42 Russian Nerds Party

Russian Nerds Party

Posted on September 11, 2008 by

russian nerds 1

How do Russian nerds party?

russian nerds 2

russian nerds 3

russian nerds 4

russian nerds 5

russian nerds 6

russian nerds 7

russian nerds 8

russian nerds 9

russian nerds 10


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42 Responses to “Russian Nerds Party”

  1. Bambuk says:

    Cool photosession!

  2. Johnny says:

    Photos are too professional (looks too staged, perfect lighting and everything)… and the girls actually look quite hot, I think they’re all actors!
    Maybe it’s an ad for Coca-Cola or something else viral-marketingy.

  3. w says:

    Nerdy girls r0x0r!!!!!!

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  5. Vladimir&its_friends says:

    gghhhh… Long legs..

  6. D.Hyde says:

    There’s no girls there, ALL the actors are BOYS!

  7. Ivan Mikahilov says:

    That’s an ad, not a real life :)

  8. Boris Abramov says:


  9. Polina says:

    Duh… just a commercial fashion photoshoot.

  10. altima says:

    the books are really cool! at least one of the nerds is watching a book of Aubrey Beardsley’s drawings

  11. grask says:

    hispters, not nerds…

  12. aleke says:

    everything is staged to all degrees, even voyeurism

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  14. AndersonBMX says:

    actually, i think that this party seems to bee far away better than the traditional party with no nerd people.
    i want to see how will this bottle game ends.

  15. maxD says:

    Great choice of wall paper.

  16. Miss India says:

    In poor countries like Russia Coke is considered a luxury drink

    • John from Kansas says:


    • Korben Dallas says:

      You got it all backwards. In poor countries like USA Coke is considered unaffordable, so the Coca Cola company survives by shipping their products to rich countries like Russia. The contents of a typical fridge in Moscow (like that one in that picture) is enough to buy a mansion in USA or feed the entire US state for a week. It is actually a travesty they used that fridge for a photo shoot instead of shipping it overseas to starving American children. I hope they did that eventually.

  17. Bilosh says:

    Is not “Nerd Party”. Is meeting of “Young Urban Socialists For Understandings of Western Cultural Issues Society”.

    This is being knowing by grand amount Coca Cola one Machine for cooling foods. Peoples of Western Society consume many litres Coke per day.

    I was similarly a member of YUSUWCIS in olden times.

    Decadent dancing method also we studied. I like this A Number 1!!! Wa Wa We Wa!!!

  18. Haha says:

    hahahaha r u 3?

  19. Bean-O says:

    I don’t get where they were going with this photo-shoot.

  20. Kometya says:

    It all looks too “pro” to be real, but I don’t think I can mention something that hasn’t already being mentioned, so I’ll just say, it was a cool montage.

  21. rhyme says:

    I’ve been to a few real nerd parties in my time. The food is about right. The clothes… no. Add another 20-30kg to the women and put them in OTT corsets and velvet dresses. Put one of the guys in an Edwardian suit, the rest in t-shirts from sci fi conventions or software companies.

  22. Helga says:

    this is a photo session by Tanya Zommer.See the link below the phots

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  25. Eugene Popov says:

    where are naked girls? :)

  26. lude nunes says:

    Yeah, it looks funny: quite my kind of company…

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  28. emo pictures says:

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  29. Dino Perlas says:

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  30. 山田太郎 says:

    why watermelon?

  31. Slaven says:

    Dumbest article on ER ever!!! BTW any nerd drinking that much Coke would need a brain transplant ASAP!!!

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