Year 1993 Russia 1

59 1993


In the year 1993 there was a fight
for power in Moscow, Russia.
Russian pickup 1

57 Russian Luxury Pickup

Russian Luxury Pickup

Russian luxury
pick-up, anyone?
Russian school stays abandoned 1

29 Another Abandoned Theater

Another Abandoned Theater

This time from Kazan city, Russia. This city theater stays looted and abandoned for some while,
no new shows no new plays only homeless people visiting for some their strange needs.
Macro photos of slime molds 1

116 Slime Molds

Slime Molds

This Russian guy is fond of making photos of the 'slime
molds' - micro mushrooms that grow on the plants.
Russian digging went wrong 1

18 Garage Fail

Garage Fail

Those kind of cubic structures is a common thing in urban areas of Russian cities near multi-stored buildings. They put them everywhere for parking need grouped in sometimes large sometimes small blocks like these ones on the pictures. Owners of those parking cubicles sometimes want to have more space for some
storing purposes, so they dig holes in the ground and put ladders inside so that to have an underground room there. Sometimes they fail to do this correctly and the whole cubicle goes underground, and sometimes together with the car and even sometimes with less fortunate car owners.
russian architecture controlled demolition 1

33 Chimneys Collapsed

Chimneys Collapsed

After the Soviet Era too much of objects stay abandoned in Russia and with the modern rise of development of new business and residential areas more and more are need to be
removed from the terrain. Many controlled demolition companies act on this market, sometimes they have some nice objects to remove like those two old factory chimneys.
abandoned coastline canon in Russia 1

67 An Abandoned Coastline Defense Canon Battery

An Abandoned Coastline Defense Canon Battery

This is an abandoned army base on the sea coastline near the Murmansk city. It looks like it stays abandoned for quite a while
and was built back in 1946 to protect Russian Northern coastline from somebody who might come without peace.
20 New Music Videos

New Music Videos

Here are two new music videos rising in popularity across Russian Internet. First one above is a song devoted to the native city of the singers. It's called "I
love you Tsivilsk!" The second is about vampires in some Russian school. "They want blood blood! They want meat meat! They want eat eat!"
Shops in Russia 1

74 Soviet Trade System

Soviet Trade System

What did they have in Russian shops during the Soviet Era when all the shops
in Russia belonged to the state and the state was the only merchant?
russian old plane 1

47 Old Crash Site

Old Crash Site

When you wonder across Russian swamps you can
easily find crash sites of WW2 planes.

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