67 Only in Russia 9

Only in Russia 9

Posted on October 1, 2008 by

Russian technicians 1

We’ve seen already a few times how do Russian technicians install air conditioning units. This one is probably most extreme. The last two pictures show it all.

Russian technicians 2

Russian technicians 3

Russian technicians 4

Russian technicians 5

Russian technicians 6

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67 responses to “Only in Russia 9”

  1. Landtat says:

    I see that crack cocaine is very plentiful there.

    • Miss India says:

      Russians will do anything, for a fee. Thanks to widespread poverty.

      • formukrainewithlove says:

        Its just that were smart enough to do everything ourselves…I thought Indian people were smart…you proof I’m wrong. How can someone who is poor buy an air conditioning system??

        • nonames says:

          as a reply to

          “…How can someone who is poor buy an air conditioning system??”

          He/she’s talking about the TECHNICIAN being poor, as he’ll even climb on that thing for a fee.

          you’re welcome

        • Miss India is dumb says:

          Indian people are definitely dumb! I dont outsource work to India anymore because dealing with Indians is always too many problems. You have to explain everything 20 times to them and they still make mistakes. People outsource jobs to India because Indians are cheap, as far as quality of their work it is absolute worst. Over the last 10+ years I’ve outsourced work to people / companies from many different countries and India is no longer one of them. Take Russian designers / programmers for example. Their quality of work is a lot superior to Indian work and while it is more expensive you can count that it will be done proper.

          Did anyone ever call an Indian call center? Have you spoken to a smart person who works there? Luckily for me the vendors that I deal with still use American call centers.

        • mark says:

          you think he bought it ?

      • Texas1 says:

        I like you miss! Can we date for sex ?

  2. sdf says:

    Troppo sminchiato. E se vedi l’altra finestra ne aveva già montato un altro nello stesso modo :Oa

  3. Kartman says:

    A strong Darwin Awards’ Candidate

  4. xo says:

    separates the men from the boys…

  5. tokio express says:

    Maybe this guy will fall and die some day, but who cares, because he is doing his job at his own risk. HOWEVER. When he falls, he would kill somebody walking down there. We sometimes have to look up when we have a walk.

  6. Rafael Suhin says:

    Oh man, even as I watch I get chills

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  8. Juhani says:

    That looks way more dangerous than it is.

    If you have a strong attention and control all your movements, then it is just pointless risk taking, that is all. But the probability of falling from there is not that big.
    What worries me are the slippers he is wearing.
    Probably it is a lot less dangerous than base jumping.
    You should look for films about rock climbers that go without any safety, hooked only with one hand to the wall.

    I have seen people do more crazy things for fun.

  9. LiraNuna says:

    Showoff for the ladies

  10. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    Building is not representative for Russian apartment building no more! ! ! !! we are building better,higher and prestigios building now ! ! !for georgia veterans ! !! braveheroes need reward! ! ! ! !they kick ass and get nice new building.with Russian airco inside not dangerous U ASS airco outside ! !!

  11. chmo says:

    Типичный русский менталитет, всё делать на “авось”. Посему-то и недоживают наши мужички и до 60. Хотя бухло и наркота — основные причины..

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  13. w says:

    Why when cat does this it is not amazing?

  14. jlbriones says:

    Its a joke?, Its Spiderman?, no, Its Vodka….

  15. kame house says:

    Nothing new! I personally saw this in Spain… long time ago..

  16. jose says:

    Puto pirado

  17. WillJongIll says:

    Is this in Russia? Anyone know where?

  18. Maaarten says:

    the outsides of the building are sinking in the ground. Bad fundament.
    My Dutch apartment building looks much better!

    • Zafarad says:

      Then stay there!!!!!we do not need you here.we have everthing and soon will have more! ! !!! !Rossiya is king!!!!!!

    • formukrainewithlove says:

      I don’t how it is Russia…but in Ukraine the soil is very soft…that’s why Ukrainians have to build completly different from Netherlands. We have to pay more to get the soil solid. You know in Maastricht a few years ago a balcony fell of an appartmenet building?? killing 3 people?? You better have risk insurance

      • Bert says:

        Most of Dutch houses are build on poles, as you should know if you live there. Ukrainian soil in general is like rock compared to the Dutch. Dutch soil is very soft.

  19. Alex says:

    it means one bottle of Vodka to him

  20. bilosh says:

    Man with dark hair is being punished. He being forced to escape sweet easy death which comes to young boy.

    In twist of irony: He will continue to spend miserable life suffering in aircondition comfort.

  21. Ignatz Horowitz says:

    I don’t see any lines going INTO the apartment. How does a fan mounted outside, against a solid wall, cool off a room?

    Guy should have bought superior U ASS A/C window unit, eh, Zafared?

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  23. Willem says:

    Hi ha honderur

  24. J says:

    You know, one of those flip flops flying off his foot could be deadly to the person on the street below…

  25. Ben says:

    Those old soviet era buildings should be torn down. Russians have had their sweet wealth stolen from them by corrupt oligarchs. Organize and overthrow your oppressors, my brothers! Revolt!

  26. johnson says:

    your all racists and your country is about to fall to bits. fnar

  27. Rogerio Peixoto says:

    Puta que Pariu !!!!

  28. Rogerio Peixoto says:

    [email protected], o cara é Ninja !!!

  29. Arne says:

    Lol crazy russians!

  30. Sil says:

    What an nutcase or weirdo but at least he is a fearless one!!
    I also work in this busines and no fear of heights is realy essential in oure line of work but he goes beyond every thing!!

  31. Mr. Glitters says:

    WOW that is dangerous! iam afraid to highs so more likely I will never do that.

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  33. alex says:

    I live in Russia and I can tell you this man is really crazy even with local standards.

  34. the crazy swede says:

    Love to see this guy come back and do maintenece.
    If you look close, you see that he forgot to connect the electrical wiring, while climbing.
    BTW- the apartment house looks to be central Murmansk (been there)

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  36. “If a politician struggles with his conscience, he usually wins’ (Joe Sobran).

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  39. B says:

    You are all sheep.

    You wont know or care if he dies.

  40. DannyBrennan says:

    There’s a wealth of information here. Thanks! I�ll be back for more. It was either Burger King or Beefaroni, not sure which, but he definitely hit the big time.

  41. I remodel my bathroom. I modify The fan, but spring water is running by use of the wall and also a lot humidity buildup at ceilling. The shower is into a corner the fan is at the wall 10′ a thing. does The fan have to be during The shower? or must I built a alternative ceiling during The shower?

  42. Jose Borja says:

    Menudas fotitos, que peligro, alguna gente no piensa en lo que le puede pasar. Estamos en Murcia y nos dedicamos a la venta, reparación e instalacion de todo tipo de aires acondicionados, si quieres nos puedes visitar en Aire Acondicionado Murcia.

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  44. ac murah says:

    lol..they do anything cheap 🙂

  45. Slaven says:

    Those are some morons. Not even a trace of safety equipment.

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