13 Selling Planes is Easy

Selling Planes is Easy

Posted on September 6, 2008 by

Farnborough International Air Show, England, the strict and conservative event where big guys of different countries meet and sign multi-million military and civil aviation contracts. This is the Russian “Klimov Corporation” section – one of the biggest Russian aviation companies. Sure, they have plenty of customers, but they know how to attract even more!

And those planes of “Klimov” can be as serious as those ones on this archive recording from Old Soviet Secret Files:

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13 Responses to “Selling Planes is Easy”

  1. antani says:

    Where did the bomb on the 2nd video explode? It’s a nuclear bomb?

  2. Rodriguez says:

    Oooo! Yo like Russo Chikas!!!

  3. GO RUSSIA says:

    on second vid is a hydrogen (thermonuclear) bomb.
    it was exploded right here over the Novaya Zemlya (New Land) island.

  4. Juan José says:

    What those girls are doing really don’t belong to such an event.

    But anyway… those have got to be two of the prettiest girls I have ever seen =)

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  6. deforge says:

    apparently beauty doenst necessarily include dancing ability

  7. Tom of Finland says:

    I recognize class when I see it and this my smelly bottom friends is cla$$.

  8. I like shows with sexy girls, even thought, i’m a ***

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  10. Fred says:

    Film shows detonation of Tsar bomb. It was not a sloika design. It was a more advanced design: a three stage thermonuclear bomb. Only two stages were used for this test which is still the most powerful nuclear detonation ever conducted by mankind. It yielded about 50 megatonnes TNT equivalent.

  11. Bean-O says:

    Works for selling just about everything else.
    Why not billion dollar aviation contracts?

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