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This is the capital of Belarus, ex-Soviet Belorussia – the Minsk city. They say it is the most clean city on the territory of ex USSR.

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photos by ostap-bb

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101 responses to “Belarus”

  1. Chris says:

    First!! Pretty Good~

    • Miss India says:

      vey similar to Pyong yang , north Korean capital, nice and big boulevard, clean streets all for show! They are only fooling themselves lol. I feel sorry for the people!

      • Gurpreet, why do you feel you have to come here continuosly spouting your venom?

        Some of the things you say are correct but you’ve gone over the deep end with this one.

      • youknowit says:

        and i feel sorry for how bitter and spiteful you are, you must have a very miserable life to have so much anger in u, relax, if u were a nicer person you wouldnt be so unhappy

    • Rodriguez says:

      Pretty cool!!! I want to visit Belorussia!!!
      Прикольно и в натуре, так чисто! В принципе, таким мог быть СССР, если бы не распался!

  2. no66y says:

    Impressive! Nice one ER.

    • cykalox says:

      wow, notice how Belarussia has no ads for coka cola or pepsi or any of those western conglomerants, thats a country I would love to live in.

      • Scrat335 says:

        They have them, also others like Rostika the Russian version of KFC. Beer and Nescafe coffee you see a lot.

      • Dmitry says:

        yes man you would definitely live in Belarus, nice country with dictatorship and minimum wage of 300 dollars a month, also the price for goods equivalent to Europe and USA.
        its good to visit and enjoy its beauty than live in it….

      • katalist says:

        Ummm, hate to break it to you, but take a look at the right bottom corner of picture 19. I do believe that says Coca-cola… I don’t see how that’s such a horrible thing though, its just soda…regardless, beautiful pictures…

  3. moltar says:

    Maybe it’s because nobody lives there? 🙂 Ok i kid i kid. It is very nice and clean. Refreshing to see.

    • Zafarad! ! ! says:

      you noticed! ! ! !all belarussians are moving to the great homeland Russia as is logical! ! ! !land of milk and honey and freedom and big appartments! ! ! !

      are other Nashi members here on ER? !?! !?

      • Bonkajs says:

        LOL.. belarus will not move anywhere! 😀 thay will stay independent state, not puppet of RUSSIA!

        • Zafarad! ! ! says:

          Time will decide,dude! ! ! ! ! ! ! !we can`t tolerate our landlocked brothers in economic difficulties.brothers again join one nation.i think nowadays use of “little force” is the best way to high speed “reunification”.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. drgs says:

    the last totalitarian state in europe

    • CZenda says:

      With clean streets for all to see.
      No beggars or junkies.
      No invalids. No unemployment.
      No queers or lesbians.
      No criminality.
      Where the hell are the people?!

      • Scrat335 says:

        They’re all there, my wife has a friend in Gomel who is gay, beggers and drunks are not seen so much in the main public areas as in the residential areas it seems. Homelessness is not a problem and there are a lot of people who take advantage of the system they don’t work ect and have a place to live basics provided for them. Most beggers I have seen hang around the public parks. You will see invalids on the trains, deaf people mostly selling books of word games and old magazines. I always buy a couple from them. I have never seen criminals, I hear their lot is bad. N ot undeserved either IMO.

    • The last “totalitarian” state in europe?

      And so what?

      None of the white ruskis I know from there seem to mind. The country is improving.

      You have to be seriously cynical to knock what is shown in these pictures.

      • Bretoniec says:

        Strange name “white ruskis”. Actually the right way to say is Belarusians. And a direct translation of the name can mislead anyone. It’s not Russia, and people are very different from Russians.

        • strannik says:

          The russian and belorussian languages differ but not so much. People in these countries are similar. I’ve been to Belarus, and everytime i was talking to locals and i could not understand who was before me: russian or belorussian. Maybe it because of that everybody there is speaking russian good.

        • Kozak says:

          I just LOVE Russians always shouting that Belorussians, Ukrainians and Russians are the SAME. They just don’t get that there is an actual difference even though our nations have the same roots. But we took different ways a long time ago – the thing which you can’t understand. You always think that we have the same mentality, the same traditions, even some Russians think that for example Ukrainian language was “invented” after the collapse of the USSR. This is incredible, I heard it myself. Anyway, what I’m trying to say, that Ukrainians are not Russians and we are fed up of hearing that we’re your little brothers etc and I hope that Ukraine and Russia will never unite again. We have already 70 years of horrible experience being in the USSR. That’ more than enough. But what make’s me laugh is when I say that I love my country, Russians tell me that I’m a nationalist, when a Russian says that he loves his country – he’s a patriot. Unfortunately (for you), that will never change in your minds.

          • Ash says:

            Well when you get right down to it, Canadians and Americans are pretty much the same, just as Argentinians and Brazilians are similar, the same way Spaniards and Portuguese are the same.

