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Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 1

Old planes should be destroyed.

Those planes were on the display in Moscow “All-Russian Exhibition Centre” since Soviet times, for over 30 years, but it seems they occupy too much space costs so much these days so they better be destroyed with excavators. As on of the locals locals commented: “there were rumors about the upcoming destruction but for all the calls the management of the exhibition replied “No, that’s nonsense! We won’t ever remove or destroy them!”. Well, they didn’t want for people to come to protect those monuments that many knew since their childhood”.

As they comment now all the planes would be crushed and removed, the next in turn is that big rocket on the background.

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 2

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 3

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 4

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 5

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 6

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 7

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 3

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 4

Russian plane destuction in Moscow, Russia 5


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24 Responses to “Destruction!”

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  4. Miss India says:

    They could have served as homeless shelter for millions of homeless people on the street of moscow

  5. Maracas9 says:

    These are fine, looks like they`re en route to Aeroflot!

  6. Scrat335 says:

    I got pics in June. Nice place to go and see wander for awhile. I can see getting rid of the planes, they do decay sitting in the weather and it is definitely not practical to fix them up but they need to keep the rocket.

  7. Mic says:

    Was there last year in October, the whole exhibition center is an impressive place. Must see when first time in Moscow. What a pity…

  8. dima says:

    maybe they should start with the ones they have in service – because those barely work – dropping out of the sky.

  9. Y tu mamá también says:

    I was there just 4 weeks ago! I see I was lucky to see them before they are removed. What a pity…

  10. x says:

    Polish president and prime minister are still using TU-154M.

  11. vadikgg says:


  12. Lolwtf says:

    Damn, I used to love going into those as a kid, we lived nearby.

  13. Kometya says:

    Say whatever about those planes, but latest air-disaster in Russia was a Boeing and not a Tupolev or Illushyn… I am not saying those particular planes on display are air worthy, after decades they are totally unlikely to be, but the models are good models… and that’s no way to go… they should have tried selling to a private collector at least!

  14. Dale says:

    I did not visit on first trip to Moscow. It was planned for second trip in late Fall. :( Really sad news. I guess some Russians are not proud of Russia’s past. Not modern tech, but of historical interest for that era’s planes.

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  16. YorTheTimeHunter says:

    Russia is a leading builder of heavy equipment…seems “strange” to see a American Caterpillar doing the work……things that cheap in America?

  17. deputycleric says:

    Those planes are part of Russian heritage. How sad that the Moscow authorities could be so incredibly greedy and shortsighted to destroy not only national historical ornaments, but an enjoyable park and tourist attraction. That place is one of my main memories of Moscow.

    Russian airliners are also uniquely tough for landing on rough airstrips. What other plane could survive a no-gear landing (due to pilot error) and then take off again while sliding with the sparks flying, for a second and successful try?

  18. Maks says:

    YOu guys don’t know the details –
    This whole exhibition site used to be a large plaza of museums, and called VDNH. It was a largest museum bundle, which displayed back in the day Soviet lead technology, and pride. After Gorbachev trashing of the country, private buyers (pretty much thieves) got their hands on VDNH estates, and REMOVED all museum exhibitions, and turned them into ugly shopping stores, selling furs, and other worthless pathetic junk. The person as a head of the VDNH exhibition management is Either Georgian, Armenian. or Uzbekistani , someone who got no interest or value for Russian history or pride. Trying to explain them that those planes and the rocket are very valuable to Russian society and reminders of Soviet pride and history – is impossible. These people from the south are careless lizards, who think they can do anything they want in our country, destroying exhibitions or monuments, with excuses like “it’s in the way, it’s decayuing”, ect. SO please have some understanding and respect. It’s a tragedy for post Soviet and Russian citizen. (imagine somebody come from different country and decides your liberty bell or statue of liberty is decaying and taking up space, and decides to remove it? You would still make jokes?)

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