21 Bus and Go

Bus and Go

Posted on October 1, 2008 by

bus shot in Russia 1

It can be dangerous sometime riding the bus.

bus shot in Russia 2

bus shot in Russia 3

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21 Responses to “Bus and Go”

  1. first says:

    first ahahahaha

  2. ReAlly says:

    Photoballistica (photo 2,3(from saloon)):) from tramway CKD Tatra T-3

  3. moltar says:

    It’s probably a slingshot

  4. Johnny says:

    In Russia they are shooting with Pepsi caps?
    Tough life, but why would a mafia killer shoot into a bus? Usually his opponent would drive a big Porsche or Mercedes, или не?

  5. Dan says:

    Just a guess, but I’d bet the hole was caused by something else, and someone stuck a bottlecap in it later.

  6. Eris says:

    Too much «Russian Mafia experts» these days. Time to shoot some. :)

  7. BBBBBBBB says:

    Someone broke and glass with something, then later a kid put a bottle cap into the hole.

  8. chmo says:

    M-da! Rather childish to believe that the cap broke the window. It was obviously inserted into the pre-existing hole, the latter being just the right size to retain it there. That is, if the whole thing isn’t photoshopped to begin with. :R:

    • chmo says:

      P.S. Another ER post that is neither significant, nor entertaining. I’m sure something of greater substance had occurred in my bereaved motherland, sprawled on the “1/6 of the Earth’s surface”. ER staff getting a bit too lazy.

      • Marrock says:

        Well then, if you can do such a better job of it, where’s your website so we can all go see a true artist at work?

  9. james says:

    this is the best way to open a soda bottle, i do it all the time. With the right stabbing action at the window you can quickly remove the cap. Ideal when you haven’t brought a opener with you.

  10. WillJongIll says:

    in soviet russia, pepsi drinks you!

    ps: That hole may well have been made by a rock and then some kid stuck a cap in it.

  11. pnw says:

    This is classic English Russia.

  12. Roman says:

    Hi from Russia !
    Мдя (( кто то всякую чепуху наснимает , потом выкидывает на сайты и другим людям мозг парят ! чушь там все собачья !!! в солоне трамвая, в пробитую чем то дырку, кто то тупо воткнул пробку и сфотографировал пару раз ! не парьте себе мозг таким бредом ! ! !

  13. Roman says:

    Меня запостят, нет ???

  14. адынадын says:

    только фотки 2 и 3 с первой не стыкуются. дескать трамвай

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