            Of course they’re not the EXACT SAME people, but they are similar. Belorussians are more similar to Russians than they are Americans or Portuguese, so it’s not completely offensive to say that they are the same kind of people, because they are. Not completely, but still very similar in relation to the rest of the world.

            There is no need for anger over this subject. Nobody was talking about governments and politics, so there is no need to bring it up to fight over it. Everyone is a patriotic for their own country; this is the internet though, there is no need to bring it up constantly.

            Why can’t everyone just sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful pictures of Belarus? Why ruin it with arguments…

            • May Cry says:

              Well, people from all this countries…I understand that the time under the rule of USSR was traumatic for all of you. But above all, we are all Human beings. The differences that we create, that we invent, is what tear us apart. And Kill. Live apart, but live in peace.

      • Dr.G says:

        If you don’t mind being thrown up in jail for your expressing opinions, you might enjoy it. Come on. Freedom of speech, anyone?

  5. Bruce Willis says:

    Pic 28 is Goldmember

  6. Esemono says:


  7. aho says:

    City of Hero, I saw this slogan in Kiev as well. Is it common for ex-soviet countries’ capital?

    • Zafarad! ! ! says:

      Man!there is one thing in common between almost all cities of “eastern front” heroic struggle against Nazi advance.i am sure,because of Soviet/Russian sacrifices,this world is saved from Nazi rule.we salute all Hero cities of CCCP.Can U ASS give us any example of his “hero city”?????????????

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      No, that’s not about being capital. “City-The-Hero” was official award for cities whose citizens demonstrated outstanding mass heroism during WWII. Awarder cities were Moscow, St.Petersburg, Stalingrad, Kiev, Odessa, Sevastopol, Brest Fortress, Novorossijsk, Kerch, Minsk, Tula, Murmansk and Smolensk ( http://maps.google.com/?q=http://googis.info/load/0-0-0-571-20 is aKMZ file for Google Earth that highlight all of them)

    • CZenda says:

      The title was awarded to the cities of former USSR subjected to the harshest attacks or those resisting for the longest period of time etc., not automatically to the capitals.
      Other examples are e.g. Leningrad or Sevastopol.

  8. vladimir fickdusiemir says:

    People in Belarus enjoy few civil rights, but at least there is one positive aspect of their dictatorship, as can be seen in those pictures.

    • Justin says:

      Dictatorship? Really? 🙂 While Georgia and Saudi Arabia are of course “democratic”, as the Telegraph and the Fox news would have you believe? 😉

      • CypT says:

        Totalitarism != Dictatorship , be carefull with words.
        In way of the topic , totalitarism is nice.

        • Zafarad! ! ! says:

          We love Russian style “democracy” .don`t compare East side of Europe with so called”constitutional monarchies” of some most democratic countries.yes we can learn some principals and the soul of the true peoples desires but not empty words or copying another alien “democratic” traditions! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.Putin is more democratic leader rather than U ASS`s Bush! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

          • too much vodka says:

            But that doesn’t make him a democrat yet.

            • Zafarad! ! ! says:

              I will choose “less evil” .Putin was elected two times president of Russia and “3rd” time PM.one can`t point towards Putin`s believe on “democratic values”.we hate “imported” democratic system from “head of evil states” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.don`t teach and preach us.

              • too much vodka says:

                Yes, and you, don’t do the same. And learn your constitution, prime ministers are not elected in Russia. And I wouldn’t say that Putin is the lesser evil, he is at least twice as corrupt as George Bush, and don’t forget he is a former Gestapo – oops, I mean KGB officer, but that is the same anyway.

                • Zafarad! ! ! says:

                  Yes! ! ! !i do aware of Honorable dear Prime minister`s past “assignment” in former “East GermanCCP”.he(Putin)always done his job very well.like in chechen insurgency and he used his best efforts to re structure the almost collapsed and default economy.he is the “hero of Russian nation”.election or selection is not the problem of Russian peoples.U ASS always try to stop his challenger from the collapse of CCCP,but time is so changed.but yellow nation will soon able to do some”amazing stunts”in near future.under the guidance of great Russian nation! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

                • John from Kansas says:

                  Hey Too much vodka, don’t forget that Bush=CIA.

                  • CZenda says:

                    And Truman was Ku-Klux-Klan.
                    Which is no excuse for Putin being a man dangerous to children and other living creatures.
                    Wait a minute, this is a quotation – I think it originally goes “War is dangerous to children and other living creatures”. I wonder where it comes from?

                    • John from Kansas says:

                      CZenda, Re: Truman. I have never heard that before. But I do know that Truman desegregated the U.S. military in 1948.

              • maxD says:

                There was nothing to choose from so many did not even bother to vote.
                And like in soviet times, people were tricked into voting stations with free food and drinks. So it would look like many were voting. Like a democracy.

