17 The Intel Tank

The Intel Tank

Posted on September 7, 2008 by

Russian advertisement 1

Probably it’s only in Russia where such well known corporation as Intel uses tanks and young ladies to advertise itself.

Russian advertisement 2

Russian advertisement 3

Russian advertisement 4

Russian advertisement 5

Russian advertisement 6

Russian advertisement 7

Russian advertisement 8

Russian advertisement 9

Russian advertisement 10

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Russian advertisement 12

Russian advertisement 13

Russian advertisement 14

Russian advertisement 15

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17 responses to “The Intel Tank”

  1. John from Kansas says:

    Cool SUV. What is the vehicle’s original designation and purpose?

  2. […] Intel is listed as the project sponser and I want to know how we can get stuff like this done in America, tanks and women sell! (NSFW Link) Anyhow, if you find yourself in Russia and want to compete in the competition to win a couple of notebooks visit their website and figure out the details for me, please! More pictures here. […]

  3. Miss India says:

    couldnt Russian use their own Computer processor? why use American Intel?

  4. sciopath says:

    With those pics it hard to tell if the girl is really on the Intel tank.

  5. LiraNuna says:

    Don’t be fooled by advertisements! This is a part of a conference called TDC – Tank Developers Conference. Intel makes chips for highly sophisticated torrent adjusting technology. Because the drivers are so drunk. The chips are powered by Vodka, needless to say.

  6. Eris says:

    This is BRDM (боевая разведывательно-дозорная машина) — an armored vehicle for military intelligence, patrolling and sentry purposes, amphibious.

  7. Dungeonbrownies says:

    i dont think it was related. but yea. totally. the thing is that producing complex machinery needed to automate the process of creating good processors is beyond the current interest of russian production and would be a risky investment. the chinese and taiwanese on the other hand produce vast quantities of high quality processors because they have better machinery and technology as well as better business opportunity and investors.

  8. m says:

    In Soviet Russia, advertising assaults you!

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  10. w says:

    I bet it drives like a dinosaur – ironically

  11. foxer says:

    “Comment by Miss India
    2008-09-07 16:47:24

    couldnt Russian use their own Computer processor? why use American Intel?”

    Because the Russian one does not fit in the tank:)

  12. Bean-O says:

    That’s an APC, not a tank.

  13. […] Intel Tank September 7th, 2008 Goto comments Leave a comment In Russia, Intel’s advertising vehicle is literally a vehicle. A Tank. Also: hot […]

  14. […] Intel Tank Sep 7th, 2008 by Greg Smith. In Russia, Intel’s advertising vehicle is literally a vehicle. A Tank. Also: hot […]

  15. Whites being descriminated gaainst again!. I heard this week that kids today are allowing us to be swamped because the usa mafia is running the country. Nine words:r ound thme all up and lock them away. These are worrying times!!!

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