68 Fool Your Neighbors

Fool Your Neighbors

Posted on September 5, 2008 by

Russian weapons 1

Russia exports a lot of armaments and military equipments to other countries. Some more countries would like to buy it too but their budgets can’t afford them to do this, so Russian engineers have created a full set of fake weaponry for some countries. If you are a military leader of some not-so-rich country you can be as cool as your more wealthy neighbors. It would be just like a real thing for the foreign satellites or spy-planes, just bring it to the place, inflate and you are done.

Russian weapons 2

Russian weapons 3

Russian weapons 4

Russian weapons 5

Russian weapons 6

Russian weapons 7

Russian weapons 8

Russian weapons 9

Russian weapons 10

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Russian weapons 12

Russian weapons 13

Russian weapons 14

Russian weapons 15

Russian weapons 16

Russian weapons 17

Russian weapons 18

Russian weapons 19

Russian weapons 20

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Russian weapons 22

Russian weapons 23

Russian weapons 24

Russian weapons 25

Russian weapons 26

Russian weapons 27

Russian weapons 28

Russian weapons 29

Russian weapons 30

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Russian weapons 32

Russian weapons 33

Russian weapons 34

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68 responses to “Fool Your Neighbors”

  1. CZenda says:

    Why are the first fake tank turrets shaped like those of WWII T-34/85 ???

  2. altima says:

    an old trick, BTW.

  3. gieroy says:

    Can they withstand strong winds?

  4. Leorolim says:

    Strong winds should make a terrifying effect.
    “We are doomed! They have flying tanks!!!” 😀

  5. Misha says:

    For less “mass destruction” weapons like these the Iraq was invaded once.

    • Bogatyr says:

      If you have nothing decent to say better keep your mouth shut.

      Despite the victory in Georgia the situation in the Russian army is still bad.
      Drafted infantrymen hardly get any military training, they are used to build roads and dacha’s for their officers, who also arranged a hiring system: if you are on good terms with these officers for a little money the drafted kids will come and dig your holes, your swimming pool, build or renovate your dacha, almost for free !! And you don’t have to feed them, even. Every youth is doing his utmost to stay out of the army because of that.. so much for patriotism.

      That’s not good.

      The officers in charge (it seems as though this is a Russian tradition, sorry to have to say that) spend their time drinking and making money on the side, and kissing ass where ever needed. When it comes to battle over 50 % are simply not capable of doing what they’re expected to do. The average soldier has to save his own ass, but has a problem doing so because anti-authoritative behavior is greatly discouraged in the army. So many will get killed before they dare to act. It has been like that since The Great Patriotic War [WWII]. It is a disgrace, but it is true. The decent ones are seen leaving the army one by one, as they are underpaid and refuse to take bribes.. plus the rest is taking advantage of them wherever they can. Some pencil wrestler skilled in office politics gets the promotion while a decent commander has his ass shot off in Georgia or wherever. Enough is enough.

      Lots of equipment is in very bad shape (even the non-inflatable stuff) as there simply is no money available for maintenance – this money mostly ends up in someones pockets to be used for personal things. Since the army is a very closed organization politics hardly have instruments to battle this. Actually, Russia cannot even afford the war in Georgia, despite all the money made on national resources.

      • Misha says:

        you said:
        “If you have nothing decent to say better keep your mouth shut.”
        Sorry?! Who spoke in Georgia or Russia?
        It was a funny remark on the fact that in first Iraq war the US said that iraq had the same kind of “material”.
        Dont be silly.

      • Da polish dude says:

        wow, a guy who thinks like me
        onely i dont type all this because im to lazy and its a waste of time because the most of the ppl arent smart enough and they will forget this tomorrow ^^

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  7. onitake says:

    those inflatables are valuable supplies even for countries that can afford the real thing.
    distraction is one of the key tactics in any battle.

    and how about frightening your adversary so badly that he gives in without fighting? could save a lot of lives and money on both sides.

    • salami_bob says:

      It just takes a significant amount of time to blow them up in the middle of combat. Just make sure to recruit lots of tuba players if you wish to organize an entire division of balloon tanks. I think the Poles used them against the Germans in WWII. The nice thing is that they can jump around inside them with rubber balls during parties between battles. I want one for my driveway.

  8. Racketeer says:

    The trouble with these inflatables is: They are never tight and always need a compressor running somewhere.

  9. Swede says:

    USA could airdrop such self inflating “WMD” on foreign territory and use it for an excuse to make a full preemptive strike!
    -These blurry satellite pics clearly show they are fuelling their missiles.