  9. Richard S. says:

    I was in St. Peterburg last week and it was very clean too…

  10. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    I hope soon two “very clean” countries will re join hands with again “very clean” constitutional way ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.RUSSIA and BELARUS! ! ! ! ! ! (i hope FEW more are in the “cleaning processing”)! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Bogatyr says:

      Russia great ? And clean ?

      So why do 18 year old boys have to be chased on the streets by army recruiters – well, they do not want to be a part of the ‘effective’ Russian army, which in reality means digging ditches, building datcha’s for their commanders and doing other meaningless things for two years. Firing a gun is hardly practised, as hard to believe as it might be.
      In Georgia the officers even had to use their private cell phones to report to the base camps because the communications infrastructure is outdated at least 20 years.

      The Russian army is not up to modern warfare and needs enormous financial injections. So save the rhetorics for your next Nashi meeting.

  11. Sala Krestu says:

    Looks really nice, I would definitely love to visit it!

  12. JPR says:

    Looks very similar to Kyiv in 1995.

  13. Leo Petr says:

    The total absence of ads makes it look very Soviet. Admittedly, Soviet buildings were dirtier.

    Compare and contrast North Korea:

    Gods, anything is better than North Korea.

  14. maxD says:

    Democracy was killed by politicians. If you want to test a mans character, give him power. You do the math…

  15. Hui Lee says:

    God bless Belarusia, Russia and Ukraine!

  16. Kassen says:

    Even the cat is clean.

  17. Swede says:

    It looks like Minsk is home to 100 people.

  18. eduardo says:

    Cool, I’ll visit Belarus soon.

  19. tokio express says:

    Just curious, is it legally punishable in Belarus (or in Russia) if somebody throw a trash on the street (like in Singapore)? Otherwise, this city is unreasonably clean like the capital of North Korea, I guess. However, I would love to visit there! 🙂

    • Ivan Mikahilov says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no such punish here.

    • Bretoniec says:

      No, it’s not punishable. And it is really incorrect to compare Belarus and North Korea. Belarus is certainly an authoritarian state, but not a dictatorship, if you compare it to Zimbabwe, North Korea, Myanmar etc. Just because it is really a European state with long and complicated European history. And people recognize themselves as Europeans, not like in Russia…

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  21. pnw says:

    It’s so clean, it seems a bit creepy.

  22. John from Kansas says:

    Very nice. A beautiful city.

  23. Артур says:

    После я посмотрел эти картинки я сильно поскучал по моему родному городу! Через пару лет туда поеду, но я не дождусь. Спасибо за фотки!

  24. Atilla says:

    Beautiful city indeed. Slav style fascinates me in a strange way.

  25. Pipo says:

    Nice looking city, well maintained. But too empty for a country with a healthy economy, and at least a bit of freedom.

  26. hmm says:

    are there black people at all?

  27. Bilosh says:

    Photograph numbering 28, the statue angel… it be concidered good luck to rub his KRUM. All the childrens are taught too do this. See how it shines? 🙂

    I rubbed it once and wished for healthier chickens. I am still waiting on wish.

  28. Scrat335 says:

    Who’s version of history should I learn?

  29. Doctor Sartorius says:

    It looks like Sweden. It always shocks me when I go to Sweden and see how insanely clean and well-kempt the cities are.

  30. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    Amazing! ! ! !.i like and enjoy your sentence about Putin very well,”Putin is the great vacumecleanr”.please carry on your “timely”comments! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

  31. w says:

    City looks nice but boring with no nightlife. When is ER going to post photo of Almaty Kazahkstan?

  32. Texas Tornado says:

    Glad to know you all hate each other as much as, if not more, than you hate Texas or “U ASS” as y’all so fondly refer to it.

    Question…How can y’all even pretend to know what’s going on, in your own countries no less, when you don’t even have a free press?.. I’m sincerely curious. Answers or replies anyone?..

    • Hocok says:

      quess what, redneck. we all just being honest between ourselfs. and do you have a guts to tell that about you? or instead when you going abroad you just putting mapple leaf on your bag?

  33. Peppi says:

    I have looked at the script.,

  34. Olga says:

    my native city!! lov it!

    Long Live Belarus!

  35. KissaVotka says:



  36. odin says:

    that´s because there is no capitalism like in other ex-soviet countries

  37. Inna says:

    Heyyy… wait a minute… what’s wrong with Bucharest??? It’s a great, eclectic city!

    Anyways, Minsk is amazing, gotta admit it!

  38. Taupey says:

    This is beautiful, clean and nice looking city!

  39. Damian says:

    czesc jestem Damain i pozdrawiam wszystkich polaków

  40. Sergeio says:

    Awesome!!! So nice and clean, roads much better and more clean than any other post-soviet country..
    Greeting from Kyiv

  41. King-Kong says:

    Damn, that city is empty!!!

  42. Georgij says:

    My Country!

  43. mad1982 says:

    look nice , new

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