27 Even More Giant Soviet Signs

Even More Giant Soviet Signs

Posted on September 25, 2008 by

Russian satellite artefacts on google maps 1

After this first initial “100 Years Lenin’s Anniversary” sign was discovered via google maps (on the photo above), made 40 years ago a whole bunch of similar sightings were found across Russian territory using the same Google instrumentary.

Russian satellite artefacts on google maps 2

“60 Years to USSR” back from 1977
Google maps link

Russian satellite artefacts on google maps 3

“100 years to Lenin” 1970
google link


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27 Responses to “Even More Giant Soviet Signs”

  1. Funktomas says:

    The best of all is at the time this scriptures was made, it only can be seen by plane!!

    Here in Spain, near my city there was a similar “tree-stripture” dedicated to general Franco but people erase it, intelligently, I think…

  2. KBR says:

    Space ads, there goes a view from the plane :(, ads in toilets, ads in cars, ads in games, what is next ads on condoms?

  3. LiraNuna says:

    Awesome! Thanks ER.

  4. Gadsky says:

    IMHO, it looks like ‘Вожак’ (Laeder), not ‘Ежик’

    • TiZzer says:

      uhuh, so…ummm…how should I say this…
      it’s not your country, not your history and neither your business. =)

    • Doomed says:

      You mean like the ghetto crackhead that runs my country now? Giving trillion$ to his rich friends? Ignorant masses worship him also.

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  7. Zafart says:

    “Жопа” is good name for you.

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  13. Lektorrr says:

    Бля чо ни одного Русский не смотрел???

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  15. Discount says:

    land graffiti in URSSS

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  17. JR says:

    In Soviet Russia aliens received Lenin spams.

  18. gurtek says:

    just like crop circles…..

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