Belarus 1
101 Belarus


  This is the capital of Belarus, ex-Soviet Belorussia - the Minsk city.
They say it is the most clean city on the territory of ex USSR.
41 What Man Needs

What Man Needs

That's what the
real man needs.
monument of star sower in lithuania 1

45 Star Sower

Star Sower

The star sower monument in Kaunas, Lithuania. In the daytime this monument
doesn't make any sense, but when night comes down to the city....
Army of Estonia 1

152 Army of Estonia

Army of Estonia

Russian wood carving 1

31 Russian Wood Carving

Russian Wood Carving

In Russia wood carving was popular in older times, these are some
examples of the modern wood carving by Cronid Gogolev.
production of google earth artefact in chelyabinsk  1

51 Smile to QuickBird

Smile to QuickBird

The production of Google Earth "artefacts" - the bright spots on the dull satellite landscapes seems to be a popular task nowadays in Russia. We've had already a story about guys from Moscow who have written a curse word on the roof of one of the buildings which can be nicely see now at Google Earth. This time a whole crown of people in participated has been aware of the exact
timetable of the "QuickBird" satellite passing over the Chelyabinsk city and planned to make a big yellow smiley face of their bodies on one of the city squares in order to commemorate their city in Google Earth. You can see on these photos some part of this process, if it was successful or not we'll see after the next Google Earth update.
Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 1

24 Destruction!


Old planes should be destroyed. Those planes were on the display in Moscow "All-Russian Exhibition Centre" since Soviet times, for over 30 years, but it seems they occupy too much space costs so much these days so they better be destroyed with excavators. As on of the locals locals commented: "there were rumors about the upcoming destruction but for all the calls
the management of the exhibition replied "No, that's nonsense! We won't ever remove or destroy them!". Well, they didn't want for people to come to protect those monuments that many knew since their childhood". As they comment now all the planes would be crushed and removed, the next in turn is that big rocket on the background.
guide to Russia 1

32 Guide to Russia

Guide to Russia

They say that this kind of printed guide to Russia is being handled to every
passenger of some flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg that come from USA.
wild camel in St. Petersburg 1

16 Camels in St. Petersburg

Camels in St. Petersburg

Is it another sign of global warming? People met wild camels on the roadside of
one of the highways of around St. Petersburg - the Northern Russian city.
popular russian actors 1

23 Another Meme

Another Meme

Another meme from Russia - was very popular those days people were mixing faces to
get some other popular face as a result. Maybe someone would like it too.

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