57 Russian Luxury Pickup

Russian Luxury Pickup

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Russian pickup 1

Russian luxury pick-up, anyone?

Russian pickup 2

Russian pickup 3

Russian pickup 4

Russian pickup 5

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Russian pickup 8

Russian pickup 9

Russian pickup 10

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via t98.ru and combat.spb.ru

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57 responses to “Russian Luxury Pickup”

  1. w says:

    I am the first

  2. John from Kansas says:

    Impressive. But who would have need for such a vehicle?

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      Who would have need for shielded or double-shielded off-road vehicle? Army, bodyguards of all sorts, banks… In addition, there are versions without any shield (those are similar to hummer), with extremely strong fire protection, strong heat insulation (for arctic areas / for deserts) etc.

  3. Mlong says:

    The interior is all Chevy parts.
    Old mid 90’s Chevy parts

  4. Supercorgi says:

    It looks very heavy. Keep best to firm surfaces really?

  5. Igor Stravinsky says:

    It has level 3 glass. I imagine its targested at rich people afraid of kidnappers.

    Also the dashboard is out of a chevy pickup/suv, is that what its based on?

    • Viktor the Great says:

      no its not based on gmc, they simply used some parts such as the spedometer, and engine parts, to lower the cost of maintance and repair, also for people who live in usa, so they wont have to wait a month to get new parts shipped from Russia, plus lowers the cost of making such vehicle.

  6. LiraNuna says:

    Those images don’t do justice to that car – they don’t show the hidden rocket system on the sides. Also they don’t show the flip control system that comes up when the driver is James Bond.

    That car HAS to have a laser SOMEWHERE.

  7. maxD says:

    Is that dandruff on that panel with all the buttons, pic. nr. 5 ?

  8. Dixieland says:

    Interesting… some of the interior components appear to be from a General Motors vehicle.

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      One of versions uses GM engine and transmission, maybe some other components as well. That version is designed is to simplify the service of mixed group of T98 and hummers.

  9. pile says:

    thats not a luxury pickup.. Originaly it was designed as jeep with 3 doors, hermeticly sealed cabin, etc for safe transport of VIP, who has to sit behind driver, because there arent any door.

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  11. pnw says:

    The dashboard doesn’t look very Russian. I thought Russia used kph rather than mph as well.

  12. Pipo says:

    nice cars, only the interior could be better.

    Could they get 5 stars at NCAP test?

  13. Whytmage says:

    Yup, GM on the inside, the instrumentation is the same as a Chevy Trailblazer/Suburban as is the wiper, headlight, and window motor controls.

    Lasers are optional but are illegal in California just like anything else you’d really want on a vehicle.

  14. Reader says:

    russian car, metric system is in this country and dash panel from american car?

    • Viktor the Great says:

      yeat again i repeat, that this car is sold all over the world including usa, u can costomize it as much as u want including the dashboard and the speedometer, if u want they will put in a dashboard from a lambo and make it fit, ut it will cost u extra.

  15. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    Russian answer to U ASS “hummer”.

  16. Omar says:

    This looks like a modified Lamborghini off-roader (one built against the HMMVEE)

  17. Rodriguez says:

    The owner could used the Chevrolet Tahoe`s (or some other GMC` cars) dashboards. I guess!

  18. anonymous one says:

    Let me guess… it’s a re-bodied Hummer/Tahoe/Suburban?

  19. Aviapics says:

    I hope they killed the designer…
    Big car, small d..k

  20. Pit says:

    Again. You are first, I drop my pants and you are first to suck my cock. Enjoy.

  21. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    This converted from “hummers” we confiscated in georgia! ! ! !we made better car.more protected and better driving! ! ! !Russia is as historic japan first kopy than rule! ! ! ! !no ones puppet! ! ! !

  22. da_marcus says:

    middle 90’s technology
    so russian, so upset 🙂

  23. Singe says:

    I bet it deflects radar too. Stealth profile, lol.

  24. Hannu says:

    Actually, everything that looks American is just popular in Russia. You get status-points if the car measures speed in MPH.

    Russians still even use more often dollars than euros, despite the abhorrent exchange rate of dollars.

  25. Marvin says:

    <a href =”http://www.wooddash.com/fullimage/ChevySuburban03-05moldedAJsmall.jpg” title=”Chevy Suburban dash”
    Year 2003-2005

  26. Johnny says:

    Now who wouldn’t want to cruise around in such a sweet little car!
    “Kombat T 98” sounds like a mafia brotherhood gang/crew though 😀

  27. Ken says:

    The rear axle and front suspension look to be GM as well. Metric gm dashs are available, all GM’s sold in Canada have a metric dash.

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  29. Viktor the Great says:

    u can order one on their website, they will ship it to u. if u got enought $$$$$

  30. Jason says:

    A HA Russia will always copy america!!!The USA is through the whole country.They see america every where they look.We rule!!!!!

  31. Gee says:

    You (and the rest which say the same thing) seem to have some sort of blindness. Under the MPH there’s the KPH odometer with smaller chars.

  32. Boogalah says:

    Russian Humvee, nice. I like.

  33. Roman says:

    you FOOL !!! I from Russia! And such delirium I do not wish to hear! You were not in Russia! and know nothing about it! But speak any nonsense!!! Vodka? What for stereotypes??? Fools…

  34. Ana says:

    Is this thing bulletproof?

  35. BlOoRiGaRd Q says:

    Introducing the LOVECHILD of GM Head Rick Wagoner and…, er ,… apparently… Dmitry Medvedev’s wife!

    Its not like Wagoner WOULD, COULD and SHOULD let Combat bother with the garage sale of 1990’s Suburbans and Tahoes, ya?

  36. RichardsPorsche says:

    He may be an a-hole but it is a GM dashboard and gauges.-Just sayin.

  37. GOGA says:

    looks like lambo LM 002

  38. Muli D'Ivan says:

    Monkeys obsessed with war.

  39. Professorjwn says:


    Like Jaguars? Well, even if you don’t, prior to being bought by Ford, they used a modified GM Turbo 400 trans made here in the USA.

    SO, before you go bashing on our Russian friends, take a look at the Automotive Industry (or military for that matter). Using existing parts rather than “reinventing the wheel” is a sound concept. It is often referred to as COTS or Commercial Off The Shelf. In addition to building cars, the car and truck companies sell and buy sub assemblies from other manufacturers. Dana, Rockwell, and American Axle would really be hurting (even worse than now) were this not true. also companies like Delphi and Visteon (even though they went broke) were examples of this.

    So, consider it a compliment that the Russian builders are using “Decadent American Products” as part of their vehicles. See, we are not so different after all. If I were them, I would have used Ford parts especially considering they are the ONLY surviving non government owned car company in America, and likely will be the ONLY source of quality SUV and Heavy truck parts in America.

    “Golf Carts”, “People Wagons”, “Volks Mobiles”, no matter what the Government calls them either pedal powered or battery operated really don’t work for off road.

  40. Retro says:

    So much cooler than a Humvee. I want one!!

    Just the curtains are extremely redneck like

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  42. Vedat says:

    wow great cars! thank you bro

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