43 Baby Seat? Why Care!

Baby Seat? Why Care!

Posted on September 9, 2008 by

russian driver 1

This Russian lady seems not to care much about any kind of baby seat, even on a high-way. “Why should I care – that place under the back glass is so cool for my baby”

russian driver 2

russian driver 3

russian driver 4

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43 Responses to “Baby Seat? Why Care!”

  1. tokio express says:

    Dangerous… By the way, can anyone tell me where this car is registrated? I mean, can anyone tell me what the numbers and letters mean in Russia? The first “M” means Moskva?

    • Grumbler says:

      nope. Numbers and letters are not sagnificant in general.
      But number on the right side can tell u in which russian region (like states in usa) this car is registred.
      E.g. 77 – Moscow, 78 – St.Petersburg.
      Cause there is a lot of cars in moscow, so, they use not only 77 code, but also 99 and 177.

      • tokio express says:

        Спасибо. So it’s more like the registration plates in France. (eg 75=Paris 13=Marseille). Interesting. Thank you.

    • CypT says:

      M means “Medvedev”
      B (v) means (Vladimir (Putin) )
      A means (Anatolyebich (name of Dmitry Medvedev’s father))
      2 – means President and Premier
      52 – is a secret

  2. Paulius says:

    People like carrying babies in the trunks in other countries too, i.e. Lithuania: http://lescinskas.lt/lt/blog/entry/paulius/vaikas-bagazineje

  3. Sarah says:

    Check the road sign out on the very first picture.

  4. Clive Rutter says:

    That must be Britney Spears, is she on tour in Russia?

  5. JerryBarada says:

    In the U.S. that driver would be arrested for child endangerment..

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  7. Matelot says:

    In Soviet Russia, babies and cars are indestructable

  8. Kris says:

    Probably a Lithuanian…

  9. Pixie says:

    This was my favorite place in a car as a child. You can look at the road and enjoy the ride, take a look at the other cars and the drivers. But my dad dident like it :( ;)

  10. bill says:

    no i don’t think it is.. check out the other cars in each pic.. they’re all different.
    I’d still be surprised if it was a doll though

  11. Miss India says:

    OMG Russians are so poor they cant even afford child seat :(

  12. John says:

    Glad to see Russia has turned into a sissy, Nanny state like Europe.

  13. w says:

    There were probably other more precious children already taking up the other seats

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  15. erin says:

    might be a doll, however…

    when i was a little girl(70’s), my dad built a platform to put over the back seats of our car so that i could ‘play more easily on long trips’! i would have been an egg in a whirling bucket if we crashed.

    i know, who cares

  16. sushie says:

    Comment by JerryBarada
    2008-09-09 22:31:39

    In the U.S. that driver would be arrested for child endangerment..

    same here- in slovenia

  17. American Empire says:

    the kids going to grow up to be a vodka drunk anyways.

  18. Oo. Very dangerous. Bad parents…

  19. leva says:

    i used to sleep back there when i was 5 and we were driving to my cousins.

  20. gRis>> says:

    I loved riding there when I was a child. I also used to stay under the front seat because it’s prohibited for children under 12 yrs to ride in the front seat here in Europe.

  21. mr. traffic says:

    Traffic exchange is an example of a way to get noticed also. Not sure how many people use them but they still work.

  22. Odlicno! Pozdrav od Dusice

  23. Many thanks for setting aside the time to chat on the subject of baby care and also baby’s requirements.

  24. Blake Butler says:

    Sparco makes some of the best car seats in the market. I usually prefer leather car seats over cloth.”;-

  25. Some Guy says:

    lol the baby almost looks like it’s hog tied

  26. fitness says:

    :D, thanks a million for what you posted!

  27. Ibragim_Astana says:


  28. M says:

    Some 35 years ago that was my favorite place in an Austin Mini !!!

    Nothing new, just the rules of the game (traffic) changed…

  29. Rudy Lim says:

    The image is not good for the child, her mother should put her a safety belt so she will be safe.

  30. Holly Martin says:

    baby care takes much dedication and patience. it is really not that easy to take care of babies.~~:

  31. Aki says:

    20 years or less ago or so nobody would notice or care, but now people suddenly care, and want to imprison other people who do the same things like they were 20 years ago. All hail the state and laws and one opinion. US of A is today’s USSR. P.S. No smoking, it is dangerous, have a big mac and do you want fries with that?

  32. The latest album produced by Britney Spears is awesome. It shows she’s as astounding as always.

  33. baby care is a very delicate task but i really love taking care of my baby,~”

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