31 Russian Wood Carving

Russian Wood Carving

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Russian wood carving 1

In Russia wood carving was popular in older times, these are some examples of the modern wood carving by Cronid Gogolev.

Russian wood carving 2

Russian wood carving 3

Russian wood carving 4

Russian wood carving 5

Russian wood carving 6

Russian wood carving 7

Russian wood carving 8

Russian wood carving 9

Russian wood carving 10


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31 Responses to “Russian Wood Carving”

  1. Maaarten says:


  2. Some of these are beautiful.

    Seems kind of ironic putting them in a wooden frame. :)

  3. Moycas says:

    Great Woodwork.

    Beautiful portraits.

  4. no66y says:

    Very cool.

  5. John from Kansas says:


  6. Partisan says:

    theese are real masterpieces. magnificent

  7. Johnny says:

    These outstanding works of art are just a few examples why Russia rocks so much! Do you have them in better pixel resolution?

  8. Hui Lee says:

    God bless Russia !

  9. Kalinka says:

    V tochku vse. a to ya dumala chto yeto tolmzko mne tak kazalosmz :)

  10. Egor says:

    Are you sure?! If not, go f..k youself!!!

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  12. AndersonBMX says:

    A M A Z I N G

  13. w says:

    These look like the sort of things that lower class people collect along with glass bongs and faux samurai swords – very distasteful.

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  15. Vladimir&its_friends says:

    What a patience… Impressive.

  16. Doctor Sartorius says:

    This is not art.

    It is great craftsmanship, but not more than the sum of its parts, which is what defines art (among other things). A photo realistic drawing (or wood carving) is not more than a representation of the subject, and therefore not ‘art’ but at it’s best ‘artistic’.

    Despite that, this is great craftsmanship. Beats sitting behind a computer and writing dumb comments… duh!

  17. Zafarad says:

    Amazing art work.i wonder how artist successfully made 3d effect on flat piece of wood.truly art work.

  18. Bean-O says:


  19. maxD says:

    Folklorist kitsch. But good craftsmanship indeed.

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  21. alevtina says:

    chort, prosto zachituvaus’ kogda chitayu eti postu, avtor molodec

  22. milky candy says:

    WOW!!! WONDERFUL!!! In my country, Vietnam, you cqn get such masterpieces also, thing is that the representations are different ( culture :p)

  23. Dawna says:

    Even using modern electric tools, these would be very difficult, challenging carvings. It must have required long painstaking effort to create these amazing works.

  24. Stewart says:

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  25. Piper says:

    You gave great points here. I made a research on the subject and found nearly all peoples will agree with your blog.

  26. preyavadee says:

    So look very nice.

  27. I am very impressed. I wonder how many people would call the “Gates of Paradise” by Lorenzo Ghiberti, kitsch?

  28. Beautiful woodcarving works. It seems that the carver prefer scenes with lot of crowd.
    Good job.

  29. John says:

    Does anybody have high resolution pictures of Russian Wood Carving? Please share.

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