52 Georgian President’s Tie

Georgian President’s Tie

As you can see from this short video footage from BBC, Mr.
Saakashvili, President of Georgia, is fond of his tie.
Russian submarines 1

33 Polar Submarines

Polar Submarines

There are a lot of Russian submarines cruising through the cold waters of Arctics, sometimes being caught in ice, sometimes giving
magnificent looks to the dwellers of Russian polar villages, like a huge atomic submarine among icebergs of cold sea at dawn.
Russian faces 1

40 20 Years Ago

20 Years Ago

Even 15 years ago everything was
so different in Russia...
Southern Ossetia  1

120 Ossetia


There were plenty of professional photos from news agencies from these region lately, now those are amateur
shots by Ilia Plehanov, via navoine.ru, from Southern Ossetia or Georgia or name it yourself..
Dogs climb trees in Russia 1

29 Tree Climbing Dogs

Tree Climbing Dogs

In Russia, dogs climb trees. They
did it before, they do it now.
30 Martian Scam

Martian Scam

A few days ago our Russian friends receive new type of Niggerian fraud emails. Probably, all of us got such kind of emails before, but at this time our
South African friends got something new from beneath of their imagination depth, I wonder if someone falls for this? Read the text below:
Solar eclipse 2008 in Russia 1

26 Solar Eclipse 2008

Solar Eclipse 2008

Last Friday there was an even in Russia that attracted thousands of tourists from almost all of the world, the full solar eclipse, and even some celebrities from states have visited. The most suitable
place for the observation was Novosibirsk, it was right on the way of the Lunar shadow and could provide hotels and other facilities for the eager tourists. See the video below too.

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