COAL fired Trains LMFAO! :(

    • Mr. Bear says:

      1. Steam engines are used only for tourist trains, or as steam generators.
      There is, however, a single photo of a freight train pulled by a steam engine – this is sometimes done only to keep them in a good shape (for tourists…) and in remote areas.
      2. ‘Backward’ countries, as of railway development, are: the US is VERY backward, India (YEP! SAFETY above all!) and many others… But NOT Russia. Actually most of the HUGE Russian network is electrified. The Moscow-SPb line is high-speed (200 km/h), soon to be upgraded for 250 km/h up to Helsinki. Modern Russian trains are underrepresented in this post. Go to the site from which these pics were taken: parovoz.com, to see both old and modern Russian trains. You’ll be envying us, Russians, very soon :)

  45. yingjai says:

    you should see the americans.
    YAY! clean coal!
    coal is never clean no matter how you advertise it.

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  47. Rick DeLong says:

    Awesome collection. Actually, at least 5 or 6 of those pictures are from Ukraine!! There’s a picture of an engine at the Kiev, Ukraine train station with the emblem of “Ukrzaliznytsia” on the front. There are several pictures from the Carpathian mountains (Lviv – Uzhhorod route), of places that I recognize!

  48. oupire says:

    It is quote from soviet era short humorous story.
    “- How much time?
    – Twenty watches.
    – Such much!
    – To whom how.
    – MGIMO finished?
    – Ask…”

  49. Ignatz Horowitz says:

    Zafarad’s off his meds again, I see…

    Cool pics, especially the old trains. Great stuff as usual.

  50. India Travel says:

    Amazing pictures of ancient trains using steam engine

  51. India travel says:

    Great picture of old trains using Steam Engines

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  53. I can’t believe it old trains in a developed country like russia

  54. Sander says:

    Wow!!! These photos are sooo great! Can’t believe my eyes! :-D

  55. Paul S says:

    The former Soviet Union hauled more freight, in tons, than all of the other countries of the world combined by rail.

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  57. RickthePrick says:

    The Soyuz one was good, at first I saw the rocket and said “something wrong” then scroll down and saw the tracks.
    Very nice post thank you!

  58. RickthePrick says:

    The Soyuz one was good, at first I saw the rocket and said “something wrong” then scroll down and saw the tracks.
    Very nice post thank you!

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  60. Anatoly says:

    i’m from russia and i have to tell u : some photoes made long ago, some – in railway museums and theme parks, but some are true reality of russian life

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  64. mad1982 says:

    Look amazing

  65. Dmi3 says:

    i loved some of those pictures espessialy the forest tunnel ones

  66. Asif Ahmed says:

    I have been a frequent train traveller & I love trains. These are great pics I had ever seen.
    Asif Pakistan

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  69. bad hat says:

    Re picture 5-this steam locomotive would not look out of place in the United States from the 1930s to nthe 1950s.

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  73. Daddy64 says:

    Their statements are genuine. ,

  74. Patricio says:

    Jamas habia visto tanto tren, me encataria un dia poder realizar el viaje en el transiberiano

  75. antonio says:

    Magníficas fotografías. Haré la recomendación de artículo en mi blog

  76. Susan says:

    What wonderful photos, and what stunning scenery! It makes me want to visit your beautiful country – not just for the art museums (which are legendary) but for the sheer gorgeousness of the countryside. I hope with the coming Winter Olympics, more people around the world will discover this aspect of Russia!

  77. Leonard says:

    You have wonderful photos some of your engines are similar to the ones we have in Africa Kenya How old could thy be.

  78. Phaedra_Dragon says:

    Beautiful photos – especially ones of long trains. I own small industrial railway, but have only small diesel switchers to work our yards. Is any Russian locos for sale?

    • Babysitter says:

      Sure, there are Russian locos for sale. But you have to regauge your railway to 1520mm in order to operate them.

  79. Bee-sealion says:

    Great picture, because I,m a train lover…and also engine lover…need permission to link this to my blog, to spread these amazing pictures to Indonesia people….and also permission to copy the picture for private collection.

  80. Ratman says:

    Fantastic photos and great trains!

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  82. Q says:

    I’d love to be there in the winter and enjoy a ride on those trains through the beautiful Russian countryside.

  83. railwayrus says:

    Unfortunately, the author can download these photos on the site Parovoz.com specially made so it would be Russian Railways looked old and bad. You would think that in Russia year-round winter, except for steam-locomotives and nothing else. It’s a lie. And unfortunately the author has forgotten that the Cold War ended. Believe me, the winter we have only 3-4 months, and the snow is not the whole year. Steam locomotives we go only as exhibition copies. And the Bears do not walk in our cities. It is in Europe still used screw coupling, but not our railways. Picture where shows locomotive in blue-red color was done in Mongolia. Some pictures, taken in the Baltic countries. Two small steam locomotive standing nearby – is the production of the movie. A great pity that the author of this post understands Russia so wrong. Best wishes.

  84. Camila says:

    Great pictures! Russia rulez!!

    I wish go to your country soon as possible!


  85. railwayrus says:

    To Camila: Welcome! We glad to see You.

  86. railwayrus says:

    Keep 100%. All pictures taken from old sources – biased. No steam locomotives in Russia. Only in museums. In Europe, the steam engines working up to 90 years of the last century. At this time in Russia, people have forgotten what they look like already. Look at website parovoz.com, if you can not come to Russia and see in person.

  87. railwayrus says:

    Especially for the Miss India, you really live in this country? Or is it just a nickname? I very much respect your country, like many people in Russia. We watch Indian movies, TV shows, especially like the subsequent films in Bollywood. But it seems that in your country, passengers are still riding on the roofs of cars?
    Please, do not be offended.

  88. demiryolu says:

    These are great pics I had ever seen.

  89. Mister Twister says:

    Bottom of page 1 is the best.

  90. markoo says:

    this very helpful discussion thanks

  91. thofanny says:

    may I publish for free, not commercial, thank you

  92. Railway News says:

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing.

  93. Megaliner says:

    More than half of the trains shown here (especially with steam locomotives), are from Ukraine, not Russia.

  94. Best LED TV says:

    thanks for sharing Article.

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