75 Russian Countryside Assorted

Russian Countryside Assorted

Posted on October 1, 2008 by

Russian countryside 1

Some glimpses on Russian countryside.

Russian countryside 2

Russian countryside 3

Russian countryside 4

Russian countryside 5

Russian countryside 6

Russian countryside 7

Russian countryside 8

Russian countryside 9

Russian countryside 10

Russian countryside 11

Russian countryside 12


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75 Responses to “Russian Countryside Assorted”

  1. kurt says:

    the 15th image (reflection in a pond) is upside down, in case you are wondering :-)

    • andrius says:


    • valacar says:

      But grass is also upside-down, so it’s ok.

    • Miss India says:

      harsh life and poverty of Russians never ends.

      • KoS says:

        That means that you have to improve it, will that be ok?
        And also what do you define as poverty?

      • Indian Fan says:

        Looks like you’re a paid Pakistani propagandist to create a rift between the decades-old friendship existing between the Russian (including all former Soviet Union states) and Indian people. No Indian would ever make that remark. I’ve been reading almost all of these pages and I see that you’re on every page taking pain to sow your hatred of Russia in the guise of an Indian identity. You’re fake, an agent provocateur only to malign Indians who love everything about Russians and other former USSR states and its peoples. Nobody is going to buy your poison. Just stay away from these columns.

    • Boris says:

      In Soviet Russia, picture photoshop you.

  2. Tyko says:

    Very nice photos!

  3. Chris says:

    Wow. So beautiful.

  4. peter says:

    Beautiful. This is why I visit this website. Thanks for sharing.

  5. JouHou says:

    Phenomenal photos! This is the most fascinating of Russia!

  6. chato says:

    Great pics!

    Some of them are really extra ordinary.

  7. Tim says:

    The original pictures are quite nice from a content, perspective, and framing point of view, but the overprocessing with Photoshop on many (or most) of them makes them look unreal.

  8. KBR says:

    I am speechless…

  9. erin says:

    idyllic. every one a postcard.

  10. maxD says:

    Several of the pictures have been Photoshopped too much. That’s a shame. The photos were good enough as they were.

  11. adios says:


  12. A says:

    Not photoshop, but HDR’d.

  13. LiraNuna says:

    Wow, really beautiful.

  14. Sam says:

    Looks like another third world country to me.

    BTW where is Borat?!?!

  15. AndersonBMX says:

    tis is where i want to live when i get older

    • nelli says:

      Me tooooo!i would love to move there…i just wonder,where do i get started!?so much betteer than this world of sin ‘western countrys’.

  16. Valiant says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of the Russian countryside. I really like each one of them! I am speechless… Gracias from Spain

  17. Eris says:

    So beautiful!

  18. erin says:

    you betcha, eris. i wish i had taken every one.

  19. john says:

    Can anyone tell me what those are in #22, they look like mounds of hay with sticks on top, is this a pic from the Shire? Very beautiful scenes, a far cry from may day parades in Moscow!

  20. tokio express says:

    Great pictures!

  21. CZenda says:

    I agree. They then became kitschy postcards and lost the natural look.

  22. suzanni says:

    A última fotografia é muito bela, parabéns ao fotografo russo por sua sensibilidade e simplicidade.
    Thank you!

  23. Rodriguez says:

    Лепотаааааааааааааааааа! Одно слово – красотищщща!

  24. Niels R. says:

    Otchin Charasjo

  25. w says:

    I love animals!

  26. [...] Russian countryside images. [...]

  27. eduardo says:

    Nice…. Russians’ favourite pet are cats, am I right?

    Beautiful country.

  28. darek says:

    Extraordinary and beautiful. I like this photos.

  29. Very nice, pictures


  30. Bogatyr says:

    Home Sweet Home

  31. fon says:

    really great shots!!

  32. Notebooks says:

    Great photos! Thanks.

  33. Proud2brussian says:

    Suddenly I feel like buying a house in the countryside:-)….thanks for photos, they are awesome

  34. maxD says:

    But he isn’t a photo-reporter, he is a photo-ARTIST. The difference is, the reporter shows things as they are, without any change, and the artist — the way he SEES ‘em or WANTS ‘em to be. The Art isn’t a lie, it is a work of IMAGINATION.

    It is presented as depicting reality. Nowhere it is mentioned this is ‘art’ or a work of imagination.

    I think the photographer got carried away a bit and polished his photo’s a tad too much. The result is false nostalgia and postcard aesthetics. Making poverty look romantic.

  35. Alex says:

    very beatiful professional qiality pictures. Would be nice to know – who is the Photographer?

  36. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    Russia,Russia! ! ! ! ! !How beautiful you are! ! ! ! ! !God bless Russia and his “allies”! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  37. chris says:

    Just beautiful, thanks so much for the web site, really breathtaking.

  38. maxD says:

    Clearly you are not an artist.

  39. Timhotep says:

    HDR…? so what? Most of them are done with good taste, perhaps the “cat on the well”-picture is overdone.

    Great series.

    • double d says:

      you’re right!

      i kinda liked some of the photos, as I scrolled through over the course of 45 seconds.

      but thanks to you, I realize these are horrible photos and I should never had enjoyed them!!!

      thank you so much!

  40. Patrik of Sweden says:

    sooo beautiful photos! I whis i could go there…

  41. Ben says:

    pic #2 is serious cat from 4chan

  42. Gurtek Singh says:

    very nice pictures……………

  43. kino says:

    That the old man in picture http://englishrussia.com/images/countryside_summer/30.jpg had been visiting finland…Plastic bag on a balcony says “Hyvää suomesta”, which means: “Good stuff from Finland”. He is also crafting some woodwork that is very famous around the Lapland. :)

  44. Russ, Ian says:

    Still better than Detroit.

  45. Nikhil Mekala says:


    straight out of fairytales. like the ones I used to read in the magazine “misha” long time back.

    Unfortunately, your country is getting more and more violent and uncivilized everyday. A non-white cannot enjoy the beauty of your country without worrying about his life.

  46. Dmi3 says:

    I Really like this. i lived in the Russian country side for a wile really great

  47. achipachi says:

    Russian village is the place where you want to get back again and again and again, even if you were born in a big city, you will want to visit a village several times a year for a few days.

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  49. melusine says:

    ces photos sont sublimes

  50. wholesale says:

    Welcome to Yiwu..Welcome to Amandaiec.

  51. Brenda says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures of Russian villages…again!! Thank you!! I thought I was the only one who wanted to move to a Russian village. Glad to hear there are others!

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  53. Lyle Heiner says:

    This is a unique WordPress theme, exactly where did you get it? I am always in search of a very good theme to employ on my weblog.

  54. vngpls says:

    Absolutely beautiful scenes. Unbelievably perfect. Only Russia has such magnificent views of nature. We in India have always wondered how Russian winter would look like and whether we could survive in there even for a week. Congrats for nice photos.

  55. Hi, My first comment here – really like reading your blog. Found some interesting posts. Thanks

  56. archana says:

    amazing pictures….mind blowing fantastic thank u so muchhhh……foe whoever has taken this pictures,ilove rusia so much its my love country,im from india and its my first visit to russia on this 26 th of may,im so excited….urrrrrraaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  57. archana says:

    ya lublu tebya ochen ochen moya rossiya

  58. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the nice pics.

    As for you trolls, if you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all.


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