34 Air Condition Job

Air Condition Job

Posted on August 30, 2008 by

Russian air conditioner 1

Installing an air-conditioning unit in Russia might be of big fun.

Russian air conditioner 2

Russian air conditioner 3

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34 Responses to “Air Condition Job”

  1. bowl says:

    Heh, no health and safety there eh?

    or common sense from the looks of it…

  2. Igor Stravinsky says:


  3. LiraNuna says:

    Where are the screaming women?

  4. borat says:

    Russian men never take their socks off, even during sexy time.

  5. Matthew Carrick says:

    Russians – they make love with their socks on and install air conditioning in the same attire ;)

    • Ron Paul says:

      And there’s in fact a very small woman/man beneath him in all three pictures, which is the reason for the polite camera angles.

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  7. Feelov says:

    Он ебонулся!

  8. Rodriguez says:

    what about your pants, borat?

  9. Eris says:

    Boring. And, by the way, I don’t see a sticker on this lad’s face, saying «this happened in Russia».

  10. Tim says:

    Yes, he is realy russian. I have same Armani socks. )))

  11. gieroy says:

    Give us something real, true blood-curdling story, about greatest russian hero.
    Something like this:

    Vladimir Putin Путин saves TV crew from siberian tiger.

    • Zafarad says:

      Yes !!!! Putin is the best he is what makes Russia great again!!!! He shoots the tiger and shows again that killing is a good solution to everything!!! Who needs tigers!!!who needs U ASS!!!!

  12. Zafarad says:

    Its georgian secret agent installing listening device in FSB office!!!!!!!! he was shot 3 seconds after picture made!!!!! russia is a great country do not hummelite on us!!!

  13. oranos says:

    Russian common-sense>American college degree.

  14. Texas1 says:

    I love this guy !

  15. Texas1 says:

    Any gays other there ?

  16. anna says:

    It is normal)) I live in Ukraine, but we have the same extreme people, but they have good luck))

  17. Zafarad says:

    What is wrong with this blog???? My comments do not show up in most cases !!!! Like 8 out of 10 do not show up !!!!


  18. Tim says:

    How ever do you keep your death rate so low

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  21. MBT outlet says:

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  23. Good thing! you still able to post your images here…

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