    It would explain those sat pics Rumsfeld showed UN where there was a bunker with vehicles, and a later pic with only the bunker. In reality the vehicles blew away 😉

  10. aleke says:

    that’s cool

  11. Music Russia says:

    Those things are used for minimizing of casualties.

  12. Kokonut says:

    This comes to mind: http://www.fat-pie.com/latestmodel.htm
    The hollow version part.

  13. GO RUSSIA! says:

    the name of the nearby village is Beast Headed

  14. Eris says:

    Be that first one if you wish. As for me, I don’t know what the hell are you talking about.

  15. lackluster says:

    Apparently, it is indeed just a legend, according to snopes.com, and they seem to make sense. It didn’t actually happen.

    Nice story, though, and very nicely told.

    Also, you should consider smoking less of whatever you’re smoking and playing less WoW.

  16. w says:

    Kim Jong Il is gaggin for this stuff

  17. John from Kansas says:

    That’s great Cynical. The 152 was a new design when I was a student. My uncle had a Cessna 195 with a throw over control yoke and a Jacobs R-755. You could nearly stand upright in the cabin.

  18. BODKA says:

    In Soviet Russia, blow-up soldiers you?

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  22. Evgeny says:

    These are not just for export. They are made for Russian Armed Forces to fool the enemy when they look at their sputnik pictures.

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  24. Bean-O says:

    Old hat, this trick has been around since before WW2.

  25. Trevor Brown says:

    Maybe they can be used as a jumping house for the kids.

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  27. Jiggy says:

    Things similar to the ones above were used by the Serbian army in the 90s and quite successfully I must say. US/NATO fell for these on more than one occassion. They were used in the Bosnian conflict and also during the NATO’s agression on Serbian province of Kosovo.

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  30. John HOB says:

    Heh. During WWII, apparently the Germans were wrong each and every tim about where the Soviet advance would come.

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  32. El_Greco says:

    Great decoys and very detailed

  33. guas says:

    the use of these is simple: each country know (more or less) how many launchers, missiles, etc. the other side have, but when you need to know where are this weapon system deployed (from spy plane or satellite), problems begin…, many of these inflatable or cardboard-plaster decoys have devices attached to mimic thermal signature, smoke, etc. making it a more difficult task…

  34. kpepe83 says:

    If I were the enemy, i would bomb those fake objects with fake (balloon) bombs LOL

    Anyway this is the most fukin interesting site i have found on the internet except that one with the Japanese girl and the baby angolnas.

  35. Roar says:

    What does the watermark say on the pictures? Where can you buy these from and how much do they cost?

  36. Craig says:

    This is what we went to war for? Sadam’s inflatable toys?!

  37. Great pics! Russian were truly idealists! what year does world war three begins huh?

  38. E says:

    Thats at least half of the “russian army” right there…

  39. minka says:

    its like in world war two they also had fake paratroopers just to scare the enemy

  40. James Smith says:

    In the early 1990’s I worked for a company in Tucson, AZ that designed and built decoy F-16s and F-15s for the USAF. These were made from collapsible square aluminum tubing and fabric. They could be stored in standard shipping Pallets and assembled in under two hours by three untrained people. There were no threaded fasteners and no loose pins to create FOD on the runways.

    As I wrote the assembly instructions for these and even still have a preliminary copy of those. I also still have pictures.

  41. cristobal says:

    Muy interesante. Pero los satélites avanzados de hoy pueden con supervisor humano detectar lo que no es real.

  42. al says:

    great decoys,any pilots (even trained) will fall for this…

  43. Vlad says:

    They also have blow-up dolls for the lonely soldiers

  44. nightkraawler says:

    I’m pretty sure that these might have worked 20 yrs ago but they have better stuff to detect decoys…

  45. Simon says:

    would last longer and be sturdier if they were made out of plywood.
    The British originally did this during the WW2.

  46. DennyB says:

    @ Those who think Russia can not afford weapons……guess you only read partial news articles…..they are supplying many countries with weapons….for the right price that is! LOL

  47. steve says:

    where can i buy the inflatable tank? I’m not worried about satellite observation or anything just want to scare off jehova’s witnesses!

  48. Virtualblog says:

    Incredibile, la Russia risparmia soldi e inganna il nemico con finte armi gonfiabili…

    Sembrano veri armamenti facili da trasportare veloci da montare. Le finte armi, vere e proprie esche, sono davvero convenienti, ciò significa che Mosca può risparmiare un sacco di soldi con le sue …

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  51. Debeli says:

    During ’99 bombarding in Serbia, we had tanks and other military equipment make of paper (easier and faster to make). Hundreds of bombs (read millions and millions of $$$) were used to destroy $30 worth of paper.
    It was common to see a couple of soldiers in along the road carrying “a tank” on their shoulders.

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