41 What Man Needs

What Man Needs

Posted on September 16, 2008 by

That’s what the real man needs.

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41 responses to “What Man Needs”

    • Bruce Willis says:

      This is an everyday picture of some bloke with his bird – what’s the relevance of it being posted here? Apart from them may being Russian but as this site goes more likely from an ex-Soviet state..

  1. gieroy says:

    That’s not all. You forgot about vodka.

  2. Zafarad! ! ! says:

    NO! ! ! We do not need woman! ! ! ! Only need rocketlauncher to fight our enemies! ! ! ! To fight U ASS! ! ! ! !

    The World is for us! ! ! !

  3. Starshii says:


  4. Swede says:

    Ye olde PKM.

  5. Kometya says:

    A heavy machine gun and the love of a girl is indeed what a man needs… but where’s the vodka?

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  7. LiraNuna says:

    A gun and a redhead (!!) woman. Life just can’t get any better.

    (Redhead woman ftw, did you know that Russia is the 2nd largest country with the highest percentage of redhead woman? First one being Ireland)

    I’d like ER to have a whole post dedicated to redhead woman.

  8. CYKALOX says:


  9. Eugene says:

    Stereotypes about Russian and vodka have already bothered!

  10. w says:

    Take away woman and man is happy

  11. karabas says:

    Is it true that Omon men are feared countrywide for constantly raping women and children?

  12. Bilosh says:

    This mans is being punished. He is homosexual. Kissing of the woomans very upsetting of him. He do not want gun or girl.

  13. Nk says:

    There are hateful/cynical comments even to this beautiful post. Shame on you.

  14. Infidel says:

    Russia Akbar !

  15. Eric says:

    Looks like a typical undisciplined Russian soldier, a war-criminal to be or a war-criminal returning home after burning some villages down south.

  16. cbeh says:

    Would be better picture if two tossers in the background were not there

  17. Pipo says:

    I don’t like the windows

  18. Zafarad says:

    Jolerdien friet drtion azlopu broue! ! ! ! !don`t be afraid of Russians.love,passion,humanity and friendship with mother nature are the main characters of simple Russian guy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! we love humanity also! ! ! ! !

  19. Infidel says:

    Spetsnaz Akbar !

  20. Cattleboss says:

    Greatest. Post. Ever.

    And real men don’t need Vodka. Just a good woman and a modest arsenal. ER hit the nail on the head.

  21. jdshfkjhsdkhf says:

    u kogo chego bolit – tot o tom i govorit. hehe

  22. Nlkitn says:

    yes, every real man need gun.

  23. Ben says:

    i bet she keeps comrade very warm and happy inside of her coat

  24. idfox says:

    russia people is good people!

  25. Ken says:

    A woman to support him …

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